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  7. johto

    Headphones Can't do Bass = Fail?

    Quote: Originally Posted by silverrain Anybody actually tried one of those skullcandy crushers? Looks interesting. Curiosity killed the cat?
  8. johto

    Headphones Can't do Bass = Fail?

    Holy hell! Tracker! What keeps you from TESTING some damn phones already and make your OWN opinion? Jeez...people at look his last thread... talk about mental masturbation! Tracker what are you: a) troll? b) idiot? c) too poor to try some headphones? d) all of the above?
  9. johto

    T7900 vs HD555 vs Z-2300

    Quote: Originally Posted by Tracker I was sent here from HardForum by Johto. Sorry guys, my mistake
  10. johto

    T7900 vs HD555 vs Z-2300

    The real guestion is: You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and you believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.
  11. johto

    T7900 vs HD555 vs Z-2300

    Ah, hello there Tracker, i see you came from hardforum. I already told you days ago to check with google some binaural and holographic sounds and listen to then using any headphones. That kinda surround is better than any surround made with speakers ! You can even sense up and down direction...
  12. johto

    Old school soundcards

    Wow, look at it, the card that started all
  13. johto

    Upgraded from hd595 to hd650

    Hi, Just a very quick impressions. Its weird because i cannot hear any "veil" most are talking about. Straight out of the box the sound signature was everything hd595 had but way way larger in extension. Actually i feel hd650 plays even brighter, with much more "energy". Not sounding so...
  14. johto

    Old school soundcards

    Wow, it seems i killed this thread..i always do
  15. johto

    A woman in real need of help! Please...

    Oh man, dudes going ape**** when a women posts here...
  16. johto

    Old school soundcards

    It sure was sweet ! (notice it has the optional 512k ram upgrade) Just took these pictures with my camera phone, this card is still operational if it only had the proper oldish PC with ISA-slots. Oh damn i just realized, i could build an old MS-DOS computer and run all those...
  17. johto

    Questions about my setup (ESI Juli@, Go-Vibe, Grado HF-1).

    I would recommend you to use some amp.
  18. johto

    Digital out comparison. E-MU 1212m vs ESI Juli@

    Quote: Originally Posted by chris719 I have no experience with the juli or the chaintech, but the emu1212m should be better than the chaintech at least. Question is why do you want to use toslink? It is inferior to coax, and I do believe the emu is transformer coupled so there is no...
  19. johto

    Kernal streaming in Foobar question...

    Its normal. It uses it even it shows "empty". About that other question of yours, i dont want to answer that
  20. johto

    Is U24 a significant update of my 0404?

    Well, at least Juli@ is free from the creatives "bloatware". Juli@'s drivers are only 176kB ! Nothing wrong with the sound either.
  21. johto

    Is it worth the trouble to use EAC?

    Using EAC is actually very easy and hassle free after you get past the initial setup(EAC+Lame+settings)
  22. johto

    X-fi first impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by maarek99 You need to spend atleast 2000$ before anything can sound good.
  23. johto


    Quote: Originally Posted by ]|[ GorE i really couldnt understand any of the steps. Your not alone
  24. johto

    What (not:P) to change in my current setup?

    Quote: Originally Posted by speedo Hmmz thank you but I don't seem to understand your point. That was just a general tip for lowering noise as Mr. Bojangles said in this thread that he got some noise with crappy soundcard.
  25. johto

    Will the insanity NEVER end?!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Patrick82 They[/URL] have a top 15 list of tweaks under $60 and I have only tried Xtreme AV QuickSilver Contact Enhancer, in my system it made a $2000+ improvement. As for the other tweaks I don't think they will make a big enough difference that they are...