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  1. Samgotit

    Audiophiles in Dubai?

    Just a 6 day visit. Looking forward to it!    Hotels are undecided at the moment. 
  2. Samgotit

    2012 College Football Thread

    What the USC v. Stanford game could use is more turnovers. 
  3. Samgotit

    RUles for Trade forum???

    Someone should ban that idiot. 
  4. Samgotit

    MP3-Playing "Mouth Gear" "Makes Headphones Obsolete"

    That chick gnawing on that audible dog bone makes me almost as horny as Merrian Webster's editor, Kory.    Hair Down   Hair Up
  5. Samgotit

    Rare Interview with William Burroughs in Sensitive Skin #8

    You're spittin' into the prop wash here. There's no Japanese cartoons referenced?    Also, the firearm (handgun) Burroughs is holding is not a Colt 1911. It's an HK P7. The later is an erudite's gun. I have several. Pew, Pew, Pew...     But nice, as always, to see you post, Mr...
  6. Samgotit

    Things to do in Seattle

    Go see Redshifter. 
  7. Samgotit

    What made your day awesome?

    Blooming lilies.    Lancing a fluid filled bump on my index finger, I believe caused by a tiny, embedded sliver of a rare metal. 
  8. Samgotit

    Favorite Movie Scene / accompanying favorite song/soundtrack? / and Why?

    Ball Room Scene from Russian Ark   Why: It's one take:       Landing from Close Encounters of the Third Kind   Why: musical  communication.       
  9. Samgotit

    What made your day awesome?

    elclairs and gaffer tape
  10. Samgotit

    Happy Post-Charles Addams Day!

    One of his books has been on page "41-50" of my Amazon cart for probably a quarter of a score. I came across his name once when Googlin' Gorey's The Unstrung Harp, specifically what the hell a fantod was:       I'll have the book shipped now. 
  11. Samgotit

    Worst Fanboys?

    My Little Pony spazes. 
  12. Samgotit

    2011 College Football Thread

    Where the hell is brother Metal?   Last I saw he was raging against my beloved Tigers. Is that Chan Marshall your avy?    
  13. Samgotit

    I have $100 to spend at Amazon: What would you do?
  14. Samgotit

    Does anyone want to be Kirosia's friend

    Vikings vs. Saints playoffs, I'm in the Superdome. I'm walking to my seat. I sit. Ten minutes later the largest, tallest, rotund black man I've ever seen sits next to me. He is half into my seat. He looks down and says, "I'm sorry, but you're going to be uncomfortable." He was right. He smelled...
  15. Samgotit

    Head Fis Guide to everything lets help eachother out :D

        I bought Carnegie's book and a hookah, but I still can't seem to make friends. 
  16. Samgotit

    Products that last forever

    My 60's era M-Line Invincible Metal Furniture desk will last forever. I forked over $13.80 @ the Habitat ReStore. Now, on occasions when I'm subjected to IKEA, Sauder, and their ilk, I scoff and recoil.   Company still in business and making the same style of desk:  ...
  17. Samgotit

    GodSpeed You Black Emperor - The Dead Flag Blues --- Who is the narrator?

    I seem to be hearing his voice a lot in commercial and TV lately.    Is the narrator a band member? Google has failed me an answer. 
  18. Samgotit

    Intel announces 10 core Xeon E7 processors!

    Whoopdie buttholes! And next year there'll be a 12, and the next a 15, and the next a 21.5. 
  19. Samgotit

    Great news!!! Apple Lossless audio codec (ALAC) now open source!

    FLAC. Apple can stuff it in their pantaloons. 
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