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  1. HBen

    AKG K872 - how to put the pads back on

    Hey all, today I removed the pads of my newly acquired AKG K872 headphones. They came off very easy - just a slight pull. Now I tried for about 15 minutes how to put them back on ... no success yet, they always come off again. Anybody has some advice for me how to put them back on? Thanks a...
  2. HBen

    The End of the (Gear-) Hunt?!

    Dear fellow headfiers, Similar to many of us here, I have been on a gear hunt - in my case with kinda high intensity mostly over the last 2 years. On my recent journey to audio nirvana - or whatever else I was looking for - I bought 3 DAC's, 7 amps and over 10 headphones and heard quite a lot...
  3. HBen

    Summit Fi Gear Overview

    Introduction Dear fellow head-fiers, on this journey towards audio nirvana which many of us are on, we search for audio gear and related information for hours, weeks and years with no end in sight :) I'm spending a lot of time reading, testing and searching as well but I always wondered if...