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  1. Pepsi

    Three Word Story

    Way too cynical. 
  2. Pepsi

    Today's music industry is...

    Obviously i'm not taking away from true passionate artists, I'm sure even the ones who glorify all those things I mentioned have love for music, that doesn't make it okay for them spread that negative energy around. Pop and Rap are heavily influential, and with that power of influence I...
  3. Pepsi

    Today's music industry is...

    Heavily corrupt often glorifying money, materialism, sexism, mocking the sanctity of sex itself, drugs, alcohol and so much more. I feel the need to vent about this, because as a music lover, our youth will continuously be tainted by these puppets of the evil music industry. I am just interested...
  4. Pepsi

    god i hate battlefield 3

    5+ kd... That's godly. COD is so much better IMHO. :D
  5. Pepsi

    We have a breakthrough at Best Buy!

    Oh man, I never thought I'd ever see HD800s at best buy! I hope this will give a little more insight to Bose/Beats consumers! And I really hope they're doing this nationally!! Man, If it wasn't snowing here I'd go myself!
  6. Pepsi

    Getting "called-out" for not wearing the Beats

    I actually talked to my friends regarding this topic, and they too agree the product is way overpriced for the performance you're actually recieving. I remembered someone saying, you don't want to be that guy. If the consumer would just do research to better inform themselves about the beats...
  7. Pepsi

    I am Vietnamese.

    Wow, that shop sounds like a spot i'll definitely need to stop by when i go back again this summer. Are you vietnamese yourself?
  8. Pepsi

    What is the meaning of life?

    Quote:                   “I've been making a list of the things they don't teach you at school. They don't teach you how to love somebody. They don't teach you how to be famous. They don't teach you how to be rich or how to be poor. They don't teach...
  9. Pepsi

    The unofficial Skyrim thread.

    Quote: Couple of years? Didn't the game release in 2011? 
  10. Pepsi

    Do 'High-End' Audio cables matter?

    Yet businesses are selling headphone cables for 200+ a pop, and claiming a lot of BS. I understand this hobby is overpriced, but for some cables? seriously? There's no gain besides cosmetics imho. And I do admit, that is the only reason why i "upgraded" my cables, there was absolutely no...
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    Sennheiser HD800 Appreciation Thread

    Quote: You will not be disappointed with the Dac1 + HD800 combo i can guarantee you that. =)
  12. Pepsi

    What is the meaning of life?

    Quote: Sorry for being a bit vague, i completely agreed with your point, so yes i was simply praising you for your creativity. What I was trying to get at with the professor was the things he had to say and my disagreement with a lot of his views. One of his more memorable quotes was...
  13. Pepsi

    The TV Thread (What's on your television?)

    It's mostly ESPN and sports. But i also love House, and Dexter. 
  14. Pepsi

    How "Millenial" Are You? Take the quiz!

    86. Not surprising, i love gadgets and i love TV. Personally i think life would suck without technology.
  15. Pepsi

    Sony MDR-R10 what is the fuss about

    They have sound coming out of them. 
  16. Pepsi

    Favre Watch

    Quote: It does actually now that you bring it up, only difference was he never had a breakout season with the Wizards, but then again, leading the Bulls to two triple series championship wins is quit enough. Favre on the other hand, had only one, and then had another chance if it wasn't...
  17. Pepsi

    Hockey talk

    Quote: YES! Sorry on the late reply but i can barely stand this site. It looks like it will be hard for a repeat, it seems as if every Chicago Team that wins a championship or gets damn close, eventually the core of the team gets broken up, i.e. Chicago Bears, White Sox. 
  18. Pepsi

    Inception: Film of the Year?

    Inception is easily one of the best films of the year. I loved this film, i also need to catch it again at a better theatre. 
  19. Pepsi

    Show your Wallpapers

    ^^^Command Shift 3. :)
  20. Pepsi

    Who will win the FIFA world cup?

    Spain all the way.
  21. Pepsi

    Opinions on Tattoos

    I love tats, but i feel that you should really think about it and KNOW what you want and that it has great meaning to you, not just because it's "cool." From which i'm seeing, i'm confident you've thought about it thoroughly. I actually am planning to get a few myself. My parents last names...
  22. Pepsi

    Hockey talk

    Halak is a beast. It's going to be interesting next year for the Blues that's for sure.