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  1. Focal Elex

    Like new condition. Original box and cables. Extra set of pads. $425. No trades.
  2. ColtMrFire

    Feedback by 'ColtMrFire' on listing 'HD8XX/800S'

    Buyer was great, fast payment.
  3. HD8XX/800S

  4. ColtMrFire

    Schiit Gungnir DAC

    I've heard and/or owned them all. Gungnir Multibit has the most extended top end of those DACs.
  5. HD6XX

    Like new HD6XX, only had a couple of months. Besides a bit of lint on the pads, they are fresh. Comes with stock cable, manual and original box. Price includes paypal and shipping costs.
  6. Bifrost 2 (black)

    Not sure which owner, but comes with original box, manual and remote. $475. Buyer pays shipping and paypal fee.
  7. Morrow Audio DIG-3 spdif cable

    1 meter length. No original package. $65 shipped.
  8. ColtMrFire

    Feedback by 'ColtMrFire' on listing 'schiit bifrost 2 black'

    Seller was great to deal with, would do business again.
  9. Gungnir multibit A2 w/unison

    PM me.
  10. ColtMrFire

    Feedback by 'ColtMrFire' on listing 'Eddie Current Zana Deux SE (with extra tube)'

    This guy is absolutely amazing to deal with. Would do business again in a heartbeat.
  11. FS: Morrow Audio MAP2 Power cord

    Up for sale is a great power cord from Morrow Audio, the MAP2. I've had it for years so it's fully broken in. Price is $100 shipped.
  12. Schiit Lyr 3 + extra tube

    Like new condition. Includes power cord, stock JJ tube, plus NOS Tung Sol tube. Does not include original manual or box but will be well packaged. Manual can be found online. $400 all in/shipped. No trades.
  13. Schiit Bifrost 2

    Like new condition. Includes remote, power cord but no manual (manual can be found online). $550 all in/shipped.
  14. Focal Elex

    First owner. Headphone is a few months old. Pads and headband in excellent shape. Comes with original box, cables and accessories. $449 plus shipping and paypal fees. No trades.
  15. Sennheiser HD650 (modded)

    The modded HD650 is better than the stock version. Just do an online inquiry and you get plenty of reviews. Includes both 1/4 and balanced XLR stock cables. Pads and headband are in good shape. Includes foam with quarter mod and normal foam, as well as original box (but not the slip cover)...
  16. Wanted: Gungnir multibit A1 or A2

    A2 version. PM me.
  17. ColtMrFire

    My youtube channel for movie fans

    Eyes Wide Shut is as enigmatic today as it was at the turn of the century. Kubrick's final statement is a cautionary tale about the dangers of infidelity and the dreamlike spells we cast over ourselves when we allow our minds to wander and disconnect from reality.
  18. ColtMrFire

    My youtube channel for movie fans

    Spotting plot holes seemed to emerge from the "gotcha" culture of the internet in the new millennium, and The Dark Knight was one its biggest targets. In this video I go over the phenomenon of the plot hole and whether or not it matters in cinema.
  19. ColtMrFire

    My youtube channel for movie fans

    Very proud to have hit 1K subscribers on my youtube channel. Many thanks to all who continue to support. Today it's all about the movie that had alot to do with inventing the mullet. The Lost Boys.
  20. ColtMrFire

    My youtube channel for movie fans

    Turns out disaster movies are more than just mindless spectacle and eye candy. They are a window into our psyche as a species. Let's dive into what makes disaster movies so compelling.
  21. ColtMrFire

    My youtube channel for movie fans

    Contact is one of those movies I never get tired of watching. Besides being part of the first wave of DVDs in the format's infancy (and one of the first I bought), it's a fascinating look into the "what if" scenario of contact with an alien species. And Zemeckis does an amazing job mixing a...
  22. ColtMrFire

    My youtube channel for movie fans

    Cobra Kai brought alot of people around to the awesomeness of The Karate Kid. But our culture's current love affair with anti-heroes makes Daniel LaRusso stand out as part of a seeming bygone era of cinematic heroism. PLEASE NOTE THAT NEW VIDEOS WILL NOW RELEASE FRIDAY INSTEAD OF WEDNESDAY.
  23. ColtMrFire

    My youtube channel for movie fans

    Who knew zombies were more than just moaning, flesh eating monsters? In my latest video I explore what it is about the zombie phenomenon that hits so deep, and tells us more about ourselves than any daytime soap ever could.