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    Burn-in Naysayers:

    While I do appreciate the responses it does seem that everyone has based their opinion on "what feels right to them", that is, what they feel to make the most sense... What I was really hoping for were some facts pointing in one direction or another, but I guess that's something of a rarity on...
  2. MatchFire

    Rio Chiba

    My friend has an old broken rio chiba laying around. anyone have any idea if this thing is worth tinkering around with and trying to fix? specs: 128 MB Rio Chiba MP3 Player specs and MP3 player specifications - CNET Reviews
  3. MatchFire

    "The white inner-ear earphones for iPods...

    ...are all solely manufactured by Fostex." Fostex - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia orly? wikipedia madness or truth?
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    Just listened to some Fostex T50RPs today... WOW!

    Quote: Originally Posted by runswithaliens I am currently listening to my new pair of T50RPs. Thanks a bunch to the OP of this thread for cluing me in to these headphones. I had been looking for several months now for a new pair but couldn't decide until I read about these, then I knew...
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    Klipsch S4 - Big problem

    Well I burned em for well over 100 hours and they did really start to sound great. However, the awful sibilance @ 7k was still present and in all reality not too much improved. I think its just some one in a million combination with my ears and this phone. Painful and very distracting, so as...
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    What is the best Led Zeppelin album?

    Quote: Originally Posted by roadtonowhere08 I only listen to I on a regular basis. That album has two of my favorite songs from them: Dazed and Confused and Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Hell yeah man, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You is my second fav Zep song...
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    What is the best Led Zeppelin album?

    IV. That album is really a masterpiece. (And 'When the Levee Breaks' is my fav zep song...)
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    Unpopular/Uncommon Musical Opinions

    With the exception of a few choice songs, John Lennon's solo work was very unimpressive.
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    What is your Birth Year Album

    Quote: Originally Posted by seanwookie Try to beat this. Good choice for '89, but my pick: Also not a bad choice: Haha... on a side note, first post!
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