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    Grado Burn In

    I'm also very disappointed with the SR60i I bought a couple of weeks ago. It sounds like someone is singing through a pipe. Bass is too weak, and suprisingly threble is also rolled off. I'm returning these to the store I bought from.

    You know your HD580/600 are well amped when....

    The impedence peak of the HD650 may demand more power because it's in lower freqency range. In general, the power demand increases as the the frequency becomes lower. Just a thought, but I'm not 100% sure.

    Skullcandy is funny.

    I'm wondering what kind of tone control they have on the headphones. Some type of active device possibly with a built-in amp, or L-pad type of things? And I'm also curious how they put those huge 90mm driver and 40mm driver in the cup. 90mm is about 3.5 inches. You could even use this driver...

    sansa clip not loud enough with KSC75

    I have always thought it's not a good idea to run headphones at close to maximum level, because that may degrade the sound quality. But, I haven't notice any of that yet though. Maybe I just like to have some headroom.

    Grado Driver Replacement

    Yes, take a look inside the cup. If not, then you can buy a new driver.

    sansa clip not loud enough with KSC75

    Hi, I recently bought a sansa clip (4gb) and find it's not loud enough with KSC75. Well, just enough when I turn up the volume about 90% of its maximum even with the volume set to "high". I have c240 and don't usually turn it up more than 70% of its maximum. Is it normal, or something wrong...

    Replacing HD 580 Drivers

    Yes, you have to be very careful not to damage the driver. I put a heatsink on the driver side wire when I did the repair. You may need another person to hold the wires together when you're soldering. Oh, and don't forget to melt the insulating material before soldering. I did it with a lighter.

    Replacing HD 580 Drivers

    I think you can re-solder the thin wires. I did that once myself. So it's doable. Well, it depends on how badly it is snaped though.

    The best bang for buck headphone

    Another vote for KSC 75. I can't believe I only paid $14 for them. Look at the FR graph compared with SR60. It's not bad at all.
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    Monster Beats Solo ?

    I saw someone waring Shure SRH 440 outside today, and they looked pretty good for fullsize headphones unlike HD555 I had a while ago.
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    Monster Beats Solo ?

    I thought the Beats studio were better than the QC3 when I listened to them in Apple store. Although I prefered my KSC 75 of course. Here are some FR graphs from headroom.
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    Has anyone tried TEAC HP 102?

    I can get them for $20 loacally (craigslist). I think they are from 70s. Are they any good?
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    Vintage Headphone ID

    Wow, they look really vintage.
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    B&W Speaker Fans: Need a pair of headphones...

    I had an oppotunity to audition B&W 802 speakers at the local audio shop a couple of weeks ago. This was one of the series of events they held every thursday night for the last three weeks. People from the audio industry (Willson audio, B&W, Krell, McIntosh etc.) came to the event and presented...
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    Monster Beats Solo ?

    I have HD580 at home, and am very happy with them, too. I paid $150 for them about a year ago when a mint condition pair was available at
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    Monster Beats Solo ?

    I went to apple store yesterday, and tried them along with Bose headphones they had in the store. They are definitely not worth the price. They sounded a bit better when I tried them in Bestbuy, but when I tried them in the apple store with ipods, they sounded horrible. I couldn't believe...
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