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  1. czqdtc

    SOLD: Audeze LCD-X

    That might actually be the case. I have owned 2 pairs of LCD3s before, one is significantly more transparent and natural although both fall into Audeze's standard according to their responses.
  2. czqdtc

    Schiit Asgard 2 in great condition

    Wonderful amp. Price performance ratio is sky-high. I bought this from a fellow head-fier here while I am waiting for my soloist to come. I actually had a hard time deciding which one to go because it really holds its own comparing to the much more expensive soloist. I actually prefer this one...
  3. czqdtc

    Rudistor sound system chroma MD1

    They are quite an airy and detailed headphone with great separation and soundstage,  and are in very good condition, no scraches on the headphone. The bass is not huge so overall the presentation is leaning towards the K701 side rather than the HD650 side. Very capable headphone that is on par...
  4. czqdtc

    AKG K712 in almost mint condition with all documents and accessories

    I bought these from a fellow head-fier and just received them yesterday. While I really like the new color scheme and design I still can't stand the headband (even without the old bumps). Yes it is improved but my headshape just doesn't go along with akg headbands... I can't wear them for more...
  5. czqdtc

    Hifiman RE-600 great condition

    No need for another pair of IEM so... These are in perfect condition with original package. I only used 1 pair of buds so I will take it out and replace it with aftermarket ones. Domestic shipping fee is covered, but buyer has to take care of pp fee or use gift.
  6. czqdtc

    NEW 2013 13 inch base model retina macbook pro in Mint condition (price drop)

    YES, HASWELL 4G 128G SSD And it is basically new.
  7. czqdtc

    rediscover my portable gears after owning (have owned) most flagships.

    So, here we go: Source: hm901 with balanced amp card in SE mode except for re600. Findings: 1. 901 is a good dap :) 2. W4 is still my favorite, especially under this set up. Followed by 334 and k3003 then prolly ie800 (universals) 3. W4 is most custom like with enveloping sound stage, others are...
  8. czqdtc

    Sennheiser HD600 (2 Hours Use) and 5' Cable

    Alright. Ur price and I cover PayPal fee. 2 day. Deal?
  9. czqdtc

    Hifiman 901 with balanced and standard amp card and extra RCA LO cable

    I have owned this for a while, can't say enough good things about it. Best portable player, period. I have seen people complain about the quality of the unit, including laggy firmware, all I can say is I am lucky and during the few months of usage I haven't experienced any of these. Only...
  10. czqdtc

    NEW 2013 13 inch base model retina macbook pro in Mint condition (price drop)

    The unit is basically brand new. I bought it on the launch day in a sudden impulse I would say. Then the next week my boss gave me a new 15 inch RMBP... I originally wanted to keep both as the 13 one is much more portable and equally powerful (if you are not a gamer). After 2nd and 3rd and 4th...
  11. czqdtc

    Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    My silverdragon recabled TH900 is officially up for sale. Take a look if you are interested. The headphone was bought not long ago and in perfect condition.
  12. czqdtc

    New JHA JH13PRO freqphase version

    I will cover the shipping fee. But you have to cover pp fee or use gift option. PM me if you are interested.
  13. czqdtc

    New JHA JH13PRO freqphase version

    Wonderful IEM, super clean and flat sounding, great for monitoring and enjoying music on the go! I bought these back in October last year and it has since been served me well. Price including domestic shipping.
  14. czqdtc

    HiFiMan RE-600 Review

    I found you have a very distinctive taste in IEM. I remember you described the SE5WAY as dark and heavy in bass. You even describe the relatively bright and light sounding re400 as dark... IDK what is going on in your mind but fore me re400 sounds like a piece of cheap plastic and re600 is...
  15. czqdtc

    Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

    Got my RE600 today. Really impressive stuff I have to say. I paired it with the hifiman 901 + balanced amp card as advertised lol Great great vocal, reminds me of HE500 which is one of my favorite big cans. Only complaint is a little bit lack in the bass department. Just personal preference...
  16. czqdtc

    Mint TH900 recalbed with silver dragon 3.5mm for sale (Price Drop)

    Quote: Silver Dragon Cable. I bought after the price drop. Plz read carefully before posting ur comments.
  17. czqdtc

    Mint TH900 recalbed with silver dragon 3.5mm for sale (Price Drop)

    Bought from Moon Audio last month for the following price (with recabling):  1$1,824.00Subtotal$1,824.00Shipping & Handling$27.02Tax$124.94Grand Total$1,975.96   The headphone is well-protected, no signs of scratch at all, basically brand new condition. The silver dragon cable sound really nice...
  18. czqdtc

    Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Quote: I beat the game in 2 days... "great" value for 60 dollars T.T kinda regreted the rush...
  19. czqdtc

    Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    ED8 is easily one of the worst headphones I've ever had... It is simply unlistenable, I found I would rather listen to beats pro than those... Nonetheless, I had them 3 times... tried so hard to love them because they look really gorgeous, but failed... miserably.
  20. czqdtc


    Quote: I'm referring to the amp card... The mids and low-end is much more prominent with the balanced amp card than the stock one imo.
  21. czqdtc


    901 is not 901 w/o the balanced amp module imo.