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  1. kmhaynes

    Feedback by 'kmhaynes' on listing 'SOLD! Campfire Audio Polaris II'

    Great buyer, good communication, payment, etc.
  2. kmhaynes

    Feedback by 'kmhaynes' on listing 'SOLD! Kinera Norn'

    He lives in Siapan, Pacific ocean, so glad to help him out selling him an IEM.
  3. kmhaynes

    Comment by 'kmhaynes' on listing 'SOLD! Campfire Audio Polaris II'

    Gary, invoice sent for 180. I just paid 200 for them 1 month ago, and will lose PayPal fee and shipping, so I'm meeting you half way. Hope that's doable for you.
  4. kmhaynes

    What's the actual difference in IEM's and typical earbuds?

    In Ear Monitors sit in the outer ear but "plug up" the ear canal with a rubber / foam / silicone eartip, creating a closed space in the ear canal for bass reproduction and some degree of isolation from outside sounds. IEMs can use dynamic, balanced armature, planar, and EST drivers. Traditional...
  5. kmhaynes

    Beyerdynamic Xelento!

    So I have the OH10, and despite it's lower price, it has been my baseline IEM for about 2 years now. I've bought and sold several more expensive IEMs (see my sig line!) in search of the one that I can live with along with the OH10, so that I can use the OH10 as my "beater" IEM for traveling...
  6. SOLD! Campfire Audio Polaris II

    The Polaris II is the predecessor to the Mammoth, and is a bass monster with excellent rich mids and just a touch of treble. I would call them dark without treble EQ boost. I was shocked at the power of the sound from such tiny little beasts! They would make great workout phones. This...
  7. kmhaynes

    Comment by 'kmhaynes' on listing 'MoonDrop Variations'

    I’ll take them, PM sent.
  8. kmhaynes

    Comment by 'kmhaynes' on listing 'Moondrop Variation PM for more photos'

    You do, But at least show courtesy by responding to people when they ask about your own ad. Otherwise, you will earn a reputation as being rude, and you will be in violation of Head-Fi policies. Classified listings are not like forum conversation threads where can choose not to reply.
  9. kmhaynes

    Feedback by 'kmhaynes' on listing 'Campfire Audio Polaris II (B-stock, used, in 'good' condition)'

    Daniel wad a pro seller, great communication, packed the IEMs super well. Don't hesitate to work with him@
  10. kmhaynes

    LG V60 ThinQ smartphone

    I used LG phones for several years b/c of the built-in audio, until I had to switch to Verizon and they don’t support LG. I use a Samsung S21 with Poweramp player and Usb-c Dac dongle for great sound. PowerAmp has a great EQ that doesn’t distort. I also have a couple of sub-$100 portable amps...
  11. kmhaynes

    Comment by 'kmhaynes' on listing 'Campfire Ara'

    Cable is pictured, so is it included?? Why in Andromeda box and not Ara box? Tips?
  12. SOLD! Kinera Norn

    SOLD! Excellent condition Kinera Norn. 2nd owner, bought here Aug 2022. Pampered and baby'd, non-smoker. Comes with original box and all accessories. 2.5mm jack, with 3.5 and 4.4 adaptors. Super soft nice cable. Tips are unused, I use my own. Very balanced, cohesive sound, just enough energy...
  13. kmhaynes

    The PENON official thread

    Love the bold coloring!
  14. kmhaynes

    The discovery thread!

    Really nice looking -- they look a bit like the multi-faceted face of the Ikko OH10. I assume they are fairly heavy, being all metal body??
  15. kmhaynes

    Yanyin Discussion thread

    Still waiting to receive the replacement Norn from Kinera -- 3 weeks for returned units to get there, 3 more for new ones, I assume, for new ones to arrive. Still planning to give a brief comparison of the 2 when the Norn arrives. I'm enjoying the Canon, but I still remember the Norn as...
  16. kmhaynes

    Yanyin Discussion thread

    @Norm5958 and @alex24rus -- you guys please take your arguing off-line. This is a public forum for discussing In-Ear Monitors, and for you to air your grievances with one another. Thank you.
  17. kmhaynes

    ikko OH10

    If you wear a 1980's headband, they will probably stay in -- they are heavy and will likely slip out after 2-3 jumps with rope!
  18. kmhaynes

    Yanyin Discussion thread

    Penon audio had them for sale for 11.11, so I grabbed a set and they arrived a couple days ago. I'm also waiting on my replacement Kinera Norns to arrive to compare them with the Canons. The Norn was a real revelation to me, so clear and revealing. The Canon has a power to it that I'm...
  19. kmhaynes

    Reply to review by 'kmhaynes' on item 'Softears Turii Ti'

    Wow, $2500 for a single DD IEM. Way out of my league, but would love to hear how much better it is than my couple of $1-400 IEM's!
  20. kmhaynes

    Yanyin Discussion thread

    AliExpress has some 11.11 deals already in effect.
  21. ISO: Yanyin Canon

    Looking for a Yanyin Canon in the USA in clean condition. PM if you have one to sell. Thx.
  22. kmhaynes

    with all the differnt names which headfi reviews apply to these?

    Amazon's review tracking system is close to trash -- alot of reviews that don't match the products.