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    HD800 - to be or not to be

    I haven't looked back since buying the HD800.  These things have a more speaker-like sound that trounces any other headphone I've put over (or in) my ears.  They improve dramatically with associated equipment upgrades, too.  I've always been a long time Sennheiser fan, and I am a serious amateur...
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    Perfect Bass Headphones for me? (SONGS INCLUDED)

    I had to dish out more than 4 grand in headphone gear before I had realistic speaker-like bass. My suggestion is just buy a pair of cheap low impedence cans and equalize them.
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    AD900 vs. dt880 vs. k601 (gaming)

    Save buying higher end DT8xx / AKG K6/7xx series headphones for when you have several grand in associated equipment... don't waste your money without the necessary associated equipment. Don't buy in little steps... save your money for the big time.
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    Sennheiser HD800: Spray Painted Plastic and the New Acid-Washed Jeans.

    Sir, may I retort (AKA Geek reads the first post in a thread for once): 10 Design Rules of Dieter Rams from Braun in the 60's: • Good design is innovative. ----I'd have to say that the HD800 ring driver is the most amazing innovation I've ever heard in a piece of audio equipment. No...
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    Why does the HD800 cause such polarizing opinions....

    The HD800 reveals the true quality of a lot of the gear out there, and on top of this even really REALLY good gear that's not basically tuned for the Sennheisers makes the headphones a bit colored. They sounded bad for me until every component reached a certain standard. A very unforgiving...
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    best cans for female vocals

    HD800s or HD600s for high end listening. The 600 especially emphasizes the female vocal range; the 800 has a more realistic sound but doesn't emphasize the range quite as much as HD600s. I'd stay away from the 650s if this is all you listen to, although they are probably fine. I'm also a huge...
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    HD800 + really big amp + DAC + EQ = head subwoofers?

    Bordins, Hit the nail on the head! The weak link in my setup was my source - I have high quality encodings, but a better DAC transformed the setup. I disagree about the HD800 sounding like HD650s - the 650s can't slam below 35hz very well, and simply make farting sounds and distortion when...
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    Who here tried the Sennheiser Orpheus?

    The orpheus is undeniably awesome... but the HD800 is better if you feed it with a good amp and dac.
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    Looking to expand my CD collection! Input needed!

    Davey, Added! jilgiljongiljing, I'll look into those.
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    Looking to expand my CD collection! Input needed!

    Hey all, I decided to start building a killer CD collection - I'm starting virtually from scratch. I budgeted $250 this month to purchase really great recordings of great music of any category. I need everyone's help as I am running into problems finding recordings mastered at a level that's...
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    Got the HD800....the cynic is now speechless

    dallan, I couldn't agree more! ...... I can make my 800s sound flat, harsh, bassless, and unemotional but I have to downgrade to one of my poorer sources
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    I just got new headphones AKG 701s and I love them!

    DeusEx, Yes, the HD650 does as well. I wasn't concerning myself with the 650 in paragraph / line 2. Just talking about the K701's scalability. Both cans scale equally well - if you like them and have ten thousand extra dollars floating around, putting that towards an amp or source would be...
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    I just got new headphones AKG 701s and I love them!

    When I heard the K701, they had a very neutral, detailed sound with incredible bass articulation and a solid midrange.... and a very wide soundstage with good imaging. I'd easily trade my HD650s in and get a K701 if I had to. Great dynamic headphones. Best of all, it's not a colored sound and...
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    Got the HD800....the cynic is now speechless

    The HD600 doesn't hold a candle to the HD800 on mega rigs - although both headphones are solid performers. I used to proudly own the HD600 / 650, but the HD800 is the new standard.
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    which headphone gave you your first EARGASM

    Beyer DT250-80... still a classic
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    Got the HD800....the cynic is now speechless

    All right, guys. I have heard the HD800s sound bassless on some equipment which I will not name out of respect. I currently listen to them on headroom amps and DACs. They have earth shattering lows on this equipment. All of my friends, audiophile and non audiophile, disagree about...
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    Dynamic Top-end Headphone

    I'd start with the 800s... I haven't auditioned a lot of the other high end stuff, but the 800s would be a good ballpark anyways if you're going to demo them before buying. From there you can go in a different direction if you don't like 'em.
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    High impedance headphones with best bass?

    HD650s are pretty nice if you like a slightly prominent but balanced bass that extends fairly well down to 35hz. Needs a powerful amp and solid source / material. HD800s have the deepest and tightest lows... clear down another half octave below the HD650. Needs a powerful amp and solid source...
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    A Twisted Review: HD800's Calculative, Clinical and Sterile Soul

    John W., I def. agree about equipment - I have a $333 source that does just fine. I've made it an art trying to find the cheapest equipment possible that makes HD's sound good... been doing it since the HD600 - although now I have this monster amp from headroom... making progress... I...
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    A Twisted Review: HD800's Calculative, Clinical and Sterile Soul

    SmellyGas, You're pretty close to the mark. Except I'd wager in the case of the HD800 it's "get a different source." A half-decent amp and killer source will fix more problems than vice versa. Having awesome headphones and an awesome amp, but not so good source, will produce a really bad...
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    A Twisted Review: HD800's Calculative, Clinical and Sterile Soul

    Also, I should clarify... when I mean loud I mean loud... upper 90s. Playing in a Symphony is quite intense. I get a similar effect listening to Solti's Mahler recordings. Listening at lower volumes, depending on the recording, could produce a row 20 sound.
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    A Twisted Review: HD800's Calculative, Clinical and Sterile Soul

    pp312, At really high volumes, you're a little closer to the podium... perhaps at it. At a listenable volume it sounds par with being a good 10-15 yards from the stage. It's pretty much the same kind of distance as with the HD600. Perhaps a little closer than the 650s.
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    A Twisted Review: HD800's Calculative, Clinical and Sterile Soul

    Quote: Originally Posted by GuyDebord They have calculative, clinical and sterile soul which I have never related to music. HD800 defenders, please dont give me the "neutrality" defense, laboratory measured neutrality is very different than neutrality in a real musical performance... I...
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    Help me convince my friend not to buy Beats by Dr. Dre!

    It's not the biggest loss of $250... there may not be much you can do, though. Non-audiophiles are non-audiophiles.
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    help me make my HD650 bass monsters!

    I always hear a little more bottom end in the 650s, 20-40hz range, when things are balanced...