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  1. dmunky

    Just got my PK3's-quick question

    Just get part of the edge on and hold it there as you work around the rest of the headphone. Don't be afraid to stretch em a bit before-hand. When I first got em, I listened to them foamless and wasn't impressed. Then after fumbling with the foamies a bit and getting em on there, instant...
  2. dmunky


    Quote: Originally Posted by Joshatdot DANG thats sexxy! My Skeletool just shipped from Amazon yesterday. It's the standard steel one. Am I the only one who doesn't like the look of carbon fiber everything? I've used the smaller Leatherman Squirt for year or so and love...
  3. dmunky

    Easiest way to get blood off KSC75's?

    How do they sound? I may need to try this "blood" mod
  4. dmunky

    How nuts have you gone with your KSC75?

    I have put the drivers in wood housings, into old vintage 70s Koss headphones, and my old roommate's broken Aiwas. Did all the Kramer mods and tried various pads. Also recabled them for myself with Canare and another head-fi user commissioned me to mod some with Mogami cables. In the end, I...
  5. dmunky

    Tips for ES7 maintenance?

    I always make sure that they're in the cloth bag before I toss em in my backpack. So far, they've been scratch free. I can't say the same about the smudges though.
  6. dmunky

    any way to make the KSC75s look better?

    I considered painting them a shiny piano black but couldn't get around the fact the paint would get in the holes on the back unless i completely remove the driver. There's always a Sharpie marker. But in actuality, no one really cares what headphones you're wearing on the street (unless it's...
  7. dmunky

    dt770 into motorcycle helmet, possible???

    I agree with the KSC-75 idea. I wouldn't hack apart some $150 headphones and possibly have them sounding horrible. Plus, the KSC-75s are very easy to mod and retrofit into different enclosures. I've put them into old 80s KOSS headphones and an Aiwa headphone.
  8. dmunky

    The Departed

    I just saw The Departed today. I did like Infernal Affairs a bit better but if I hadn't seen it first, I would have thought The Departed was as good as the critics say it was. I also missed the hifi element of Infernal Affairs in The Departed outside of the brief instance of Mcintosh components...
  9. dmunky

    JBL Reference 220 IEMs - initial impression with pics

    Mine came in the mail today. I love the fabric cord, even earbud cord lengths, and perfect overall length of the cord. The extras like the case, bud tips, and adapters, are a great bonus for getting em for $36 bucks. I'll definitely take these with me for any kind of portable use. It's still...
  10. dmunky

    Biggest mistake

    Trying to mod my Sharp MD33 from 4-pole to 3-pole... Well at least I have some spare tips and an extension cord...
  11. dmunky

    JBL220 on sale at today

    Just ordered it with some 98 cent pencils and $15 off coupon. Great deal! Thanks for posting this! I had Sony EX71SLs and Sharp MD-33s in the past and both had things that irked me like the uneven cords or the extra bulk of the extension cords. I hope these JBLs will fill that IEM void.
  12. dmunky

    Your headphone/speaker listening environment?

    I was just thinking about listening environment as I was listing to Stereolab in a room lit only by tubes and my computer screen and decided to search Head-Fi to see if there were any threads about it. I like listening in my comfy bed late at night. Pitch black or dim lighting is always...
  13. dmunky

    Grado SR-225 | Pads - Flat, vwap, bowl, comfy | A mini comparison

    I just ordered some flats last night to find out for myself on my HF-1s. I also have the yellow Senn pads so I'll have to compare.
  14. dmunky

    time to throw out these old bose speakers.

    For under 200, I recommend Polk R50s. They often go on sale at Frys and I just picked up a pair for 170 shipped. For the price vs. performance factor, these are like the KSC75s of the speaker world.
  15. dmunky

    Anyone heard the Panasonic RP-HTX7?

    I just noticed a stack of these at Fry's the other day too. And then I saw them on These are some impressive looking headphones. I wonder if they sound as good as they look.
  16. dmunky

    Specific type of Hip-Hop:

    Bonobo, Jon Kennedy, and Quantic are the artists I'd look for.
  17. dmunky

    Nixie Clock

    Wow I think this might be a great future project. Anyone know of a good Nixie Clock guide with partslist? Or even a cheap Nixie kit?
  18. dmunky

    Location/person in Chicago to demo a few portable cans?

    I'd also like to know if there are any Chicago audio shops to possibly demo some headphones.
  19. dmunky

    Dt770 headband making clicking noise

    My headband also clicks. I'm pretty sure this is normal.
  20. dmunky

    Yet another Koss KSC-75 Mod. The YamaKossi ! (Pics, 56k warning)

    Wow nice mod there, Spaceage. I tried something similar with a pair of 70s Koss headphones but it ended up sounding pretty bad. I really like the concept of putting black stockings over the whole outer cup. Good job.
  21. dmunky

    Crazy IPod charger idea, need help.

    Maybe this can be of some help: Shows how to make your own ipod connector with diagrams of all the pin-outs to utilize all the features.
  22. dmunky

    Crazy IPod charger idea, need help.

    Yeah I had that crazy thought too the other day when looking at my Millet. What if you can put the amp with STEPS or TREAD all in one with a built-in ipod dock so that it charges and connects to the line-out. Hope someone pulls it off in the near future.
  23. dmunky

    Random temporary hearing loss?

    That exact thing has happened to me even before I got into this headphone hobby. I hope it's normal?
  24. dmunky

    Millett Problems

    I was having the exact same problem yesterday and the day before that. No power at all. Then I was reading through this thread and decided to give it one more go after reading seanohue's suggestion to just give it another go at the jack. And it suddenly hit me that I was wiring the kobiconn jack...
  25. dmunky

    HOLY SMOKE! DT 770 Pro/80

    Like a1rocketpilot, I have the DT770/80 and HF-1, and find them to be a great combo to own. My main can is the HF-1, but sometimes you just want fun car subwoofer bass, and the DT770 has them, and then some.