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  1. echoleaf

    Recommended tips for Beats Fit Pros?

    I've never been a fan of companies like Bose or Beats, whose marketing was better than their audio quality. But I'm the same age as Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon and I'm too old for this ... stuff. And Verizon gave them to me for free and they will solve one problem for me: easily switching between...
  2. echoleaf

    Is it expected that memory foam tips will tamp down the highs?

    I'm sorry, I didn't receive a notification for this. I bought Symbio Fs and and they were MUCH better. No treble attenuation & comfy overall. I just got the Beats Fits Pros (they were free, I couldn't turn them down) and need to see if the Symbios will work with them.
  3. echoleaf

    Need recs for relatively flat phones under $100

    It came down to the AKG K371 & the new Rode NTH-100. The AKG won because my eldest had the K361, which I gave a good long listen to yesterday and loved - analytical but still enjoyable. The low end was not as prominent as my old ATH-m40fs, which is what I imagine the m50x is similar too. The...
  4. echoleaf

    Need recs for relatively flat phones under $100

    Thanks, I'll add them to list!
  5. echoleaf

    Need recs for relatively flat phones under $100

    I started dabbling with making beats again. I don’t have any studio monitors, nor do I plan on getting a pair anytime soon. I need some recs for a solid pair of headphones for under $100. I’m not making music for anyone but myself, so they don’t need to be the most accurate phones ever. But I...
  6. echoleaf

    Sennheiser HD1 Over-Ear Review

    I see this still available on Amazon for $79. Does the mic only work with the cable, or does the cable just provide controls? (ie is the mic built into the 'phones)
  7. echoleaf

    How do you know which eartip size is right?

    What I'm finding from the stock tips I have is that medium does a much better job of blocking out external noise, which I presume indicates a better fit. But it gets achy. The small tips don't fit as well and will slide out if I move a lot, so it sounds like Medium is better. I ordered some...
  8. echoleaf

    Review by 'echoleaf' on item 'Panasonic RZ-S500W'

    I just got these yesterday as it's been a bit too hot in my office (upstairs, no insulation, Florida - warm with AC & fans) to wear my Sennheiser 4.50 BTNCs. I was honestly tempted by Sennheiser's CX True's but were they really worth $50 more? Maybe - or probably, as I like the sound of my...
  9. echoleaf

    Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

    What did you replace the stock Panasonic tips with?
  10. echoleaf

    How do you know which eartip size is right?

    The stock silicone tips that came with the Panasonic RZ-S500W are throwing me for a bit of a loop. The mediums get uncomfortable & achy after 15 minutes or so. The smalls are much better but they fall out after a bit. I want to get aftermarket tips - would I get medium or small?
  11. echoleaf

    Wireless headphones for bedtime television

    Thanks Taz! How snug are they on the ears? I'm considering a pair for my wife, who hates over-ears that are tight.
  12. echoleaf

    Any options in this category with flat response under $100?

    Thanks.  There's so much more info online than there was when I bought the M40fs years back!
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