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  1. Aenemo

    ZMF Atrium - new open-back co-flagship

    These look great. I second guessed getting the Rose Gold and got brass instead, but after seeing these pictures in more realistic lighting I am reconsidering.
  2. Rosson RAD-0 #255

    Selling these Rosson RAD-0 . I picked these up here on Head-fi and I am the second owner. These are great headphones in great condition, though I didn't feel like the complimented my other headphones enough for me to justify keeping them. I am looking for $1900 shipped to Contus.
  3. Audeze LCD-4

    Selling a pair of Audeze LCD-4s that I picked up on AVExchange. Excellent headphones but they don't get much head time. These have a new head-strap and new ear pads. Includes Hart cable with 4 pin XLR termination, hard case, weird tiny white gloves. Asking for 2050 including paypal fees and...
  4. Aenemo

    TOTL disappointments

    Ya, the tuning is good but super boring macros. I am looking forward to these types of meta materials making it's way to other headphones, though might be a while since DCA has a Patent pending on the design.
  5. Thieaudio Monarch

    I'm selling a pair of Thieaudio Monarchs that I picked up from a fellow headfier. I am asking for $575 shipped. They are in good condition no dings or cracking. These do sound amazing, but I am getting out of the IEM game. The cable has a 2.5mm balanced termination and i have the accessories...
  6. DCA Stealth

    Selling the Dan Clark Stealth. Come with all of the original accessories, and is in Like New condition. The cable has a 1/4" termination. These are amazing sounding headphones, very technically impressive, and ultra clean. The Metamaterials are very impressive and do make these sound like open...
  7. Aenemo

    Feedback by 'Aenemo' on listing 'Thieaudio Monarch'

    Great seller. Shipped quickly and headphones were in excellent condition.
  8. Aenemo

    ZMF Verite Closed-New Closed Back ZMF Flagship.

    Idk I have been staring at my new stabilized headphones when I'm in meetings and can't listen to music.
  9. Aenemo

    ZMF Verite Closed-New Closed Back ZMF Flagship.

    They are mostly like a blue/aqua with some spots of like a golden orange. It doesn't really holograph like some others when moving them but I can get a vid of them.
  10. Aenemo

    Is 'slam'/'macrodynamics'/'impact' a real thing? (Outside of frequency response)

    I think so the fr is the frequency of the waves. But I think that slam/macrodynamic property has to do with how much air it's being pushed to achieve that frequency. I think generally it has to do with how much the diagram moves to achieve the frequency. So a driver moving 1nano-meter at 30hz...
  11. Aenemo

    ZMF Stabilized Release - Friday 9.3.21 at 6PM CST

    Yeah I am surprised that there is such high interest since this is such a high price. I think most of these people probably already have and love their VC and just want that aesthetic upgrade, which i guess might be several hundred people.
  12. Aenemo

    ZMF Verite Closed-New Closed Back ZMF Flagship.

    I was interested in the Atoll too but ended up with the Regil. All very beautiful headphones.
  13. Aenemo

    ZMF Verite Closed-New Closed Back ZMF Flagship.

    It's hard, but I think the no quick checkout and the captcha means it was fair. I knew my top 2 picks would go fast so I went with my third choice and was able to check out.
  14. Aenemo

    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

    I personally find the Sundaras a little too clinical for metal. If you could get a pair of fostex x00 they are V shaped and really engaging.
  15. Aenemo

    ZMF Aeolus Impressions thread

    Yeah those egg hifimans have absolutely 0 isolation from external sound.
  16. Aenemo

    Ampsandsound Kenzie/Mogwai Impressions

    Thanks for this indepth review. I'm just getting into tube rolling my Mogwai OG and i got the tung sol 6550 and tung sol 6SU7WGT based on your recommendation.
  17. Aenemo

    Comment by 'Aenemo' on listing 'ZMF Atticus'

    Since it wasn't mentioned these also have the magnesium chassis which are lighter.
  18. Aenemo

    Closed Phones! - Verite closed vs LCD XC - or .....

    I think the VCs aren't super portable and have a little bit of color to their tone which is amazing for listening but maybe not for mixing. Focals like a Stellia are a little bit more internal and come with a carrying case
  19. Aenemo

    ZMF Aeolus Impressions thread

    Is that a crack? What tubes do you run with the Aeolus?