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    DX1000 vs. W5000

    sounds like the dx1000 is probably more my cup of tea, im just worried that its bass will OVERWHELM the rest of the spectrum. i like bass but not enough to sacrifice the highs or mids for it
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    Screw it! I did my searching...NEW PHONES!

    you arent getting 'clean' (analytical?) flat sound with any of the a-xxx. i would look at another can
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    320kbps MP3 sounds ok, CD sounds harsh

    when you encode to mp3, the encoder essentially strips out everything around 20k (which is called the 'air' region, the extreme treble region). Many modern masterings tend to go overkill adding 'air' frequencies and can make a recording sound less natural and glassy.
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    Most popular headphone of the moment!

    do ibuds still sell for obscene amounts on ebay?
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    Is Audiophile level sound an acquired taste?

    for some reason with a higher end system, for me sometimes the 'sound' overtakes the music, meaning i can listen to anything and marvel at the quality of sound regardless of the material. like how people will watch, say, "national geographic" on an hdtv simply because they like the image quality...
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    The Pillbugs- great modern all analog psych band!

    here's a good full length vid on youtube, songs called "Walking Along An Edge Of Sky" sounds kinda revolver-esque. its pretty neat
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    How Do YOU like/cook Your Ramen!

    I usually add extra vegetables, chicken/beef, or egg to my ramen. yummy!
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    The "I hate waiting for parcels" thread.

    woot a900ltd and w10vtg in!
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    Happy Birthday jjcha!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!!! My present to you will be the sensual photo shoot of your cans (if they ever get here lol)
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    The "I hate waiting for parcels" thread.

    I'm still waiting for the A900ltd and w10vtg that jjcha let me borrow. I cant wait to review them... if they dont arrive by tuesday mark my words, HEADS WILL ROLL
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    laptoppers: options to eliminate glare?

    I agree. Matte is the way to go. I had an old toshiba laptop with a matte screen but when it was time to upgrade i decided to try a glossy and lemme say, its not worth the extra vibrance and contrast if the glare ruins your eyes!
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    Happy Birthday grawk!!!!!!!!!

    Happy birthday grawk!
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    Review: The Who - Live at Leeds Deluxe vs. 1995 Remaster vs. MFSL audiophile master

    After owning the Live at Leeds 1995 MCA remaster (14 tracks) and the NFSL remaster of LAL for a while, I figured I would purchase the "Deluxe" edition from Amazon -- it includes the previously unreleased live Tommy material. I popped it in, and to my surprise the Deluxe sounded considerably...
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    The Ultimate Who Thread!

    Here a few wicked videos on youtube... My Generation - Monterey Pop Festival - 1967 Won't Get Fooled Again - 1978 (for Kids Are Alright movie) 5:15 - 1973
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    The Ultimate Who Thread!

    Hello everyone! Let's start a thread in dedication to the most energetic, powerful classic rock band in the history of the universe! THE WHO! What album is your favourite? When, if ever did you first experience them in their live glory? Which member do you most admire? Are The Who the best...
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    HeadFi Clan - BF2, COD2, CS:Source

    I'm in! BF2 or CS:S!!
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    I am utterly appalled by the greed of the corporate bigwigs...

    This speaks for itself... It sounds like we're entering some sort of futuristic apocolyptic setting where every aspect of creativity is governed by money-hungry corporate ***holes. How could they shut down a tablature site when mostly every single tab that is submitted is intrepreted by the...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by Edwood I haven't touched CS:Source since Battlefield 2. -Ed Amen Edwood!
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    What's your favorite Beer?

    Rickard's Honey Brown
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    Recommendations for meeting recording device?

    Hi jpelg, For phone recording you have a couple options. You can buy an in-line recording device in which one end connects to your phone line and the other end to your sound card. This enables you to record with any program you want. You can find it here. Another option is using an...
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    Quick question about substituting a cap...

    I have a circuit that calls for one 331/330 pf ceramic disc capacitor. Unfortunately, I lost it, but I have some 332 pf caps i can de-solder off of other things. Will this work, or do i need to get a new cap with 1 less pf? (just wondering because I did try a 332 but it didnt work -- it could be...
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    I need to put together a speaker system for $1000...

    Hi guys. My father wants to buy a speaker system so he can listen to all of his music at home. He wants to spend no more than around $1000. I've decided that the Athena MSB2s are probably the way to go in terms of speakers, now I just need an amp and cd player. Is it possible to get a good...
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    Need shorter cable for ETY ER-4P....?

    You could also buy a specialized cable tie or wrap for a few dollars and end up with a non-permanent solution.
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    Canon Digital Rebel XT vs. Pentax *ist DS

    Hey, speaking of DSLRS, I should be picking up my Nikon D70 next week. I'll post pics when I do...