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  1. MrHeuristic

    Poll: Can you hear sound over 20kHz?

    Quote: No, you can't. You're hearing distortion from those poopy speakers. 
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    Elekit TU-882
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  5. TU-882


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  7. MrHeuristic

    Are headphone reviews essentially useless?

    One of my first experiences before joining Head-Fi was the big "Battle of the Flagships" thread with the 50+ headphone reviews.    I was originally swayed by Solomon's comments, though now I'm fairly certain his review is, frankly, worthless. Keeping in mind that human perception of a...
  8. MrHeuristic

    iMac onboard DAC vs. external?

    Quote: In that case, if I were to skip buying a DAC for my setup, how would I isolate the iMac's DAC output from its internal amplifier?   My amp has RCA inputs and a 1/8" line in. If I were to connect the iMac's headphone jack directly to the line in, would the amplifier be amplifying...
  9. MrHeuristic

    iMac onboard DAC vs. external?

    Quote: I have noticed that on my iMac, when plugging in cheap earbuds (some skullcandy in-ears, they're all I have to test it until my K702 gets in) to the headphone jack, I can hear an audible white noise or hiss when the iMac is amplifying and nothing is playing. After about a minute or...
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