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  1. Devon8822

    Any other warranty comparable to Koss?

    I'm attracted to Koss for the incredible lifetime warranty, but when I got researching IEMs it turns out that everybody thinks their IEMs are trash. That said, are their any other headphone companies that have comparable lifetime warranties, OR can anybody vouch for an IEM model that Koss makes...
  2. Devon8822

    What kind of cable to make aux and headphone cables

    Just looking for some education on these two cable types and signal levels. I come from a pro audio background so heres what I know already: I am thinking that since aux cables are generally used for line level signal they would need microphone cable/line level cable, right? Headphone cables...
  3. Devon8822

    iphone sounds just as good as my DAC/amp, to me?

    A question I have wanted to ask for a while but never got around to it. I am primarily an audio engineer so I don't really have an abundance of flagship headphones, but what I have noticed with the headphones that I do have, is that I cannot tell any difference between plugging right into my...
  4. Devon8822

    Sennheiser IE7 soundstage VS Earsonics SM3 soundstage

    So I will be choosing between these two iems soon i think, but I am wondering about a couple thing. I have heard that the IE7s have a very very good and wide soundstage. However I have heard mixed things about the SM3 soundstage, some reviews say they have no soundstage at all, some say they...
  5. Devon8822

    NuForce NE-7M... Where to get in Toronto?

    I don't know where to go for high quality headphones in Toronto, I am sick of paying so much for them to get shipped here. Is there a store that would sell the NE-7Ms?
  6. Devon8822

    comply t400 cleaning?

    mix with water or pure?
  7. Devon8822

    comply t400 cleaning?

    My tips are sorta coated in in wax with fabric bits embeded on the surface from going in my pocket after use. Can't really pick or scratch it off, so I am wondering if it is safe to dip them in rubbing alcohol or something? or will this ruin them?
  8. Devon8822

    NE-7m tips...

    I literally just got some NE-7Ms that I ordered. Sounds hollow... and midless. Also, the large tips that fit best, and what i normally use, have no bass. The smallest tip seems to fit in loosely but has a good sound, which is weird. Are these supposed to lack mids? Are their better tips out...
  9. Devon8822

    HD650... balanced setup

    I guess what I was asking is... what is a balanced source?
  10. Devon8822

    turn table + Hd650, and amp

    mmm thanks, couple questions though. phono stage?? is this in the TT? I have an amp that goes with the TT... maybe its in that? could I go, TT (plus the obvious tonearm and cartridge). -> amp (the one that goes with the TT) -> darkvoice -> headphones as for the mac... isn't their a DAC...
  11. Devon8822

    IEM musicians

    I am interested in IEMs for playing live or practicing with a band. This way I can isolate the sound but still get good quality sound. I am wondering what happens with IEMs... where do you plug them in? there must be a wireless box of some kind? and than where do they go? right now I just have...
  12. Devon8822

    DAC + Balanced - questions

    Maybe someone can answer some questions for me about Balanced setup and about DACs/sources. I don't know whether i should get a external DAC or a new sound card. What do most people do, and what has the potential for better sound quality? Are the prices comparable? For a balanced setup do...
  13. Devon8822

    HD-650... the perfect amp?

    What do you goes mean by "source"??? Where the music is comign from? in that case my source would be my mac... and my turn table and amp. How do I know if I need a DAC? Do I still need a DAC if im using my computer and my TT? when do you require a dac? How does the whole balanced thing...
  14. Devon8822


    If i get an external DAC... does that replace everything the sound card does? In other words... does a good quality soundcard matter anymore if you have a separate dac? How much is a good dac? and will say... a $200 soundcard be as good as an equivalent DAC?
  15. Devon8822


    If I have headphones into a dedicated amp, than the dedicated amp into my computer... will the computers soundcard effect the sound quality? if so how much? Is it possible to plug the dedicated amp into an audio interface (for recording) and use it as a soundcard, and from the audio interface...
  16. Devon8822

    HD-650... the perfect amp?

    The darkvoice amp look nice but I have some questions. For the ams do you need to bias them when changing the tubes? My only experience with tube amps is for guitar amps. Where can I find a comparision of the difference between the darkvoice amps? there is no info about them on the website?
  17. Devon8822

    TT + HPs

    I am soon to get some headphones and a dedicated amp. What I want to know is how I can use my HP's with my TT? Can I plug my dedicated amp right into my TT and it will work? or do I need to plug my dedicated amp into my TT amp? If so how do I plug it in? thanks
  18. Devon8822

    HD-650... the perfect amp?

    What is the best mate (amp) for a pair of HD-650's, I decided to ditch the portable amp idea with these headphones, and try and get the best possible sound I can with a home dedicated amp. Is there a couple amps that match amazingly with the HD-650s that many people seem to agree upon? I need...
  19. Devon8822

    Best amp for HD-650

    What is the best/most common/most loved, and known portable amp to work excellent with the Sennheiser HD-650 headphones? I am not giving a budget because I don't think it is necessary for this request... most common.
  20. Devon8822


    So for portable... it is not possible to use a DAC with an ipod, is that correct?
  21. Devon8822

    soundcard DAC

    I am wondering about DACs in soundcards because I am getting a new computer soon. Are the soundcard DACs as good as a DAC in a dedicated amp? How does SQ compare? Second thing is... I know that a DAC concerts from digital to analog... but what confuses me is... whenever you play an MP3 is it...
  22. Devon8822

    full cans vs IEM

    thank you sir, that was a very very straight up answer, perfect! i have another question though... does anybody know what the best model AKG makes? would that be the 701?
  23. Devon8822

    full cans vs IEM

    question for you... $1000 pair of IEMs or $1000 pair of cans? why? does one of these have something the other doesn't? oomph? power? bass? can a IEM match a a good pair of cans?
  24. Devon8822

    Dynamic and electrostatic

    What is the difference between the 2? I only came across the 2 when looking for amps...
  25. Devon8822

    amp questions

    couple questions for yeah. 1. How much do I want to spend on an amp in relation to my headphones? Do you want an amp cheaper or more expensive than you headphones? 2. Can someone give some info on portable vs non-portable HP amps? of course portable ones are... well... portable... but...