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  1. klb2122

    Should I buy a Peachtree Nova for the core of my audio setup?

    go for it. The peachtree gear doesnt seem to have any detractors. The pre/dac/head amp are all supposed to rock, the power amp is likely the weakest point. But you can bypass that as it has a pre-out if it does prove to be the weak-link down the road.    
  2. klb2122

    MELOS SHA-Gold attenuator replacement advice required

    I've read through your mod-log several times and would love to do much of what you've done. The attenuator switch-out sounds like it'd be simple enough to accomplish but I dont have the skills I wish I had to feel comfortable switching much else out. The left channel mod and upgrading...
  3. klb2122

    looking to replace the photeniometer in my SHA-gold

    Can anyone tell me... will the work in my SHA-Gold?   if not this then which one of these KHOZMO pots will work?   Thanks for any info
  4. klb2122

    Best album of the 90s, everyone agrees.

    No need for the threads title to slow anyone down on posting what they think is best.   BUT!!!!!! please give some reason as to why.   I do think I've put up a pretty good case as to why this album is the best of 90s and why everyone agrees   Please do the same with what you put up...
  5. klb2122

    Best album of the 90s, everyone agrees.

    Hi guys sorry i havent chimed in I've been working on making a very special sausage for an exhibition opening this saturday.   The album is incredible and of course the opinion offered is mine, but why not state things with massive generalities that will get a conversation going.  ...
  6. klb2122

    What's your best experience for an amp for AKG K 701s?

    melos sha-gold   source(s): wavelength Brick v 1                 Clearaudio Concerto on a  Unify 9" with a Champion   They astound every time I put them on. I intended on sleeping 4 hours ago. They keep me up, I dont want to stop listening. Just 1 more album please!
  7. klb2122

    Best album of the 90s, everyone agrees.

    In 1995 David Bowie brought us 1. Outside. 1. Outside is the best album of the 90s. Stunningly recorded. Capturing the horror and freedom of the moment of realization that the millennium was upon us 1. Outside wraps everything that is apathy, cynicism, technology/human interdevelopment, the...
  8. klb2122

    BEST ALBUM OF THE DECADE! Argue with it... if you can!

    You know come to think of it Penultimate is the right word to use. As far as I know they havent retired and I wouldnt want to label THIRD as the best of what Portishead could do. So I will stick with penultimate. I keep hearing more and more in hail to the thief. It just doesnt seem to end...
  9. klb2122

    BEST ALBUM OF THE DECADE! Argue with it... if you can!

    A brief statement… I think the Potishead’s Third is the best album of the decade. The intelligence and cleverness in the album’s recording, the brilliant variety in song and the way each track hits the listener like a shot in the arm is utterly lovely. Beth Gibson’s vocals, the allowance for...
  10. klb2122

    Turntable --> Audioengine A2s. Is an amp needed?

    How much do you want to spend? 1st skip the Rega p1 and pro-ject debut III Get a music hall MMF 2.2. Higher quality platter than both the Rega and Pro-ject, better arm than the pro-ject, questionably better than the rega too. 2nd look for a b-stock denon PMA 2000ivr. B-stocks are...
  11. klb2122

    How large is the portable amp/DAC community?

    I'm interested in taking something of a census in hopes of getting a sense of how large this community is. How many out there have portable amps with built in DACs. I spend a lot of time on subways and see vast numbers of folks with headphones. but I have yet to see someone carrying an amp...
  12. klb2122

    Revelation audio labs

    Thanks he assures me he's working on completing the trade asap
  13. klb2122

    Wadia i170

    Has any one looked under the hood and drawn a map as to how this thing functions? I am curious. I know it has an apple produced chip that lets it function as it does. But what else is in there?
  14. klb2122

    any denon PMA2000 IVR owners?

    i havent, but if there is anyone that could help me avoid dropping money on one right now i'd be happy. in a recent thread several folks seemed to feel their pre-amps and even several integrated amps did quite well when it came to powering headphones. Everything about the 2000 ivr is quite...
  15. klb2122

    any denon PMA2000 IVR owners?

    are there any users of the DENON PMA2000 ivr that have compared the headphone out to any quality headphone amps? I'm honestly quite impressed by the power the denon can provide for my k701s and i'm thinking of canceling an order i have in for a headamp to use the money to fund other projects...
  16. klb2122

    RAL no communication... is this standard?

    they shipped, i mean actually shipped. Looking at the post office website they've left florida and are on their way home. Brad says the extension cable will ship soon too! so tuesday they should be here. If he had said it would be this long from the start everything would have been fine... i...
  17. klb2122

    RAL no communication... is this standard?

    so today brad is saying they should be here by the end of the week...
  18. klb2122


    check out audio metallurgy. the ga-0s are quite lovely. I was using audioquest, diamondback to start and then columbia's. they were nice but the audio metallurgy's kinda destroyed the audioquests. They're beautiful and on audiogon you can get them for an amazing deal, every week they auction...
  19. klb2122

    Phones for College

    perhaps you should take all this advice and hold off until you get to your dorm room, meet your roomies and your neighbors and then you'll know better which way to go, open or closed and then take the plunge. In the mean time try to get out and hear some of the products. The sr60 seems like a...
  20. klb2122

    RAL no communication... is this standard?

    i suppose so it's just that if my headphones are gone i could have put that money to use in other areas
  21. klb2122

    K701 - Canamp, Lisa III or other?

    look into the headamp gs-1 not portable but it's supposed to match the k701s beautifully.
  22. klb2122

    Headamp communication issues?

    i wasnt complaining, just checking for any updates... nice watch simply excited to hear what this amp can offer to my setup. justin... sorry if i've become a nuisance
  23. klb2122

    Headamp communication issues?

    so... has anyone received their GS-1? Justin... have the enclosures made it to your door?
  24. klb2122

    audiophile but im new to headphones and forum

    check out audiotechnica's ATH-EC700 Ear-bud/Clip-on Hybrid Headphones ATH-EM7 GM Adjustable Aluminum Clip-on Headphones ATH-EM9r Adjustable Aluminum Clip-on Headphones ATH-EW9 Adjustable Wooden Clip-on Headphones I have the emr's, my brother and girlfriend have the ec700's. we're all...
  25. klb2122

    Oh my goodness... I can hear the difference between lossless and Lame V2 vbr-new...

    It's the truth man... lossless... sometimes you'd think it's a joke, but then there are things that stand out; like the guy that got the hotel room and a bottle of korbel for post prom fun. I had that experience a couple months back when i was sitting on futon reading kant and all of sudden i...