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  1. nkk

    frequency of Ahd2000 Doesnt match fiio e11 have to be more clear.  Are you saying that the frequency response does not match?  The numbers that are usually something like 20Hz to 20kHz?  If that is what you are talking about, no, they do not matter.  Match or not, everything will work fine.   As for a DAC. it depends on...
  2. nkk

    How to upgrade my system for $1500 or less?? Need advice...

      None of your vintage things have a phono stage built in?  Or do you want a better one?  I do not know how good the headphone amps in those receivers are.  Models vary.  Perhaps you could share?  What is lacking?  Tell us what type of music you listen to.  How are the Grados?  Good?  Want to...
  3. nkk

    I need a fish

      I need recommendations for a fish that is not too fishy tasting, but has a bit more flavor than something like tilapia.  I also need a nut that would go well with it.  Again, I need something that has a taste, but is still light.  I was thinking almonds, but any other suggestions would be...
  4. nkk

    Desktop or Laptop? Any recommendations??

      Take it from a current college student: One study session where you cannot bring your computer and you wish you had a laptop.  Also, you need it for live music performances?  What on Earth prompted you to think an iMac was appropriate for that?  Laptop all the way.   -Nkk  <-- a proud...
  5. nkk

    DSLR Help

    To make things complicated, I went to the store and held both a D3000, A230, and an Olympus Pen.  Out of the dslr, I liked the way the Canon felt a bit more, but it was slight.  I had no read objections to the Sony.     However, I really liked the Pen.  Smaller was amazing.  It is a bit more...
  6. nkk

    DSLR Help

    Like I said, the first two or so months will be me getting used to it.  Plus, I will have to save up for another lens.  Therefore it will be a big point and shoot.  However, my end goal is that I use the different lenses and actually learn about photography and whatnot.  That is where I will be...
  7. nkk

    GPS likes/dislikes

    Quote: Originally Posted by Omega I use a Samsung Moment (Android OS), and the GPS is a bit flaky, particularly from a car in the city...often taking a long time to get a proper lock, then only accurate to 100 feet or so. Nevertheless, it usually works fine, and is very handy. Good for...
  8. nkk

    Have people forgotten what the '-fi' in Hi-fi means?

    Having started one of the least sensible ones (I need help building a computer -fi), I can seriously say it is totally in jest and sort of tongue in cheek (you know, because the site is head-fi. -Nkk
  9. nkk


    Quote: Originally Posted by ffdpmaggot I didn't see UE-18 as 200 dollars more on the sight the last time I checked, now that doesn't mea I was on the right site, the first time I found a pair of UE-18 available it was on a site with a title "don't lose the music" and it had a list price...
  10. nkk

    I need help building a computer -fi

    While I would love the six core processor, $1000 is too much. Although I am willing to pay for power, there is a limit and power/$ optimization says no to $1000. Is the Intel really that much better? The price difference is rather large for equivalent specs, but if there is something the...
  11. nkk

    I need help building a computer -fi

    Ok, so one last check before I come up with a final list. I am thinking of getting a PS that has 18A on the 12V rail. The card ( recommends 24A. Is this a hard recommendation, or what? Can it be bent, and if so, how much? I am admittedly...
  12. nkk

    OK to charge FiiO E5 with iPod charger?

    Wait...ignore my last post. I thought you meant the one you get with the iPhone and plugs into the wall and has a USB port, which means you can use it with any USB cable. How are you planning on getting the e5 to accept an iPod LOD connector on the end of that cable? Or am I misunderstanding...
  13. nkk

    whats best dap with optical input

    Quote: Originally Posted by RockinCannoisseur well i had meant output,but i had been also obviously researching the best amp with optical toslink coaxial and usb input so imixed them up, it is painfully clear that any head fier would know that a dap dosent have optical or usb input so...
  14. nkk

    OK to charge FiiO E5 with iPod charger? would you even plug that in? USB port spec is 100 mA, and then the device says whether it wants up to 500mA (IIRC). I do not know what batter is in that thing, but it should not hurt. The batter should be able to take it at 1A. But please do not quote me on that, as I am only making...
  15. nkk

    Been researching amps, Help me figure out which to finally buy

    I do not know about synergy, but any list in that price range should include a professionally built Mini3. -Nkk
  16. nkk

    Cheapest balanced source?

    Yes, you read that correctly, I am going balanced, and cheaping out. :P Ok, not really. I actually am going balanced with an M3 that i am building this summer. However, I do not have a balanced source. My real question is whether there are any good ones in the EMU0404 USB price region ($220 give...
  17. nkk

    Can the effects of cables be demonstrated with equipment other than audio?

    Quote: Originally Posted by googleborg if i look inside myself, and i'm be brutally honest here, i WANT to replace all my cables, i want thick chunky cables and big solid looking plugs coming out of a huge box that is regenerating my AC supply and supplying pure sinewaves all over the...
  18. nkk

    whats best dap with optical input

    That is probably what he meant, but the thread title says otherwise. -Nkk
  19. nkk

    whats best dap with optical input

    But they do not haver optical in, which is what the OP wanted. If he meant Optical out, the iRiver is good, but it fails on the USB out front (assuming the OP also meant USB out). Clarification from the OP would be nice. -Nkk
  20. nkk

    portable amp for both IEMs and speakers?

    Find an old receiver and a relatively large impedance adapter. Like qusp said, this is hard, and the adapter is a compromise, as they are two very different needs. -Nkk
  21. nkk

    A good upgrade from er6is?

    Would it not be logical to go to the hf5 or er4p/s? Although stay with the RE0 and experiment with the tips. I have the RE0, hf5, and er4p/s, and while I most definitely like the etys more, the re0 is no slouch. -Nkk
  22. nkk

    Worst IEM you owned so far

    My god, consider yourself luck if the worst you have heard is the shure e530 (should that not be SE530 or E500)? By a wide margin, mine is the altec lansing uhp336. Boomy bass, poor resolution and just plain uncomfortable. -Nkk
  23. nkk

    ATH-900's and Wing replacement help.

    Ah, ok. I thought I should point it out since I have more than once totally missed such links. Good luck with your inquiry. -Nkk
  24. nkk

    ATH-900's and Wing replacement help.

    I would suggest the "contact us" link on their page: Audio Cubes II - High Fidelity Audio Products -Nkk