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  1. bigcat39

    Feedback by 'bigcat39' on listing 'Shanling UP5'

    Shipped promptly. Packed extremely well. The device is apparently brand new! All the factory packaging and accessories had the appearance of having never been opened. I am beyond impressed.
  2. bigcat39

    recommend a scope for this kind of audio work

    Wow, that really *is* a decent scope. Looks like a total clone of the Tek TPS series. I'd love to put it up against my calibrator and see how it does. BTW, I'm an electronics metrologist, any questions just PM me
  3. bigcat39

    Which soldering ion has the longest longevity?

    Buy yourself a used Metcal station from fleabay, I have one @ work that I have used daily for 10 years, nary a hitch. Plus, it is soooo comfy. Very worthwhile.
  4. bigcat39

    Headcode Case Source?

    Heh, I guess you are right, Nate. I'll try to post a pic tonight. And I am afraid that you are correct, Larry probably made the case from scratch
  5. bigcat39

    av710 and onboard ac97 on XP

    I just installed an AV-710, and I would like to use the onboard sound chip to run my speakers. I'm using Foobar2000. Unfortunatly, the AC97 doesn't show up in the Hardware profiles in XP. It is enabled in the BIOS. So, if possible, I would like to use both.
  6. bigcat39

    LME49710 vs OPA627s ?

    Hmmmm. I find opamps to be very much a matter of taste, However, there is no opamp that I know of that is faster than the OPA627. Speed being a virture and all. Looking at the specs, the slew rate of the OPA is more than twice as fast as the LME49710. I prize precision in a solid state amp...
  7. bigcat39

    Buying a digital multi meter

    OK, one more time.... By trade , I'm an electronics metrologist. Also a EE. I have calibrated thousands of multimeters. I am here to tell you, Cen-Tech meters, if filled with lead, make a DANDY rowboat anchor. You ppl that love 'em so much..... open one up. Look at the soldering job. Heck...
  8. bigcat39

    DMM for life?

    Yes, I am most certainly speaking of the older, unCarlyized 48 series. I have a 49G+, and it is miserable. Anyways..... The Agilent 34410 is the best bargain in benchtop meters in the world. I own 14 34401A, they are so stable I use one as a check standard for my 5720 calibration standard. STAY...
  9. bigcat39

    DMM for life?

    Quote: Originally Posted by NeilR I have bought several 10,000 count Wavetek meters off of Ebay for $15-$50. They are very good meters. They don't have the sex appeal of the Flukes but they are very well made. As a result they get very little bidding on ebay. Everybody is too busy...
  10. bigcat39

    Amp Recommendations for GRADO RS-1's

    Cary 300SEI with Grace Tubes. Oh. My. God.
  11. bigcat39

    Interesting reading.........

    Hmmmm...... I feel a design project coming
  12. bigcat39

    Mapleshade modded Scott LK-48-B

    Ok, pics are coming. Tmarshl, would you post some pics of yours? First impressions: this is very much a Sony loving amp. The soundstage is simply wide open. As this device has tone controls, I have done quite a bit of adjustment of the controls, and it really is a plus to have the controls. I...
  13. bigcat39

    This oscilliscope any good for audio?

    I agree with Tangent. "You get what you pay for" is very evident in test equipment. And, you get neat things like onscreen display of settings. I have sole access to a $50K Agilent DSO, so maybe I shouldn't talk....
  14. bigcat39

    Where to buy the OPA2107?

    Samples IMHO are hand picked perfect examples. That way, real engineers who need them to do our jobs get working chips. And I WILL get into the debate. Taking samples to just save a couple of bucks is immoral @ best. And it ruins it for those that need it to do their jobs.
  15. bigcat39

    What Power Supply for PPA battery charging?

    Well, my battery powered super maxed out ppa is nearing completion. I'm going to use a 12 cell AAA config, the calculator says 23.75V. Do I need a regulated switcher? Gawd, I hope not... this has been one expensive project! I was thinking of an open frame 24V switcher, just case it up. But if...
  16. bigcat39

    Balanced Stepped Attenuator 50k

    Nate, you are just too quick!
  17. bigcat39

    Balanced Stepped Attenuator 50k

    Just got one, a 50k ladder, from . 70 australian dollars shipped, matched within 0.1%, lovely build quality
  18. bigcat39

    what cd-player are you using?

    Cary 306/200 on the Headcode rig, Sony/ModWright 777ES on the tube one
  19. bigcat39

    Alright you nerds, guide me...

    Quote: Originally Posted by MINX3030 #1- what's the best affordable amp to go with these? #1a (stuuupid newbie question): can I use a headphone amp whilst listening to music on my iBook? #2- i've heard that the soundstage on these are somewhat lacking. does anyone have suggestions for...
  20. bigcat39

    What Headphone and Amp are you listening to right now?

    LaRocco DM Headcode --> Grado RS1-->Soundtrack to "Lost Boys"
  21. bigcat39

    announcement: longtime member smokey passes away

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sovkiller You will be really missed here dude, rest in peace smokey, and my condolences to all the family......BTW how old was he, and what happen to him, not trying to be nosy, but that take me for surprise, same as when tuberoller had that problem some time...
  22. bigcat39

    announcement: longtime member smokey passes away

    I am very sad to report the passing of longtime member and prolific poster smokey. John Hayes jr. of Fontana, CA passed away after a lengthy illness and disability on Dec. 1, 2005. I would like to say how important this forum and it's members were to John. I am his cousin. I had the sad duty...
  23. bigcat39

    Ok, what is electrical tape for?

    The true name of the stuff is "Vinyl friction tape". The adhesive is secondary to it's strechiness. It's made to be stretched around cables.
  24. bigcat39

    recommended inexpensive meter

    Well the 112 Fluke is a better instrument, but check this out..... Now THAT"S a DMM! Cheap too....