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  1. Firestarter

    Beyerdynamic DT880 - Would you consider them Neutral?

    No I would not. The highs that the DT 880's have are definitely emphasized compared to other headphones. Instead of neutral, I'd call it a very revealing headphone. The HD 595's I have are noticeably less revealing (although not necessarily less forgiving) but more neutral than the DT 880's...
  2. Firestarter

    Meier Corda Move details released

    sounds like the perfect match for my HD-595's ..
  3. Firestarter

    Meier Corda Move details released

    Quote: Originally Posted by EnOYiN My amp already has that power socket on the back since I made my own casing. I never got round to actually changing the place of the USB from the front to the back, but I wanted to for a while. Arg. I am not going to buy the Move. It sure does look...
  4. Firestarter

    Mini Meet Maastricht June the 3rd 2007

    Quote: Originally Posted by thrillmetoo HD25-1 are really nice, though they seem to be getting mixed reviews. They sound mature and block out sound nicely. It’s a real pity I don’t really like supra-aural cans, though I use my PX200 on a regular basis.[/FONT][/SIZE] nice to see...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by EnOYiN Let hope and pray that it won't be better than the Porta Corda MkIII USB, but I am fearing the worst. well if it is, you can always sell it to me
  6. Firestarter

    Mini Meet Maastricht June the 3rd 2007

    Thank you all for a wonderful meet! There were great people to meet, great headphones to try and lovely foodstuffs to eat
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    Sennheiser advice: upgrade PX100!

    although the sennheiser HD 202's are decent for their price, they are nowhere near as good as your px-100's! if you're looking at closed headphones with a sound quality comparable or better than your px-100's, then the AKG K81 DJ's are really a bargain that you should consider. i have similar...
  8. Firestarter

    just received a very weird pair of HD25's....

    you should try measuring the ohmage of this headphone. the cable is probably a 25-13 cable, and if the headphone measure at 600ohm, you bought a pair of 25-13's.
  9. Firestarter

    Senn HD-555

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ace o' Spades Thans for the prompt replies! I just found Headrooms excellent discout on the HD555 and that sealed it. One more question though... Are these headphones even suitable for rock? suitable yes, but not perfect. it's one of the things that...
  10. Firestarter

    Need recommendation for ipod nano phones

    a very popular 'fullsize' portable headphone here is the AKG K81, you might want to stretch your budget just a little bit to get those headphones. they offer pretty much everything you'd want from a portable headphone for a very reasonable price
  11. Firestarter

    HD595 "cold", "harsh", "odd bass"?

    listening to SOAD with my 595's right now, plenty of weight to the guitars, plenty of kick on the drums, plenty of attack on the snare, plenty of extention on the hihats. No complaints heter depending on the quality of the record, the cymbals/hihats can be a bit gritty though
  12. Firestarter

    Portable phones to replace my KSC-75s

    if you don't mind a somewhat bulky connector, you could always cut the broken plug off and solder a new one on
  13. Firestarter

    I'm taking my HF1 to work...and need advice

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zorander You don't go to the toilet? who says you can't have headphones on while you're on the can?
  14. Firestarter

    Any success in converting?

    converterd my sister (bought my 555's), 2 friends (one bought my 497's, the other went cheap and got 202's) and my girlfriend, who thought the px100's were 'cute' and correctly identified my 25-1's as 'headphones made for Arch Enemy' that's a lot of sennheisers
  15. Firestarter

    The secret of Synergy?

    i most often see people refer to synergy as achieved with option B, but taking the B route doesn't necessarily guarantee synergy
  16. Firestarter

    Are you a "impact" or "detail" guy/gal?

    depends on the record. most music sounds great with my 595's, but sometimes i find them lacking a bit of punch, the punch that my hd 25-1's never fail to deliver. then again, my 25-1's tend to make delicate records sound .. well not so delicate. as for metal, i mostly prefer the 25-1's for that...
  17. Firestarter

    What Music Makes Your Cans "Disappear"?

    I completely agree, I also think it largely depends on the recording. Heck, I've even had the 25-1's disappear from my head!
  18. Firestarter

    Have you ever dreamed about headphones?

    To my amazement, when I woke up this morning I realized that the last thing I was dreaming about was listening to one particular pair of headphones: the AKG K501's. I've never even seen these, but I remembered being astounded by the fact that I heard bass! Am I losing it? Should I lock my...
  19. Firestarter

    The Final Step

    Quote: Originally Posted by seanohue Ok, anymore input? yes, the 595's you mentioned don't necessarily have more bass than the 555's, but the bass is more refined and punchier. the highs are also somewhat more pronounced which will give you the impression that they're less bassy...
  20. Firestarter

    Solid Headphones for Vocals Monitoring?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kheric Keep up the great information! I'll have a ton to read when I get home tonight!! Good luck finding the ideal headphones for your fiance! Don't worry if you feel overwhelmed by our recommendations or the reviews you read, if a headphone gets...
  21. Firestarter

    Solid Headphones for Vocals Monitoring?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kheric Firestarter, the Senn HD 25-SP might also work I'll see if I can find dimensions or something. the cups of my 25-1's have a diameter of about 6.5 cm (or 2.5"), the 25SP's are the same size if i'm not mistaken. I don't think the size of her ears...
  22. Firestarter

    Solid Headphones for Vocals Monitoring?

    Well if she needs maximum isolation and durability, without using IEM's, the Sennheiser HD 25-1's and the cheaper 25SP's are solid choices. The new AKG K81 DJ's offer similar qualities at a lower pricepoint at the cost of less isolation. The Sennheiser's have a somewhat 'industrial' look, the...
  23. Firestarter

    So i'm considering buying Sennheiser HD 25-1

    i use my 25-1's regularly. compared to my 595's, they're more 'fun' for metal, as the music has more impact with them. the comfort sort of a hit or miss i guess. they really press on your ears, but after 10 minutes they tend to disappear from my head and get very comfortable. after an hour or...
  24. Firestarter


    the 595 is my headphone wife: sweet and delicate, and she welcomes me home with the loving embrace of a cup of coffee in a heated room with a blanket. little does she know that I've been rocking out with my HD 25-1 all day, the two of us being little more than island of rock in a sea of...
  25. Firestarter

    Oh dear...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik Also, am I the only one who thinks Samsung is underrated on there? I've had very good experiences with their products. samsung has great products