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  1. WTB Beolab 5 or other newer Beolab

    I am looking for a pair of Beolab 5s or other Beolab of ALT generation or newer (excluding the 3, the 9, and perhaps 17 depending on price). Please let me know if you or anyone you know is selling. Thanks!
  2. Uberclocked

    Feedback by 'Uberclocked' on listing 'Oppo PM-1'

    Item was well packaged, just as described in the listing, seller had fantastic communication, fast shipping, a delight to deal with, highly recommended, A++!
  3. Sony triple comfort and long hybrid silicone rubber eartips in S and L size

    So I recently purchased a couple spare packs of the Sony triple comfort and long hybrid silicone eartips that are included with their wireless iems but I only use the medium size tips so I have 2 pairs each of the large and small sizes of both varieties lying around doing nothing. I would be...
  4. Audeze EL-8 Titanium

    For sale is an Audeze EL-8 Titanium in decent condition with some minor cosmetic wear from use. It comes with the 3.5mm cable, a 6.3mm adapter, and some documentation. I'm primarily looking for trades with other headphones or iems, though I'd also consider offers for a Sony E-mount lens or...
  5. Uberclocked

    Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

    For anyone still using these, I think I've managed to find a good way of attenuating the peak in the lower treble without negatively affecting the rest of the frequencies. A layer of micropore tape covering the entire nozzle combined with another one on top covering around 70% of the nozzle...
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    Feedback by 'Uberclocked' on listing 'SOLD: RHA CL2 Planar IEMs'

    Item was shipped out very quickly, well packaged, and just as described in the listing. Fantastic communication, and the seller thoroughly cleaned the iems before sending too. Highly recommended, A++!
  7. TH-600 cups/broken TH-600

    Hello, I am looking to buy a pair of TH-600 magnesium cups or a broken TH-600 with cups intact. Thanks!
  8. Uberclocked

    Cowon Plenue P1

    I'm on the latest 2.30 and have the delay to be quite small, but I think it's still there. Might just be my imagination, though. Anyways, if you're looking to get the Lotoo PAW Gold just for an increase in audio quality, I believe that money would be much better spent elsewhere.
  9. Uberclocked

    Cowon Plenue P1

    Hello, thanks for the reply! Do you mean that the 2.11 firmware has lower delay? Thanks! In regards to your question about getting the LPG, I feel that money spent on upgrading your headphones or speakers gives you much better value than spending it on a DAP unless you absolutely need a...
  10. Uberclocked

    HIFIMAN on Wood

    If anyone's confused to as why this thread exists, here's some context.  There was a Head-Fi thread (now locked) in the Summit-Fi forum on the unreleased Hifiman Editon 6.  Members were outraged at the price, Hifiman's product release schedule (i.e. releasing an unfinished product in the...
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    It's usually pretty obvious.  If a third party listing description looks suspicious or asks you to contact them outside of Amazon, it's fake. Here's an example:   $300.00 + $5.19 shipping + $0.00 estimated tax Used - Like New ~CONTACT BEFORE ORDER!! ^^ORDERS^(-AT*)...
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    Denon AH-7200

    No.  He explicitly stated that he needed isolation.   Don't just go around recommending whatever can just because you like it.  At least check if it best fits their needs first.
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    Reply to review by 'uberclocked' on item 'iFi Audio micro iDSD'

    Does it hiss with sensitive iems?  The Mojo has a small, albeit noticeable, amount of hiss with sensitive iems.
  14. Uberclocked

    Denon AH-7200

    Sorry, didn't mean for that to be offensive.  It's just that I thought that what I posted earlier was enough to be conclusive evidence that the D7200 was OEM'd by Fostex.  Anyways, we'll see just how well this can performs when it gets into the hands of some capable reviews (fingers crossed).
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    Denon AH-7200

    You're one of the most difficult people I've ever met.  Here're a few more sources, but not in English.  Use google translate:
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    [Review] Astell and Kern AK320 - Ramblings of a Young Old Fool.   Volume matching by ear alone isn't very reliable. abx volume matched blind testing using an spl meter on a short...
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    Reply to review by 'uberclocked' on item 'Audeze EL-8 Closed-Back'

    Gratz on voicing your opinion.  Most people just give everything 4-5 stars.
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    DUNU DN-2000J -- More Than Evolution?

    That's not how dampers work.  The treble would become even more present without the damper.
  19. Uberclocked

    [Review] Astell and Kern AK320 - Ramblings of a Young Old Fool.

    That's because the balanced is louder.
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    The HIFI-M8's street price isn't $500+, more around the ~$350 range.
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    Noble Audio - Introducing KATANA

    made =/= designed and based in That's like saying since Apple is based in the US, iPhones are made in the US.
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    Noble Audio - Introducing KATANA

    EDIT: That's SGD 1,700, which equates to ~$1262. Shhh... you don't want to get banned. Or invite the HUM lynch mob over.
  23. Uberclocked

    Noble Audio - Introducing KATANA

    Probably not. The black portion is textured like the tan portion. It also has indications that it's been cnc'd.