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  1. BoyNamedSue

    Comment by 'BoyNamedSue' on listing 'SOLD Abbas 2.3SE w/upgraded tube cap.'

    One of my biggest regrets in this hobby is backing out of deal for this exact unit, mostly due to rupture with previous seller. I backed out due to its esoteric design (never heard this exact unit), but luckily acquired a 2.2 since then, and I am a believer. The Abbas extracts emotions from...
  2. BoyNamedSue

    PS1000 Impressions Thread

    Been chasing old flagships and recently acquired a "hotrodded" PS1000 with shipido blocks and headband, and detachable cable to 4.4 balanced connector. The cable is very well-made and portable. My first impression: unpleasantly V-shaped, with sizzling hot treble and recessed mids. I heard all...
  3. BoyNamedSue

    For those of us with multiple headphones, which ones are you listening with now?

    Addicted to Sony Z1R, balanced, driven by WM1A firmware 3.00.
  4. BoyNamedSue

    Onkyo A800 – "MASTER CLASS"

    For vocals, I'm partial to electrostatics with tubes: HE60 and Jade 2's are some of favorites. For dynamics, I love the ATH-ESW10JPN and ES-R10. My preference leans towards coloration with a generous serving of euphonic sweetness, so my taste may not be for everyone.
  5. BoyNamedSue

    Onkyo A800 – "MASTER CLASS"

    @protoss, its awesome such a modestly priced headphone is your favorite, which is high praise given your extensive experience. It reminds me of a headfier who owned a he90, r10, qualia, utopia, 009, etc..., and their favorite was a grado ps1000. Just shows that personal preference is king. I...
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    Feedback by 'BoyNamedSue' on listing 'ZMF Ori Hybrid Pads'

    Great communication, fast shipment, and pads arrived like new. Highly recommended!
  7. BoyNamedSue

    Audio Technica ATH-L5000

    Yeah, 9k is very steep. Been eagerly waiting for this release and was wishfully hoping for 5k. Current pricing is unobtanium for mere mortals like myself, unless I sell most of my gear.
  8. BoyNamedSue

    Audio Technica ATH-L5000

    Super excited. Beautiful, and love the art. Been contemplating selling most of my gear and settling on a few special pieces to retire from this hobby with. If the sound is there, this definitely fits the bill. It may also be a worthwhile "investment" as the anniversary models have held their...
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    Comment by 'BoyNamedSue' on listing 'Audeze LCD-R + Schiit Jot A amp'

    Congrats on buyer! These are special. My favorite for vocals.
  10. BoyNamedSue

    CanJam SoCal 2022 Impressions Thread (September 17-18, 2022)

    Had a great time! My favorite setups, based on criteria of getting me lost in the music: 1. ZMF Atrium (Metrum Morpheus, Airmid OTL amp). Fun, engaging, musical, punchy, great staging, and natural. Noticeably more resolving than the Auteur and Aelous I have at home. Everything sounded good...
  11. BoyNamedSue

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    Turned off my desktop system to save power in lieu of heat wave here in Cali. No AC, no system, no problem! Seriously, the Aeolus off a DAP sounds so good, I don't miss my system at all.
  12. BoyNamedSue

    Audio-gd HE-9 MK2

    Have to respectfully disagree. When og yggy was all the rage, i had it in my system expecting it to be an upgrade to my m7 and nfb7, and both audiogd's beat it based on many nights of direct comparisons (even kept the yggy on for weeks to sound optimal). I am a dac head and now run M7 along...
  13. BoyNamedSue

    Vintage OG and Present Day TOTL Comparisons and Impressions Thread

    "Battle of the flagships 2?"...j/k. Number1sixerfan (and maybe Torq) may be in best position to take that mantle, but i think David mentioned that list took a toll on his health, so wouldn't wish that on Richard. Love the journey/impressions format though and wouldn't want that to change. All...
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    Feedback by 'BoyNamedSue' on listing 'Onkyo a800'

    Great communication, quick shipment, and item came in good condition and sound great!
  15. BoyNamedSue

    Feedback by 'BoyNamedSue' on listing 'Sold'

    Trusted headfier. Great communication, fast shipment and item in great condition. Buy with confidence!
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    Feedback by 'BoyNamedSue' on listing 'ZMF Aeolus LTD Cocobolo'

    Grateful Khaos sold me his treasured Aeolus. Great communication, fast shipment, and item arrived in like new condition. Highly recommended!
  17. BoyNamedSue

    Feedback by 'BoyNamedSue' on listing 'Plussound Micro series termination adapter XLR to 4.4 mm .'

    Great communication, fast shipment, and item arrived as described. Highly recommended!
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    Feedback by 'BoyNamedSue' on listing 'ZMF Auteur LTD Black Limba (Super Bundle)'

    Met locally for seamless transaction. Upstanding gentleman. Its great to have an awesome headfier so close by. Highly recommended!
  19. BoyNamedSue

    Feedback by 'BoyNamedSue' on listing 'Stax Sigma Pro'

    A true gentleman. Great communication. Will def do business again if given chance.
  20. BoyNamedSue

    ES-R10 closed back dynamic headphone Sony R10 Replica Discussion/Impressions

    @Mach3, congrats on #88. You have a quite a collection, so your praise for the ES-R10's speaks volume. Protoss has never strayed me wrong. I often consult him on my headphone purchases, and wish I had on ones I didn't and later regretted.
  21. BoyNamedSue

    Audio-Technica ATH-L3000 " The Legendary Leatherhead "

    IME, the w5000 are a very misunderstood headphone. Mahler ranking them last or near last in his battle of flagship didnt help. With the right amp pairing, they sound glorious. One of the best cans for jpop/kpop. Makes me wonder if they were tuned more for Asian audience/music. I was shocked to...
  22. BoyNamedSue

    Feedback by 'BoyNamedSue' on listing 'Cryo treated Silver Sonic 3ft RCA interconnect'

    Seller is true gentleman. Fast shipment and item arrived as described. Highly recommended!
  23. BoyNamedSue

    Feedback by 'BoyNamedSue' on listing 'Custom Glenn OTL - One of a kind Unicorn - ZMF Owners take note!'

    Feel so lucky that Mike chose to sell his one of a kind GOTL to me. The amp was shipped in the best packaging I have ever seen. The amp is a work of art, and will be treasured. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!