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  1. tfarney

    Touchscreen monitor in a computer audio stack?

    Quote: Anger management, Dude.
  2. tfarney

    Why buy a Macbook?

        Quote:     And I'm totally addicted to the thing, so there we go!   Tim
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    Why buy a Macbook?

        Why did you start this thread again? Because you thought you might consider a Mac even though you're already running a Hackintosh and you've already made up your mind? Can you say trolling? You uncover yourself.   Quote:
  4. tfarney

    Why buy a Macbook?

    Quote: I know it's a bad idea; I was being sarcastic. Hybrys came here asking Mac people to justify the cost, and claiming to have an open mind. Then he proceeded to only listen to the pro Windows arguments, and made it clear that he has already decided to build a Hackintosh. He only came...
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    Why buy a Macbook?

    Quote: An excellent analysis that cuts through all the Mac vs Windows BS that this thread is full of and that was clearly the intent of the OP.   Tim
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    Why buy a Macbook?

    Hybrys, I think you should go to your local computer discounter, pick up the cheapest netbook on sale that day, then take it home and install OSX on it. Think how impressed all the other kids at school will be when they see that you accomplished, for $300, what they paid $1200 for! You will bask...
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    Bit Perfect with a Mac

    Doing well, Miguel, I hope you are too. I'm still deep into computer audio, though I've simplified, acquired some active speakers and focused on music instead of gear. I'm becoming a jazz fan in my old age...   Tim
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    Doing away with the computer

    Quote: I pick what I want to play, I turn it on and hit play. That's iTunes on a Mac. Of course all it really does is condense storage and make picking what you want to play a lot easier. CDs will do the same thing, with a lot of manual management. Tim
  9. tfarney

    Is this a "good" setup?

    I haven't heard those little KRKs, but the company has a good rep and I'm a big believer in active speakers. If they're properly designed and executed, you'll get much better driver control, resulting in lower distortion, greater clarity, faster response, tighter bass, etc. Some small studio...
  10. tfarney

    Using full sized integrated amp

    Quote: Great minds really do think alike. Great or warped, depending on your POV. Tim
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    Desktop speaker dilemma

    My latest flame are AVi's ADM9.1s. They are the size of active studio monitors with a 6.5" midbass and a 1" dome tweeter, but they are built for home use, with enough power to fill a room, not just a desktop. 300 watts for each woofer, 75 for each tweeter. All class A/B. Another thing that is...
  12. tfarney

    Desktop speaker dilemma

    I'm a big believer in active speakers. Well-executed they're very hard for passive systems to compete with IMO. And detail is not fatiguing. If speakers are fatiguing, they are distorted, not detailed. But if you want to do this well for a reasonable amount of money, use the Elite, and listen to...
  13. tfarney

    Apogee ONE

    Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo Where have you been Tim? Have not seen you post in a long time, welcome back. Oh, I've been around...listening to speakers of all things! I still put in plenty of headphone time, though. What are you up to on the amp/dac fronts these days? Tim
  14. tfarney

    Quick Vote: AKG 701 or HD600

    Quote: Originally Posted by tubbsbright Bass on the 701 looks a littttle bit juicier, but I don't know what that hump at 10k means. hd600 has a hump at 5k both the senns have a valley at 7.5k not sure what this means...
  15. tfarney

    The One (Full-Sized) Headphone Club

    Ah well, late to the party again... I was a one full-sized phone guy for more than a decade and listened to everything on my HD580s unless I was at the gym listening to Etys. But I recently picked up a pair of AD700s as an alternate. I like them. They have a very diffrerent sound signature...
  16. tfarney

    Sennheisers sending me to sleep

    FWIW, the HD580s are my reference, and I bought the AD700s as an alternative. They're good in that role. Not nearly as smooth (your "boring?"), lacking the impact in the bass, but the bass is there, and the upper mids and trebles are forward, detailed, if a bit grainy compared to the 580s. Great...
  17. tfarney

    Can my Yamaha receiver drive my Denon AH-D7000?

    Quote: I am just not going to assume that all receivers' build-in headphone amps are awful from the get-go. And you're smart not to. Most receivers, Yamahas included, use the main preamp and a couple of the speaker amps, stepped down through resistors, to drive their headphone...
  18. tfarney

    Do I need a dedicated headphone amp?

    Plug your new phones into the 663, push the Pure Direct button and enjoy. Tim
  19. tfarney

    DT770-80 and Springsteen...?

    Grados have a reputation for being uncomfortable, mid-range heavy, and shallow of sound stage. Of course a much more positive way of putting that is that while they are uncomfortable for some people, they have a great midrange presence and an aggressive, forward presentations. Still, I don't...
  20. tfarney

    What are the smoothest sounding headphones?

    You find 580s to be harsh? Wow. I have a hard time imagining. But the 600 won't help. They are 580s in new clothes. You really don't have anywhere to go but to the 650s or a headphone with a pretty seriously rolled-off high end. Or perhaps some eq. You know, something you can turn off when faced...
  21. tfarney

    Best cheap pro phones?

    Quote: Originally Posted by lucky I'd rec the HD-555. I think they're the best circumaurals available for $100. I own HD580s. I'd think the 555s would be pointless. Looking for something with a different sound sig. Tim
  22. tfarney

    Best cheap pro phones?

    Quote: Originally Posted by mbd2884 HD555 is listed at 127 AD500 around 85 AD700 124 AD700? Do you have the AD700? How do they sound? Tim
  23. tfarney

    Yamaha RX-V663 Amplifier/Receiver

    Quote: Originally Posted by ATHFan OK, I haven't posted in a while since I was busy with my job, but here are my impressions on the RX-V663 receiver with the ATH-AD900 headphones I bought. The receiver is awesome! It does what it should do, and it sounds perfect. Yamaha's Silent...
  24. tfarney

    Glow Audio Amp One

    I think the value of the new Glow One depends on the quality of the improved DAC circuit and your need for the speaker outs. If the DAC is properly implemented this time, we're talking about an integrated amp, headphone amp and DAC with a tube output stage. And it's still a bargain. If they...
  25. tfarney

    BY REQUEST: Best sounding HP jacks on integrateds/receivers.

    Quote: Originally Posted by kool bubba ice Bada had better timbre, bass & imaging.. Was warm, lush & sweet. The GS1 was more neutral With better detail, seperation & air around the instruments.. The VHP 1 with PS.. Better Dynamics, bass was full & well defined..Butter smooth, with a...