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  1. Deep Funk

    The Beyerdynamic DT250 Thread

    Quote: Sony headphones, especially MDR V-series and 750x-series can be very hit or miss.   My first headphone was a V6. Ever since spikey sounding headphones are big no no. The CD900 ST is more recommendable. Open headphones with a hint of extra treble are okay.
  2. Deep Funk

    AKG K3003 High End 3 Way System Headphone

    How does this K3003 relate to the vintage AKGs?   AKGs reputation is founded on the fact that their older AKG had a certain sound signature. As such my K500 stays in my stable of headphones.  
  3. Deep Funk

    Reply to review by 'deep funk' on item 'Beats Pro High-Performance Headphones'

    That's up to you. This headphone is better for neck exercises than sound if you ask me...
  4. Deep Funk

    Reply to review by 'deep funk' on item 'Beats Pro High-Performance Headphones'

    The plastic M50 is a better buy. I fear you pay for branding and materials... At least this monstrosity isn't trash level.
  5. Deep Funk

    AKG "K267 TIËSTO" - Discussion, Impressions & Review Thread

    Quote: A bit too steep if you ask me. Even the Amperior now seems more value for money compared to the K267 and the Amperior is a nice sounding headphone...
  6. Deep Funk

    Vintage Pioneer thread

    They are for sale, and ad will follow...
  7. Deep Funk

    You decide Head-Fi.

    Ever tried an equalizer?
  8. Deep Funk

    Dutch/Belgian November 2012 meet

    I won't make it, sorry. My schedule is too busy...
  9. Deep Funk

    Do you think audiophiles have a much deeper appreciation of music than the general public?

    Quote: Yup.   I'm more of a music lover than an audiophile. Too many things just eat space...
  10. Deep Funk

    History of the AKG K1000?

    X2!   I loved the K240 DFs. Even Blackmore is back for this thread ...
  11. Deep Funk

    Reply to review by 'deep funk' on item 'Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350'

    Keep both, the HD25 for popular music in general and the DT1350 for Jazz, Instrumental music etcetera. The DT1350 is quite versatile but sounds less 'fun' than than the HD25 for certain genres like Rock, EDM and Pop...
  12. Deep Funk

    Best AKG bass response?

    K81 for mostly bass, K181 for bass, mids and highs...
  13. Deep Funk

    Dutch Meet

    A list of everyone interested should help to start the organisation of this meet a bit, who's interested?
  14. Deep Funk

    HD650s for University?

    HD25 or Amperior?    If you can find a good HD250 Linear check it out. 
  15. Deep Funk

    Lee Perry & The Orb.

    I'm curious. 
  16. Deep Funk

    New Beyer DT1350

    The PX200-II sounds better than you would expect given its size and function...
  17. Deep Funk

    New Beyer DT1350

    I considered both but especially the Amperior is too expensive for what it does well. For me it's a refined HD25 but if that's all the improvement you get even PX200-II is more value for money. I recently bought a second PX200-II for personal use and for what it does well I can't fault it at all. 
  18. Deep Funk

    Powering SONY MDR V-6 ...Fiio E17 not cutting it!

    Watch out with the volume too. Too loud and the ears will feel it...
  19. Deep Funk

    Most under-rated headphones...

    Quote: The SBC HP1000 is a mid-Fi gem. With a bit of amplification it opens up and you suddenly wonder why people don't mention this headphone more often. I recently found the SHP9000, Philips knows a thing or two about good sound...   The CD900ST, very impressive for what it can do.
  20. Deep Funk

    B&W P5 headphones vs old Sony MDR CD1700

    I have a stock CD1700 that is out of use with mint ear pads. It first belonged to Tiemen. I don't have a real idea how much it is worth but if you want a spare CD1700 just PM me.    P.S. I am serious.
  21. Deep Funk

    Headphones that sound better than beats solo for $50 or under

    AKG K81/518 with inner foams removed.   PX100 (No isolation, big bass and very fun sounding.   Portapro (No isolation.)   Philips SHP6000 (A bit of isolation, sounds better than you expect and looks more expensive than you think.)   Philips SHP5401 (Just search it, it's a little...
  22. Deep Funk

    Most natural sounding headphones

    AKG's K400, AKG-magic is the right word for it...
  23. Deep Funk

    Best portable Headphones out there...

    When you have money to spare K181, DT1350, HD25 and Amperior are nice and each headphone has its own sonic presentation.    If I had to go cheap: Portapro or PX200 II.   If I had some money: DT1350, maybe Amperior (although I would replace the cable) and maybe a gamble for the LP2.   ...