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    The Audeze LCD-2 Ortho thread (New)

    My pair LCD2 fell from 1 meter on the carpet. Do you think guys, could not happen something to drivers or damping? Thanks
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    Dispre 2 JFET

    Hello, I am interested if someone have experience with this diy hp/pre amp here..? It is quite popular close to my country.  
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    Best looking tube amp

    I like the look of the PrimaLuna it is beautiful    
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    Nearfield desktop setup

    Be careful on classical Adam's, Dynaudio's, ATC, Genelec, PMC, APS, KRK etc. Don't buy it blindly. Important thing is on these smaller nearfields it is not big sound, you have to find one which will suit their tonal character to you which is not easy find. For price I would recomend you Swans...
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    Opinions on GS1000i, PS1000, MS Ulti and Magnum v4 Ulti?

    I would like to get some opinions here if there is some owners who had chance try them.
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    Holy Grail of Head-fi Amps - Isabellina HPA?

    Uncle Erik you have sometimes strange suggestions but of course this hobby is subjective so take my reply with great of sald. I can say that Nelson Pass stuffs is only self-styled highend because of price! My opinion is it is coloured and after time I had to really sold it. And from what I know...
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    Help! I'm frozen between the Red Wine Isabellina HPA, and the Cavalli Liquid Fire

            Quote:   What is the reason? Just interesting more info.
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    Audio-gd Reference 7 Loaner Program (USA)

    Again the main disadvantage of the Sabre chips. it has firmly implemented ASRC which does not go off and it is for DACs which have the opportunity to have a quality clock a big disadvantage. Sabre reducing jitter of course but not eliminate completely because there are still running ASRC. In mid...
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    The Vintage Dac & CD Player List/Review Thread

    Great thread computerparts thanks! A little bit of topic what do you think guys about ESS Sabre 32? I have never heard one with this chip, I believe if it is good implemented it is probably something see many positive feedback.  But the main disadvantage of the ESS Sabre 32 is that it has...
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    Audio-gd Reference 7 Loaner Program (USA)

    sokolov91 I do not know what you are talking about and do not know what you are trying.  Firstly I have never heard Audio-gd dacs. Second my opinion about R2R and Sigma Delta or overal about chips is simple according to my experience. No matter much what chip is used If Dac is well designed...
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    Audio-gd Reference 7 Loaner Program (USA)

    Experience are important and I think it is the main problem here not much comparisons only a big talking about Audio-gd. I will not say what is the best or better dac (it is too much subjective words) but definitely one of the best dac these days is Forssell MDAC-2/MADA-2 no matter on price...
  12. not_sure

    Audeze LCD-2 Orthos

      Maybe a little stupid question but Achristilaw do you prefer LCD-2 over JH13? I am not a big fun of iem's but I have finded JH13 suprisingly more real sounding than most of the full-size dynamic headphones.
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    Best HD800 Amp

    I heard a lot of about special synergy HD800 with Leben CS300 but this is sure very expensive amp. On the other hand it is even quality integrated amp and it is plus.
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    HE-5..initial musings

    I didnt mean it bad MikePio one day sure you will have acceptable source at home so you will convince personally about it. My experience is good cd player or good soundcard or good soundcard as transport for dac via digital is base for good sound. I have iMac at home so I can tell you it is...
  15. not_sure

    AMP >= Pheonix

    Quote: Originally Posted by IPodPJ Agreed. For the price you won't find an amp that rivals the Phoenix. Sorry I dont have too much experience with dacs and amps like you but I am interested what amps did you hear? There is many good amps which are unknown to headfi and are for...
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    IC: GS1000/RS1/HE-5 Comparison?

    Every review is interesting and everybody have own opinion so of course do it. But be assured that your source is not capable partner for this type of headphones. Many Grado owner say there are not hard to drive, yes they are less than others but I disagree with it I finded almost all headphones...
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    What amp/s do YOU use for your Grado GS1000/i?

    Nice to see that many Grado lovers love Carry Xciter line with it but as regards price it isn't achievable for normal people
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    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    Awesome video. I think we can enjoy what we have, you never know what will be tomorrow becose this technology increases going to destroy our world someday. We dont care good about our planet for example evidence is melting glaciers it is a big problem if ocean will have more normal water than...
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    Is jh13 worth upgrade from um3x?

    You have right of course due to this fact i will never selling my um3x probably. But most of you guys describe jh13 as competitor even for the best full size headphone out there and um3x not. So according to this fact there have to be a huge improvement in sound over um3x, isn't it? I still...
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    Is jh13 worth upgrade from um3x?

    Ok. Again I ask people who own both um3x and jh13 for more comparison, I know you are there for example quasp, hpa and sure many other members. I finded um3x with shure olives to be perfect. It is just wonderful experience always wow factor with almost everything what I listen and it is right...
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    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    Definitely good to know what you prefer. Experience based on a couple of hours at meet + different time with different source you must have pretty good memory On the other hand nothing against 13Pro.
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    gs1000 vs hf2?

    Quote: Originally Posted by MD1032 I think my main issue with the production GS-1k's is that they just have extremely strident, almost shrill highs with sucked out mids. Just way, way too bright overall... completely unrealistic, in my opinion. If you heard this then I think...
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    How play amp3 with um3X, is it notably improvement than sansa clip? There are a few songs with clip that volume is very high even on 1volume, um3x are very loud. Is it the same with amp3? New versions will have noise fixed etc so amp3 seems to be very fine source.
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    Is jh13 worth upgrade from um3x?

    Quote: Originally Posted by music_4321 Perhaps you shouldn't have mentioned the price in the first place? perhabs, it was only small example sorry my bad. I couldnt know that we will anatomize price difference Anyway good to know that it is very expensive.
  25. not_sure

    Is jh13 worth upgrade from um3x?

    please let go price for me is not problem sell um3x for even better price than i I bought them in my country...