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  1. zotjen

    Amazon launches Music HD with lossless streaming

    I just signed up for the Amazon Music HD trial (which is back down to 30 days) and I'll be doing a lot of comparisons to Spotify premium. Aside from Amazon being louder, my initial impression is that there is something that sounds a little different about it but I don't know if it is necessarily...
  2. zotjen

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    Wow, is this thread still active? I haven't been here in awhile and I've been poking around and I'm amazed at how many old threads are still going. I don't think I ever even posted in this thread and only remember posting in a watch forum I belong to. Anyway, I've been kind of sad since I...
  3. zotjen

    Westone 2nd gen UM Pro 10, UM Pro 20, UM Pro 30, and UM Pro 50 iems

    I also have the original W3 which I'm thinking of replacing (especially since the left shell cracked and broke and there's also another piece inside which has a crack). I think the B30 is overkill for what I need since I don't use Bluetooth. I also use full size headphones most of the time which...
  4. zotjen

    ToneKraft Headphone Cables

    Thanks for the input. I like the explanation behind their science that Audio Envy (who make ToneKraft) give on their website. I think I've narrowed it down between them and C3audio for my HD800 replacement cable.
  5. zotjen

    Best HD800 Upgrade?

    It's been ages since I posted here and I'm finally at the point where I'm ready to improve upon the sound of my Sennheiser HD800. Although I'm eventually planning on doing both, which would you do first - replace the ear pads or the stock cable? For the ear pads I'll be picking one of the...
  6. zotjen

    Cowon J3 Replacement

    After over five years, it appears my J3 is on its last leg. I'm looking for a replacement but having trouble finding what I want. Internal storage should be at least 32GB with additional storage via MicroSD. I prefer that it supports OGG as that is what a good portion of my files are in but it's...
  7. zotjen

    New Beyer DT1350

    No, that's just my personal opinion! I actually showed them to a co-worker this morning and she thought they looked fine on me. She did admit though that they look a little unusual compared to other cans, especially since the cups are small but stick out somewhat. There are also a lot of visible...
  8. zotjen

    New Beyer DT1350

    After over 10 years of listening, I'm trying to move away from IEM's for portable use. After lots of research, I narrowed my decision to the Senn Momentum and the DT1350, ultimately going with the DT1350. So far I have mixed feeling about them but that's probably because I've been so used to my...
  9. zotjen

    HD800 when not playing Classical, Jazz or Acoustic

    The only recordings I've found unsuitable for the HD800 are those that are bass heavy, i.e. the bass is already over-emphasized and dominates the recording.
  10. zotjen

    Some Impressions of the Swan M50W

    Quote:  Where are you getting this info from? There's nothing in the manual that indicates this. Plus, if you leave the power switch on all the time the LED on the volume wheel will always be on.
  11. zotjen

    Sennheiser HD 700: Officially Unveiled at CES 2012!

    As a proud and happy owner of the HD800 for over two years now, I'm wodering if these might be better for me only because they may pair better with my computer set up. Still, while I'd like to hear the HD700, I'm in no rush to replace the HD800.
  12. zotjen

    Page Back Issue With IE9

    Joe, I tried your suggestion and it worked initially but after I got about three or four pages in, the same thing happens.
  13. zotjen

    Page Back Issue With IE9

    Well, it seems to be every page including this one. If I hover over the page back button, it reads "Back to (Alt+Left)"
  14. zotjen

    Page Back Issue With IE9

    I don't know if this has been reported before but for the past couple of months I have not been able to use the Page Back button using IE9. Basically, nothing happens when I hit it. From what I can tell, Google Ads is the problem. For some reason, IE thinks every page visited on Head-Fi is...
  15. zotjen

    Cowon J3 Impressions Thread

    ^^^ This happens to me as well. The first few months I had the J3 it was fine. It seems to have started the first time I completely depleted the battery before recharging.
  16. zotjen

    Some Impressions of the Swan M50W

    After deciding I needed an upgrade for my computer speakers. I recently acquired the Swan M50W 2.1 speaker system. Prior to this I've probably only owned four different computer speakers, this over the past 18 years or so. I've had Altec Lansings, both 2.0 and 2.1, and most recently the...
  17. zotjen

    AT&T buying T-Mobile USA

    I've been a T-Mobile customer for years. The other day my sister-in-law mentioned she was thinking of switching from Verizon to T-Mobile. I told her it may not be a good idea because of the AT&T buyout and that there is a good chance I'm going to switch carriers when my contract is up next year...
  18. zotjen

    Grado Worksmanship Kind of Sucks

    ^^^^ If you're going to revive an old thread and make an accusatory statement like this the least you could do is provide a personal experience.
  19. zotjen

    E-MU: The End?

    It's possible that retailers were given advanced notice of the 0406 but E-MU doesn't want to officially release any info until all the details have been finalized and a release date has been set. Think of all the products that were announced here on Head-Fi but then were delayed and delayed or...
  20. zotjen

    Essence STX/ST Hi-Fi DSP mode

    While I usually leave it on as well, I really don't notice any difference when it's on or if I have everything turned off.
  21. zotjen

    AudioEngine A2 or A5?

    From the Audioengine website, here is the difference between the A5 and A2 auto-off function:     Quote:  
  22. zotjen

    Convince Me I Don't Need New Computer Speakers

    Thanks for the input. I actually pulled the trigger on the Swan M50W yesterday. I'll be sure to post some comments when I get them. They seem to be in pretty high demand as some dealers won't have them back in stock until the fall.
  23. zotjen

    wv ,ape convert to wav

    It should still be the same.
  24. zotjen

    flac cd rip-audiocd-flac cd rip-audiocd

    As long as you keep it lossless, it should.
  25. zotjen

    Convince Me I Don't Need New Computer Speakers

    Wall mounting is not an option. To re-iterate, I can't go much bigger than the A2's (we're talking like an inch or two).   Let's make it simple:     This one ?   Or this one?  ...