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  1. hattrick15

    64 Audio A6 earphone [50% Discount] + Optional After Market Cables

    Selling a like new A6 custom IEM from 64 Audio. New the A6 sells for $1,199. I am selling mine for $600 + Paypal. These are CIEMs, so you will need to reshell them (I've set my price with that in mind). I will also enclose free the Premium stock cable from 64 audio (3.5mm connector). This is...
  2. hattrick15

    ISO REGEN vs. SOtM tx-USBultra regenerator

    I'm looking at buying either the ISO REGEN or the SOtm tX-USBultra regenerator to help clean up my USB connection. Do these two devices do essentially the same thing? If anyone has listened to both before, can you share what each did for your sound?
  3. hattrick15

    [SOLD] Schitt Audio Jotunheim - Like New [20% discount]

    Schitt Audio Jotunheim Balanced DAC and Headphone Amp Like new condition. Balanced DAC module; 115V; USA Plug, Silver Color. Original packaging and power cord. Retails new for $499.00 USD. I'm selling mine for $399.00 USD plus Paypal Fee. I will cover the cost of shipping to anywhere in...
  4. hattrick15

    [SOLD] Moon Neo 430HAD - Price Reduced - 30% Discount

    Immaculate Moon Neo 430HAD by SimAudio. One of the most transparent headphone amps with built-in DAC. Retails new for $4,300 USD. I'm selling mine for $2,999 USD + Paypal fee + Shipping Bought in Oct, 2016 and used in a pet-free, smoke-free home. I have all of the original packaging and all...
  5. hattrick15

    [SOLD} Cowon Plenue 1 DAP [30% Discount]

    Like new Cowon Plenue 1 DAP. The Stock Case is in very good condition, but with a little bit of scuffing on the edges. Retails new for $399.99 USD. I'm selling mine for $279.99 USD + Paypal fee. I'll cover shipping to any location in the USA. I will also include a SanDisk Ultra 128GB Micro...
  6. hattrick15

    [SOLD] Chord Mojo [33% Discount]

    Chord Mojo DAP in very good condition. Retails new for $529.00 USD. I'm selling mine for $350 plus Paypal Fee. I bought it new on Jan. 26, 2016 from Moon Audio. I will cover the cost of shipping to anywhere in the USA. Full Product Info at: I...
  7. hattrick15

    [SOLD] Onkyo DP-X1A DAP and Italian Leather Case + 256 GB Storage - 25% Discount

    Like new DP-X1A DAP. Bought it less than a year ago. Been used in a pet-free, smoke-free home. DAP Info can be found at: Sells new on Amazon for $527.00 USD. Italian Leather Case Info can be found at...
  8. hattrick15

    [SOLD] Bowers & Wilkins PX Headphone (Unopened - 20% Discount)

    Received this headphone as a gift. The headphone is still in the shrink wrap. It retails on Amazon for $400. I am selling it for $320. I'll cover the Paypal fee and shipping cost to USA destinations. You'll find all the information at...
  9. hattrick15

    Master & Dynamic ME03G-A Earphone (Unopened - 25% Discount)

    Received these as a gift. They are brand-new and are unopened. The ME03G-A Gunmetal earphones sell new for $159.00. I am selling it for $119.00. I will pay the Paypal fee and shipping to USA destinations. You can find out about these Earphones at...
  10. hattrick15

    PRICE REDUCED: MrSpeakers Ether Flow with 4- pin XLR DUM Cable - Pristine Condition - Only A Month Old

    PRICE REDUCED.   These Ether Flow Headphones are a little over a month old (purchased new on Nov. 8, 2016).  Retail price is $1799.99.  The headphones have very few hours on them. Will send with ALL the original items from MrSpeakers including 4-pin XLR DUM cable. Will ship in original...