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  1. Toom

    SOLD : Campfire Audio Andromeda S - UK only - PRICE DROP BARGAIN

    **PRICE REDUCTION TO £650 *** Sadly, I'm being forced by financial needs to sell my lovely 4 month old pair of Andromeda S - the unique limited edition 'side grade' on the classic Andromeda. I bought these in January from hifiheadphones here in UK, and they are in great condition and have all...
  2. Toom

    Raising Money - Widowed And Young - Can You Help?

    Hi In November 2017, I lost my wife Emma at the age of 37. She had bipolar affective disorder and in the end it proved too much for her and she took her own life. Suffice it to say, things have been very tough for me since then. But I've found an immense amount of support and friendship...
  3. Toom

    What IEMs Do You Wear In The Gym?

    Currently. I am rocking my Andromedas when I do a gym session, but I am aware they might not last forever this way. So if I had a couple of hundred quid to spend on some decent sounding solid build IEMs, where would you steer me?
  4. Toom

    Stupid Question But: Why is Everything Wireless These Days?

    Ok, I'm 47 so not exactly the target demographic for this stuff maybe, but why oh why oh why is everything headphoneish going down the wireless route? I don't mind wires - in fact, I'll go so far as to say I probably prefer them with IEMs, cos I'm a left handed idiot who loses everything and...
  5. Toom

    SOLD - Barely used Sennheiser IE800S (new model) - Bargain

    Hi Am selling my new (20th December 2017) IE800S iems because I can't justify the cost. They sound amazing though. These are the newly revised IE800 model which Sennheiser released late 2017. They were bought from Audio Lounge in London, who are an authorised Sennheiser dealer, and are fully...
  6. Toom

    All Gods Must Be Kept On A Lead

    Here's my new album - for download or streaming. It's about robots and stuff.
  7. Toom

    Is It Time For a Temporary Ban On All New IEMs From Entering The World?

    I think for the safety of all our wallets we must think the unthinkable and put a stop to this madness.
  8. Toom

    RHA T20i - one month old - bargain price for UK delivery or London collection

    For sale - RHA T20i I bought on Jan 1st.  NOW SOLD   Have had some use but are in perfect condition with all tips and accessories included, per attached pic.   £100 includes trackable Royal Mail delivery.     If you prefer, you can collect from me in central London and I'll do that for...
  9. Toom

    My New Album

    Hello. I've done a new album - my second, in fact - and you can listen to it for free here, and download it in flac too if you wish.  I've merely asked people to pay what they want, there's no minimum.   Hope you enjoy it.   Ben
  10. Toom

    Trinity Delta - dual hybrid IEMs - virtually new, bargain price

    In order to fund new purchases, I am having to sell these superb IEMs.   They were purchased at the end of September and come with the new gold filters, and everything else in the package apart from the foam tips.   Condition is excellent, can't see any marks on them and the box is...
  11. Toom

    Soundmagic E80 & E50s - UK delivery - HALF PRICE!

    Hi   Selling my recently purchased (July, from hifiheadphones) pair of Soundmagic E80 & E50s IEMs (also from hifiheadphones, in August).   E80 = £30, including free delivery in UK   - better than 50% off.  You will get everything that I got with them, bar one pair of small Comply, which I...
  12. Toom

    DIY Customs

    Hi   Just wondering - is there a cheap and easy method for making your own IEM custom moulds?   Something like Sugru would work?
  13. Toom

    Flare Audio R2A IEMs - SOLD

    Got my R2As on Friday 10th July, fresh from the Kickstarter campaign.   But while these were better than half RRP at £79, I can't really justify owning them due to financial circumstances.   So, they can be yours for cost price, and I'll even throw in free delivery by registered post in UK -...
  14. Toom

    IEMs vs Earbuds - which does science favour?

    So, I've long been an IEM hunter over the years, looking for ever increasing and new ways to spend my hard-earned on things to stick into my ear holes to make my daily zombie lurch into work more enjoyable.     I don't really like wearing portable on-ear or over-ear headphones, even if they...