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    My review of the HiSound Studio-V

      I seldom exchange the firmware, so, I havn't encounter the problem, I will have a try later to see how will be happened.
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    Hisoundaudio STUDIO-V Review

      With my SE 530, and MP3 320 files, I listen to the STUDIO-V with the volume of 11, the battery playing time is about 75 hours.   Quote:  
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    Hisoundaudio STUDIO-V Review

      great review.   As to the hiss, with most of my dynamic earphones, I almost hear no hiss with STUDIO-V. And with SE 530, only very slight hiss can be detectived at the quiet night, which can be ignored when the music is playing.
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    My review of the Hisoundaudio ROCOO-A

    Any way, ROCKBOX is only a playback functions. Maybe it can improve the operation experience. but it have nothing to do with the sound quality of a player.
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    STUDIO I Evaluation!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by acroyear I'm getting pretty excited about getting this roCoo player with the Studio. I didn't expect such a nice "gift" for the early pre-order. Before, I was so excited about the Studio that I thought this roCoo would just collect dust, but now I think I'll...
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    HiSoundAudio(?) RoCoo MP3 player with class A amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by swanlee Lame, No EQ means no buy for me. Why all these high end players without even the simplest tone controls? Thankfully the SFLO2 has great SQ and an EQ. I know purists hate tone controls but for the rest of the world the options would be nice. Purists...
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    STUDIO I Evaluation!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by acroyear Nice! Is it more powerful than an Amp3? (I'm assuming you may have one) My AMP3 was "robed" by my closed friend, he still didn't return it to me. So, in my impression, the power between them is similiar, but i can't make a A/B comparing at...
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    HiSoundAudio(?) RoCoo MP3 player with class A amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by a_tumiwa Rocoo-B? hm... so they already change the model name, before that they used name Rocoo-S I don't know, Maybe they will also have ROCOO-S too. At current, Hisoundaudio has 3 products lines: ROCOO,( ROCOO-A, ROCOO-B, ROCOO-??) AMP3,(PRO1, PRO2...
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    STUDIO I Evaluation!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by SACD-Man You will be receiving the ROCCO player which is new in their lineup. Great small player...more details to come. Craig I have just received a sample of ROCOO from HIsoundaudio for evaluation. My first impression of it is fantastic. it is...
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    HiSoundAudio(?) RoCoo MP3 player with class A amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by rymd the AMP3 was also a metallic brick. This thing looks light.. ROCOO also employs a metallic enclosure. it is not as light as my previous imagine. The weight is about 50G ( I don't have balance to measure it). The weighter body implys the decent...
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    STUDIO I Evaluation!!!

    thanks craig's serious attitude for the new products. but we really can't wait to know something more detailed. such as how about the battery life? is STUDIO can be the best DAP in term of sound quality?
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    highes sound quality portable media player?

    what is your budget? there are many good players for recommendation. please givey your price range. thanks.
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    STUDIO I Evaluation!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Shauntell47 So from what I understand, this is just a better AMP3... Although this is what i read in your first announcement: "This is designed to be used as a portable amp versus a DAP." What does that mean? i guess that it means the earphone...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by Xan7hos Been away from this thread for a while since I got a little mad at my AMP3 for freezing more than it should (or during situations where I didn't have an object that could reset it in a timely manner). Contemplating selling it, but I'd be without a...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by average_joe Some random thoughts on my AMP3s: - The Pro2 has much less hiss than the Pro1 and works well with many of my IEMs. Hiss still is there to an extent, but not distracting like with the Pro1. This is personal, as I know others are very distracted by...
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    A discussion of what is "portable"

    Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo At one time the items below were considered "portable". So most of today's offerings are by comparison. The picture make me recall back to 80s last century, also make me frighten again for the battery killer. You have to bring one...
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    A discussion of what is "portable"

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik Why stop at a car battery? You can get a small gasoline powered generator that can be pulled around on a cart. One of those will easily power a tube amp and you won't have to worry about anything else drawing power off it. Then again, I find it...
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    Is There any Reason to Upgrade?

    Quote: Originally Posted by XAlexander Hey guys, I have a quick question for you all. I currently have a Zune 80, and I'm wondering if it's worth upgrading to a Cowon S9 or D2+. I hear that the Zune has quite a nice DAC compared to other players and the overall sound is very nice. So...
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    best amp for loud volume and sound

    To have a decent DAP and a decent amp plus a decent earphone is really a good solution to against the environment noises, This is my experience. For good sound can have a lot of musicality and details even in low volume.
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    need amp recomendation

    Quote: Originally Posted by hypertek fiio e5 is probably the way to go. im thinking about getting one and those same headphones you have or the rx900s. Fiio 5 can only give you bass colored. To some listener, it is a kind of sound degrade. If you really require a decent music...
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    How important is hiss?

    nobody like hiss. But it seems the high resolution DAPs are reported has some levels hiss, such as Sony X, Cowon D2, AMP3. So to pair suitable earphone is the most important matter to avoid hiss. As for AMP3, I can't hear any hiss with the stock earphones, ER4 and other many earphons. By the...
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    is the amp3 good for pro 900 32ohm headphone? something better?

    Quote: Originally Posted by RAFA Try to post this thread in the "Fullsize Headphones thread", you may get better results. I have the pro 900 at home right now, but they are stuck in the "burn-in" process. I could tell you then some impressions with my Teclast T51, sice it is a...
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    Hifiman 801 Appreciation thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by qusp ^^ exactly can the HM801 be bought without an amp module installed at all? I would be interested in this case as I already have enough amps and have tuned them to my liking. I have the beginnings of a one off personal portable balanced dac in the...
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    S:flo2 impressions thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Negakinu I don't understand these reviews/impressions. Several people I know here in The Netherlands bought this Teclast T51 after the hype and almost everyone is extremely dissapointed. I myself was tempted to get one but after messing around with a friend's...
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    HEAD-DIRECT EF-5 Headphone amplifier

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jodet Head-Direct is in New York (or is it New Jersy?). Anyway, I ordered one of these and didn't know 'in-stock' meant 'in Hong Kong'. I've been waiting two weeks and all they can tell me is 'it's on the way to the U.S.'. The tracking page was updated...