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    Goodhertz Audio plug-ins (CanOpener and Mid-Side)

    I'm a big fan of CanOpener myself, it's the best binaural software I've tried - subtle yet notable difference in soundstage perception without loss of details. Didn't like Midside though - vocals feel too distant with it and the little details are gone. The only gripe I have is that CanOpener...
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    2017 Audio Technica new flagship ATH-ADX5000

    Sooo... Audio-Technica sells it on domestic market but not globally? OMG... Anyway, thanks for the information?
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    2017 Audio Technica new flagship ATH-ADX5000

    Wow! I'm quite shocked there's no new posts since mine here. This headphone is a beast, did so few notice that? I got my Forza Noir MK2 cable and this is such an improvement in ergonomics versus the stock one! Pretty much perfect headphone for me now. Versatile, EXTREMELY technical and still...
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    Forza AudioWorks Impressions Thread

    Got my Noir HPC MK2 for Audio-Technica ADX5000 yesterday. There were some delays in e-mail interaction, but eventually all went well and the end result is glorious! Definitely an improvement over crappy stock cable both in terms of sound quality and especially ergonomics, very lightweight and...
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    Forza AudioWorks Impressions Thread

    Gosh, that's a LONG period of time! I have my cable ordered at 12th of Decemmer and he told me the last Friday that it's ready and should be sent the same day but no change of status of order and still no confirmation e-mail with some tracking information despite my 2 emails asking that. I...
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    Denon AH-D9200 - 2018 Flagship - Impressions Thread

    My W3000ANVs are not quite in stock form now (dekoni hybrid pads and furutech cable), but I’m hearing both w3000anv and adx5000 (which I own too) as “just right”, not overly bright or dark. But everyone hears differently :) I don’t hear th900 or hd800 as bright too. I haven’t heard other ATs so...
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    Denon AH-D9200 - 2018 Flagship - Impressions Thread

    I didn't find TH600/TH900 bright, but I listened to Fostex with my home gear and Denons with shop's Cayin stack. I guess my gear is just much smoother by itself.
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    Denon AH-D9200 - 2018 Flagship - Impressions Thread

    W3000ANV is the best closed-back I have ever heard, to my taste it’s better than D7200/TH900. Not sure about D9200, they are superb technically, but too bright sounding even for me. LCD-XC are interesting too, but way too heavy.
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    Forza AudioWorks Impressions Thread

    I know it’s hard to calculate, but what are the current approximate waiting times for new orders? Can I expect my order listed on 9th of December (#005035) to be sent before 2020? :)
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    2017 Audio Technica new flagship ATH-ADX5000

    Thanks for all the answers, guys! Very useful information.
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    2017 Audio Technica new flagship ATH-ADX5000

    Ok,thanks! Here's what I've got - (on the right) Doesn't look like A2DC to me, the outer contact is different
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    Wow! Sennheiser HD 540 Reference are so good.

    Hello fellow HD540 owners! I'm sorry if this topic was already discussed earlier here, but does anyone have some information about compatibility of different custom cables? I heard that non-Sennheiser made cables for HD600/650 may have problems with fitting headphone connectors into cups of...
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    iBasso SR1 semi open Headphone. Limited production.

    Based on photos, I cant' identify are those cups made of metal or plastic. Can someone clarify that?
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    Klipsch High End Over Ear-your input appreciated

    Yes, balanced cable would be great. I'm surprised there's not much hype about these HPs, they look very promising. Maybe finally someone can shake up the 1000$ market with headphones that both sound superb, feel and look superb and are reliable unlike many of the planars. I'm tired of this...
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    I just got it yesterday, I think it's pretty good and for the price it's a no-brainer. The sound is a bit on the brighter side, but it suits warm and bassy headphones like mine pretty well.
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    It's got to stop!

    I don't want to sound like an ass, but it's not only manufacturers' issue. For example, Hd600/650 are still quite good, they didn't become worse because of existence of HD800. It's just mentality of many audiophiles - "I want to have the BEST (and in most cases - the most expensive)"...
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    Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

    Thanks guys!
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    The Audio Technica W3000ANV Thread

    If anyone is interested, I have a pair of annies for sale:
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    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

        OMG, this EC Studio looks gorgeous!
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    Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    I don't know for sure, but I only found some information about this on Russian sites. If it's true - really strange decision from Fostex. TH900 are quite popular in my country - I think, even a bit more popular than here on the average, but... when I see something that's being selling in Russia...
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    Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Does anyone have information about black "limited edition" th900?   I found them being sold in Russia only, no info anywhere except Russian resources. It seems strange to me. But this piano black finish looks SICK.
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    My haphazard journey into turning a Sennheiser HD 800 into a HD 800S with the SuperDupont mod and Paint

    Oh, thanks, that helps. I think I can find some noname Chinese foam somewhere closer than US. :)   Will neoprene foam work?
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    My haphazard journey into turning a Sennheiser HD 800 into a HD 800S with the SuperDupont mod and Paint

    Where can I buy some Creatology foam sheets online in Europe or Great Britain? I have found it at US shops only, the shipping to me from US is very slow.
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    Audio-GD Master 9

    Don't have the opportunity to try another DAC now, but good advice, thanks. But I think using such volume values with "normal" DAC is dangerous to headphones :) Also, there wasn't any noise when I used HDVA600