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    Reply to review by 'bossatiger' on item 'Noble Audio Kaiser 10'

    having issues with the fit, gonna contact Noble audio as well as my audiologist
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    New Audeze LCD3

      I swapped the cable connections and I'm getting the same issue. In mono, the left side is louder.   I don't think it's a cable issue based on the results of my tests, but I might be wrong. I am using the stock 1/4 Audeze flat cable I received with the LCD3.
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    New Audeze LCD3

    Ordered an LCD3 on 1/16/14 directly from the Audeze site, just got it today. Channel imbalance issues, left ear has audibly louder bass response. Tested with 3 sources, all on mono, also used an SPL meter on my phone. Very disappointing. Hopefully Audeze customer service is quick and I don't...
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    Reply to review by 'bossatiger' on item 'Audio-Technica ATH-M50S'

    The M50x update now fixes quite a few issues actually. Do check that out.
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    Audeze EL-8: The EL-8 is a must-hear at CES 2015

    Maybe I'll finally be inclined to buy an Audeze. I've always enjoyed their sound signature, but the ergonomics have held me back.
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    Powered Sub for A7x

    Hey all,   I'm looking for a powered subwoofer to pair with my Adam A7x powered monitors. I no longer actually use them to monitor or do critical listening for mixing and such (have invested in a totally separate setup in another studio) so they will sit in my living room desktop rig. I'm...
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    Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

    I've been cycled through a few amps and headphones in the past year or so. I began with an HD600, went through amps including a Schiit Asgard 2, Schiit Valhalla 1 stock tubes,  Woo Audio WA7 stock tubes, and a Fostex HP-A4. I sold the WA7 a month ago, the Valhalla 2 months ago (did NOT like the...
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    Beyerdynamic T5P vs Fostex TH-900

    How would you compared the T5P with the HD800?
  10. Bossatiger

    Beyerdynamic T5P vs Fostex TH-900

    What makes the th900 better than the t5p?
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    Small Amp/DAC for HD800

    I'm looking for a small-footprint "transportable" Amp/usb-DAC unit that will pair will with HD800s. Budget can extend, but I would love to keep it under the $1000 mark. Currently I am looking at: Woo WA7: Tube amp, very beautiful with a 32/192 - $900 (a little on the pricey side) ALO Pan Am...
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    Headphones or IEMs with Powerful and "In Your Face" Forward Midrange

    Sennheiser's open-back range (e.g. HD558, 5xx) are known for delightfully smooth, detailed, and forward mids. Anything below mid-bass is non-existent and highs are rolled off quite early with little extension. They will be well under $200 and you can easily find a deal on them most of the time.
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    HD800 Blue & White Softcore

    My recent acquisition of custom-colored HD800 headphones from Colorware. And yes, they sound as good as they look.                                
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    What have I done...

    It was ordered more than 24 hours ago.... I looked over my receipt and it said that there would be a 25% restocking fee Buyer's remorse   WAIT: I'm going to actually call them about it later if I can   EDIT: No, I deserve this. I won't cancel it   EDIT2: No, I can't justify it!  ...
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    What have I done...

    Oh god, what have I done I just placed an order on a pair of HD800s in blue and white from Colorware. I thought it was an amazing price since the painting is practically free. Recent HD800 price hikes (due to the release of th HD700s) have pushed up to $1500 and Colorware shipping cost me a...
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    Ultimate Ears UE 900 Discussion and Impressions Thread

    The video is private... and I really wanna watch it   D:
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    Price check on W4

    Quote: Where do I find it for $336? I've searched and the lowest was about $390 from ebay.
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    Price check on W4

    Sorry if this doesn't belong in the right forum.    What would be a reasonable price to pay for a used but like-new condition Westone 4 IEMs? All accessories are included. I have the opportunity to snatch them up from a friend but I'm not sure how much I should offer.    Thanks in advance.
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    Ultimate Ears UE 900 Discussion and Impressions Thread

    Quote: +1, how does this compare with the competition in its price range? 
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    Sennheiser HD650 vs B&W P5

    Schiit Valhalla is a favorite around here.    I agree, the P5s are not even close to the sound of the 650s. It's like comparing one of those funny little portable battery-powered speakers to a B&W 800.
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    Ultimate Ears UE 900 Discussion and Impressions Thread

    I'm eagerly waiting for a full-fledged detail review of the 900s.    Needless to say, they look awesome and probably smell awesome too.    Detachable cable may be finnicky. Looks easy to come off seeing that it's a "snap" or direct friction fit rather than any locking system or something...
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    ATH-M50 accident... possible to repair?

    I suspect that wire damage is causing some signals to be cut off.   Take apart the headphone and inspect A. the wire body itself, B. the contact to the jack, C. the contact and solder to the driver units If all the wiring seems fine (the M50 is a heavy duty headphone anyways), then inspect...
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    Reply to review by 'bossatiger' on item 'Audio-Technica ATH-M50S'

    Two closed backs off the top of my head. For example, the new V-Moda M80 destroys it in all aspects of sound. Although the highs may be slightly more laid back, they have more refinement and detail compared to the ATH M50s. The Ultrasone HFI-780 are superior; it does everything the M50...