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    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    My flieger is also my favorite watch... Sinn 356 acrylic
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    Recently bought a 2011 CR-V.  It is a great practical daily driver.  More pics here.
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    The Breitling Thread

    I also have an Aerospace.  I bought it used and sent it to Breitling USA a few years ago for service.  It came back looking brand new.  It gets the most wrist time of all the watches I own, mainly due to its practicality.  I'm a researcher and use the chronograph + timing bezel to time...
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    Messenger Bag.... Fi!

    I carry a Filson 232 medium field bag...
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    They're back - The HF-2 now available again!

    Quote: Curious, does yours say "HEAD-FI" on the cups or do they still have the "HEAD-F1" typo?
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    Grado line

    I also used to own both the MS-1 and SR225.  Here is an old comparison I wrote...
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    Symphones Magnum upgrade for Grado SR325 and Alessandro MS2

    I think the easy remedy to this design flaw is to put the U-shaped notch on the other edge of the yoke. That is, have the notch facing towards the inner cup rather than the outer cup. A safer alternative is to make the yoke C-shaped, just as with the stock plastic piece. Nonetheless, glad to...
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    Grado RS-2 without the "i"...

    For one, the "i" version has a thicker cable. You would have to pry the driver from the wooden cup, desolder the old wires off, and solder the new ones on. You would also have to enlarge the cable hole in the wooden cup. Not so easy, IMO.
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    Burn-in Naysayers:

    From what I've seen, it seems like 99.9% of people who claim massive changes after burn-in never compare their "burned-in" headphone to one that is brand new out of the box. This would really substantiate their claims that physical changes in the headphone are occuring and "100% real" as often...
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    Grado PS-1 modification pics and quick question

    Quote: Originally Posted by 03029174 We put a little pressure at the top and bottom of the yoke to slightly bend the middle out and we were able to get them off. We bent them back perfectly and got the screws off in the end. They were really tight mind. I see. So were the screws...
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    The Jeans-fi thread

    APC New Standards for me. I have one in indigo and one in black. They are by far the most well fitting jeans (or pants for that matter) that I have ever worn. A fit pic of the black pair...
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    Grado driver mod?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jageur272 The cups on Grados are there to protect the drivers. They're supposed to be as open as possible while maintaining good sound. The outer cups also have the two holes to which the yoke (c-shaped plastic cup holder) attaches. Without it, you...
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    Grado driver mod?

    TMK, this mod was originally my idea (see post #2, #14, #27). It is nice to see that people are still interested and benefiting from it. To bad all my Grados already have this mod from the factory.
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    The Grado HF-2 Review/Comparison Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rav Out of scientific interest, did you try the HF2 with the pads from your RS2s/MS Pros? I slapped a pair of nicely broken in bowls on mine as soon as i got them (i like them firm, but not too firm) and also had to stretch the headband out some to...
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    I just got mine this morning (#213; ordered 5/29). Like others, I did not get any shipping notification email, they just showed up. The build quality on my pair is quite good overall. I was literally saying to myself "pleeease give me a good one" before I opened the box. Other than a tiny...
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    Official HF-2 Serial Number List

    #213 (ordered 5/29; received 7/30)
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    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik I wouldn't count on returns, either. If someone doesn't like their pair, it'll probably end up in the For Sale Forum, and likely for more than they paid. True. If one were to receive an HF-2 and don't like it for whatever reason, by...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by leftnose Yay! Got my shipping notification today. I'm not at home to check my order number but I'm pretty sure I ordered on 6/19. Did you mean to say 5/19? I ordered on 5/29 and haven't gotten anything yet.
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    Grado driver mod?

    Quote: Originally Posted by kite7 I've been thinking about doing this mod, if I use dynamat extreme I need to buy adhesive to glue it to the back of the transducers? Has anyone tried using playdough Dynamat Xtreme itself is extremely sticky so no additional adhesive is needed...
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    HF-2 errors making anyone shy away?

    Quote: Originally Posted by John D. These headphone cups are flat, they could very easily be lapped flat to remove a miniscule amount of material and re-engraved. We do this every day where I work...( The cups are also anodized, so this also will have to be redone if they were to...
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    HF-2 errors making anyone shy away?

    I just confirmed my order with Todd. I'm not too pleased with the F1 error, but hey, at least it makes me feel better that 480 other units will also have this mistake. Also, seeing that the limit will now be 500 units max will make them that much more valuable.
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    HEAD-F1 HF-2, who else have it? post your serial number here.

    Nice video. Certainly a good "up yours" to the wiseguys who accused you of Photoshopping.
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    "Best" song for demonstrating the Grado sound...

    My fave song to test Grados is Hurts So Good by John (Cougar) Mellenkamp. The growl and twang of the guitars really shine with Grados.
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    Grado C-bracket+headband mod brainstorm.

    Quote: Originally Posted by erd And yes, using a removable screw like the one on RS1 metal ring is definitely a good and easy mod. A bolt can be used to hold the screw in place. I believe the metal ring has a plastic cap glued over the screw to protect it from being removed Does...
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    Grado C-bracket+headband mod brainstorm.

    Quote: Originally Posted by erd the plastic C-bracket that hold the cup to the headband (I call it horseshoe). I was recently informed that this C-shaped bracket is called the YOKE. Quote: Originally Posted by erd I've recently splitted one horseshoe on my RS2 in...