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  1. lenajonathan

    Bose VideoWave entertainment system

    Yeah that's certainly awesome but still Bose needs to consider their high prices even with this! Quote:
  2. lenajonathan

    Car- Bose system needing upgrade

    Thanks for this info, I had a similar concern but never heard of Vifa drivers but I will check them out and update you here regarding this! Quote:
  3. lenajonathan

    Bose Wave Radio SQ? Acoustic Wave system?

    From my experience when it comes to using iPod with music systems, then Bose wave systems are the best to fit and deliver what you are looking for. yes they are overprices but ithe sound quality they deliver is awesome by all means!   Quote:
  4. lenajonathan

    Looking for Bose-like small system

    I also recommend Nakamichi if you are looking for a nice mini system recommended to my by a friend of mine, even i didn't before hear of it. Don't think that Bose is always the best option , there are other brands out there and even with less problems compared to  Bose itself.   Quote:
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