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  1. Nosoupforyou

    Comparing the SE115 with SRH840 and SRH440

    Oh, I see why you'd be comparing them -- they're around the same price point, the SE115 & SRH. Well, in all likelihood, SQ-wise the full-size headphones will demolish the SE115. If you want sound isolation, definitely get an IEM but don't go for the SE115! There are far better IEM's out...
  2. Nosoupforyou

    Shure SE530 mini review, as promised ;)

    This is a really good review, laying out all of the advantages and limitations of the 530's. Future Head-Fi'ers should look here if they're interested in these IEMs. I'll be looking forward to your Atrio review for sure! Out of curiousity, does the Mach3 help with the slightly-recessed...
  3. Nosoupforyou

    Shure SE530 : Are they a "fun" IEM?

    $211?! Damn, get on that! If 'fun' is the opposite of 'laid back' though, then the 530's are no fun at all. But they're a pleasure to listen to.
  4. Nosoupforyou

    Ever Since I Joined Head-Fi I Stare at People's Headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by ljokerl There just something about a girl with nice cans... Hahaha, indeed.
  5. Nosoupforyou

    Ever Since I Joined Head-Fi I Stare at People's Headphones

    I admit it. It's true. I can't help it. Can you? The other day, this burly guy packing biceps the size of my face threw me a look of venom when I stared at his V-Modas for one second too long. He looked like he was ready to give me customs by punching my 530's directly into my skull. On...
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    IEM for plane / sleeping

    Shure SE530's. I've slept with them, and they have the sound signature you want. They're really comfortable for me, and are so smooth and easy to listen to that I often fall asleep with them on. SE530, bro. Usually I don't peddle these IEMs as THE one-and-only answer (I usually recommend a...
  7. Nosoupforyou

    Is it common?

    I think you should quit asking us and try ripping a few songs to higher quality yourself; then test and see whether or not you can hear a difference with your new-and-upcoming IEMs. I sincerely hope you do hear the difference, because 128 sounds really muffled to me and only 192+ is passable on...
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    shure SE530 for zune 120?

    Quote: Originally Posted by midoo1990 thank you crowly, but i still have a question:if i use mp3 format with 320kbps will it sound good? my zune can take 320 but it can convert 320 to 192 because it the most suitable for zune. what do u think?should i get them or what. the only option i...
  9. Nosoupforyou

    Audeo Phonak Silicone Ear Guides?

    Sorry to sidetrack a bit, but to those using the Phonak Ear Guides with the SE530, can you comment on how useful and comfortable it is? I constantly feel the thick wire, and often it doesn't conform to my ears' shape, especially when I'm using them for the first time in the morning. Would the...
  10. Nosoupforyou

    IEMs for a child?

    I bought my thirteen-year-old brother V-Moda Vibes, and he loves them; plus they fit great. Now, obviously, everyone's ears are different, so I can't pass a judgement, but it's certainly worth a try buying him IEMs. Be sure you buy from a dealer who will accept returns on used IEMS -- Best Buy...
  11. Nosoupforyou

    Need some advice. Damned to overpay. Bricks and mortar only. IEMs, £100ish. UE sf5s? SE210s?

    Shoegaze/indiepop and all that are filled with treble detail. I'd go for the q-Jays actually. They've got the most amazing treble capability, plus excellent, excellent bass -- really tight and punchy. You can wear them over your ears or down, they're ultra comfortable and are pretty tough little...
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    FreQ Shows

    How do you pronounce "FreQ" -- is it 'freak'?
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    Can't seem to get replies in Full Sized

    Look into the Denons too. The higher-end ones garner a lot of praise on the Internets, but remember that they're closed-back. Also, dude, the new Shure full-size headphones are scheduled to be released sometime in the summer. (The leak is on the front page of Head-Fi.) They look goooood...
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    SE530 Disappointment / Alternative Suggestions?

    Skidu, you want the IE8's. Most of the reviews I've read of them fit exactly what you want. Enjoy! And sorry the 530's didn't work out for you, mate, they're really good to my ears. But we all have different ears, alas.
  15. Nosoupforyou

    Jerry Harvey is back!

    As soon as anyone gets a pair of these IEMs, do please post your impressions. The founder of Ultimate Ears! I can't wait to hear IEMs from this guy.
  16. Nosoupforyou

    Help me decice se530....

    Btw, it's true, every 530 thread ends up all flame-warish. I think it's because the 530's are so popular, some people are beginning to loathe them, just like the PC people loathe Macs. Stop it, the 530's are great. Like mark said, among the Big 4, it's just whichever one is to your liking.
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    Boosted Highs and Details on SHURE SE530

    Vaseline's also great for other stuff.
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    Thanks Guarneri, and everyone. I think I'll try that with one of them, and see how it goes. There's no discounts on the PK3's anywhere, right? They go for like 39 all the time?
  19. Nosoupforyou

    Buying SE530 From eBay

    How much do they cost on eBay? If, for a few dollars more, you can buy from a reputable reseller, then I suggest you buy from a reputable seller.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by used-2-rap-on-headphones Any girls on head-fi that prefer SQ over style? are you single? j/k, but not really. :/ Haha! Flirting on Head-Fi... oh boy...
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    I had a good idea -- what if I get PK3's? They're earbuds, so there's no worry about whether they'll fit, reputedly great-sounding, cheap, and small enough that I don't have to worry about style -- the girls can just hide 'em under their hair.
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    It's hard cause I want to get something for my two friends, both of whom are very stylish and don't pay much attention to sound quality (one rarely even listens to her iPod at all). Yet, I want them to understand how wonderful really great earphones can be! Ugh... I could easily get them...