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    Do you experience bloated bass with the Denon C300?

    Hi all, i own a pair of Denon c300 iems and the bass on them sound really deep and punchy at low volume levels from my fiio e11 amplifier. But when i increase the volume level on the amp, the higher i go the more bloated and muddy the bass gets on these iems. Are these iem generally bloated when...
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    Suggest me some headphones with good bass that can vibrate and shake your head?

    Thanks for your suggestions, i will have a look into the PRO700MK2 to see if its worthy.
  3. Bassheadspl

    Best headphones under $150?

    Quote: You have a point, its a shame that Sony discontinued the XB500.
  4. Bassheadspl

    Ath-M50 Mod?

    Quote: Well, i hope you find a cheaper alternative. If you be patient on the forum you might come across somebody that can modify them for you. Good luck!
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    Best headphones under $150?

    Sony XB500 mate! Great thumping bass making them ideal for rap music and dupstep. They are also very comfy to ware thanks to there ultra soft leather ear pads, like pillows resting on your head.
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    Ath-M50 Mod?

    Quote: You probably be better of purchasing them directly from sound professionals because they will already be professionally modified. But if you want it really cheap, you could attempt at performing the modifications yourself, but there is a risk that you might damage your headphones.
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    Is there a headphone that can provide more bass than the Sony XB500?

    Hi, i am just wondering if there a headphone that can provide more bass than the Sony XB500 headphones? Lots of bassheads consider the XB500 because of there big bass impact and vibrations, but i just wondering if there is a headphone that can provide more bass than the XB500?
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    Sennheiser 558 or ath-m50?

    Quote: Yep thats true, you have got point!
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    Sennheiser 558 or ath-m50?

    Why not consider yourself some good pair of IEMS instead of headphones? You get better portability that way! Plus they look discreet when walking outside and you won't be turning heads like with wearing big headphones in public!
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    Ath-m50 amp?

    Quote: Yes most headphones will gain an benefit from the extra power an amplifier can provide. That extra power will allow you to achieve more volume and more bass, if you go with an amp that has the bass booster eq button. If portability is required, check out the fiio e11 amplifier. if...
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    Sony XB-500... Wow! :)

    Quote: Have you tried the Sony XB700? What do you think about the bass on them if compared with the XB500?
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    Which IEM have you heard that has the most deepest subwoofer bass?

    Quote: Ok, but i want to know can you feel the bass in your ear canal from the bass pressure from the drivers? Also if amped, do the drivers crackle or distort at high volume levels?   These are the two things i highly consider myself when looking for a bassy iem.
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    New Skullcandy Crushers.

    Quote: You're Welcome.
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    Audio Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 review - Take two subwoofers...straight to the head.

    Quote: Yeah the bass on the XB500 is very muddy.
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    Quote: Yes they also do have 70mm drivers.
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    Meelectronics sp51 vs Hippo VB? Whats the difference between the two?

    Quote: Hows the bass on them? Is it really deep?
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    Best IEM tips?

    Quote: Yes they are pretty good!
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    Best portable amp for me?

    Getting a fiio e5 amplifier will not have sufficient power for driving large headphones. So I would recommend the fiio e11, it has tons more power to drive headphones and its still portable.
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    Show us your vintage headphones!

    Quote: Wow thats an ancient pair of headphones!
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    Which IEM have you heard that has the most deepest subwoofer bass?

    Hi, i am looking for a IEM that has superior subwoofer bass that extends really deep and brings out the lows in music. From your experience, which IEM have you heard that provides really deep subwoofer bass that doesn't crackle at high volume levels from an amp?
  21. Bassheadspl

    I need an alternative bassy IEM to the Hippo VB? Bassheads Please Help Me Out.........

    Quote: Also about the Sony EB90EX they have big 16mm drivers, so they clearly have great potential to move some serious air, but from your experience when amped, do they crackle?