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  1. discombobulation

    Will This Be Called The Westone "Epic" Tip?

    I am in the process of doing extensive A/Bing between the different tips in the fit kit, after which I will return to post general impressions.   I'm also in the UK, so may consider selling/posting the tips that I will definitely not be using to other UK peeps - if they are interested!
  2. discombobulation

    PortaPro + Sony DR-S4 - modding advice!

    So I found an old DR-S4 headphone with the leather headband and pads surprisingly supple after years of sitting in an attic, and thought that it would be a good opportunity to rehouse my PortaPro drivers.       As you can see, the drivers are pretty small in the enclosure, but I am...
  3. discombobulation

    Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

    I don't have the time to peruse this whole thread, but does anyone know where one can try out the 1plus2 in Hong Kong?   I was at the Hollywood Plaza Mingo shop earlier today auditioning the FitEar 334, but they hadn't heard of the 1plus2/Tralucent....
  4. discombobulation

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Quote:   Thanks! I will report back in this thread after a few more days - to let them burn in, and to allow me to maximise them via positioning, shoddy attempts at acoustic treatment and Amarra tweaking.   I will say this though, they wipe the floor with my MS40s. Just a different...
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  6. discombobulation

    Swans M200 MKII – Convince me otherwise!

    I am taking a step up from my Behringer MS40s that conked out on me.   I have come to the conclusion that Swans M200 MKII are the right choice for me. Here in the UK, they set me back £299 from a dealer.   Is there anything better in this pricerange that I'm missing?   They need to...
  7. discombobulation

    REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

    Do keep us posted on what they do.   I am currently in the UK, looking eagerly at buying Merlins. I'm a starving student, but audio is the only thing that I really care about - so I'm saving up to buy these.   These reports of really inexcusable mistakes do make my heart jump a bit...
  8. discombobulation

    AKG K3003 High End 3 Way System Headphone

    Quote: Could you elaborate a little bit more? Also, have you tried the universal UM Merlin?   I am looking for a universal upgrade from the W4, so am curious about how they compare to K3003/UM Merlin, as these are the ones that seem to challenge the W4.
  9. discombobulation

    Electronic Music Exchange (House, DnB, Dubstep, etc.)

      Anyone got recommendations for stuff like this?   Hard as hell but not repetitive, good subbass presence, maximum black samples - so enjoyable haha.   Also, stuff like Byetone/Pan Sonic/Ryoji Ikeda/Alva Noto (but not the obvious Raster Noton ones, I've explored their artist roster)...
  10. discombobulation

    So...does ANYONE in the world have a similar music taste to me?

    Quote:   haha yeah I was being sloppy with my genre-ing because it was 1AM or something when I punched out that post.   And am aware of the Goldmund/Helios connection, they somehow have a similar vibe, despite being so different.   I also loled at your description of...
  11. discombobulation

    AKG K3003 High End 3 Way System Headphone

    Well wow. I thought I was more than content with the W4. Would even go so far as to say that I had reached the end of my IEM journey. But james lured me over from the W4 thread, and after plowing through these 15 pages of impressions, I feel like I MUST somehow find a way to at least audition...
  12. discombobulation

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    Quote: Oh god. $1000. Wasn't even aware these things existed.   About to peruse the thread...if these seem like the holy grail...well, let's just say I'll be surviving on toast for a few years.
  13. discombobulation

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    Quote: Thanks for the reply.   I generally agree with your initial W4 impressions, particularly the hit on clarity and transparency. I think the W4 are lively and vibrant though, in comparison to other IEMs they sound almost boisterous lol.   Regardless, it seems like you value a...
  14. discombobulation

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    Quote: How do the FI-BA-SS and PFE232 compare to the W4 in the lower end (sub-bass impact/decay in particular) and high end sparkle? (potentially the two areas of weakness in the W4, that I can see)   How about soundstaging + instrument separation + speed (W4s major advantage IMO).
  15. discombobulation

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    Quote: Thanks for the replies guys.   I just got them yesterday, so there are still plenty of hours to go. I'm enjoying the signature of the GR07 more and more. I can't afford to keep both IEMs, and in a way don't want to. I want one IEM that I can go to, for everything (idealistic...
  16. discombobulation

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    I completely agree with the sentiments of the W4's all-genre characteristic.   Just got the Earportz tester pack in the mail. These tips absolutely rule, I find them more comfortable than the triple flanges, with slightly better isolation, and better (less congested, mainly) sound quality...
  17. discombobulation

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    I take back my favourite tip statement, just picked up these tiny Ety triple flanges (I think that's what they are?) with 2mm bore to fit the W4 nozzle.   Fantastic, the trebles are positively sizzling, the slight midbass cloudiness is tamed, low bass presence is increased (though the W4...
  18. discombobulation

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    New favourite tips (overall) are the Ety Gliders, with the stalks cut in about half. The sound tube shortening makes the trebles sparkle more and tidies up the soundstage, bringing some immediacy to the sound. Adds more bass oomph without muddying up the other frequencies too. Mids recede ever...
  19. discombobulation

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    Just to feedback a bit, a little while after my first impressions on the W4.   These earphones just seem to get better and better. The subtlety in their presentation of music is a joy to listen to.   As I listen to a lot of metal (which can be recorded poorly), I found that the W4 are...
  20. discombobulation

    BitPerfect (was: Audirvana Alternatives)

    Quote: Alright I see what you mean. Don't need sound from MSN anyway, so will give Soundflower a bash soon. Thanks!  
  21. discombobulation

    BitPerfect (was: Audirvana Alternatives)

    hey, thanks for your work on this awesome piece of kit.   Testing so far reveals extremely satisfying sound quality!   Only one major problem for me, every time I start it up, turn it on, change song or change position in a song, MSN Messenger shuts down. I have no idea what could be...
  22. discombobulation

    2nd hand Vestax PDT-5000: advice on upgrade path

    Okay, just picked up a Vestax PDT-5000 for £30...which I understand is a great bargain. Came with a P-mount Stanton 500 and an Ortofon Concorde Pro S too, though the styli for both of them are absolutely knackered. I have a 2nd hand Pro-ject Debut II at my parents place, hooked up to a...
  23. discombobulation

    SOLD OUT. Amazon deal of the day- 10 $95

    Is there anyone at all who would be generous enough to buy a pair and ship them to the UK?   Always needed a proper backup pair of IEMs but could never afford them - this offer would make it JUST within my budget. Will be willing to pay for shipping plus a little more for samaritan value!