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  1. Orpheus

    emotivas new stealth 8 powered monitors any impressions?

    ah okay... cause i was gonna say i doubt at that distance speakers of that size become a point source adequately.  but yeah, as general loudspeakers for the whole room that would work.
  2. Orpheus

    "Budget" DAC with Volume Control?

      Damn you're thorough.  Thanks for all the research and corrections.       I have no clue What you just said.     Yup, supposed to be brand new, box sealed.  Thanks!  I've been staring at my $4k worth of speakers that are sitting silent and sad next to the TV.  Can't wait 'till it...
  3. Orpheus

    "Budget" DAC with Volume Control?

    I used to have some monarchy monoblocks, which were excellent.  sadly, I just googled for a while based on your suggestion and couldn't find any substantial stats on that unit.  on the manufacturer's own site there are no pictures of the back where the connections are.  no stats on the bit and...
  4. Orpheus

    "Budget" DAC with Volume Control?

    well, ....that's the whole problem and why I am asking here.... I was hoping people could cut down on research time and tell me which ones are under $500 and are good, and have volume control.  I have already googled for hours.  these things just aren't in manufacturers' advertisements, as I...
  5. Orpheus

    "Budget" DAC with Volume Control?

    thanks.... i like that it's apogee that manufactures the sabre chip (i think).  i'm very familiar with apogee since they've been doing pro audio since forever.  i took a quick look at the Audio Gd website and well.......... i think i'd hold off for a different brand   do you know of other...
  6. Orpheus

    When did you last have an eargasm?

    Quote: Originally Posted by PinkFloyd Until this evening I hadn't had a good eargasm for about 6 months..... just had a pretty intense one listening to Jah Shaka - Kumbia Dub My first eargasm since I stopped drinking and, in true eargasm stylee, the hairs on the back of my neck stood...
  7. Orpheus

    Do you want the metric system in the USA?

    best reason to go metric:... so you don't have to buy 2 sets of sockets and wrenches. (snapon has made a fortune off of me. )
  8. Orpheus

    Finally; NEW Massive Attack album "Heligoland" coming in Feb:

    just put in my preordered with thanks for letting me know.
  9. Orpheus

    Etymotic 4s vs. 4p?

    hi... thanks for all the suggestions! gonna try them out after i take a shower.... Quote: Try a different source. ...thanks... but mine's pretty good. the problem is probably with me it seems............ thus........ Quote: If you push them in too far/too fast you'll end...
  10. Orpheus

    equinox cable for akg k271s

    hi. i heard that the 271s and other "s"'s use a mini-XLR? ...anyone know where i can buy these plugs?
  11. Orpheus

    Around 50$ portable sport headphones (neckband prefered)

    welp, i ended up ordering the pmx200's. the ones i got sounded like the drivers were blown, or couldn't handle the power it was being fed, when the bass eq was turned up on my ipod. so, i'm gonna return them. but otherwise, they were comfortable enough, and didn't move at all, even running hard...
  12. Orpheus

    Absolute best external CD-ROM/RW for ripping audio CDs?

    Hi! I've recently bought an ipod and wanted to rip all my CDs, but the stock internal CD-ROM I got is not cutting it. Even with error correction and all I still get clicks and noise on certain CDs. So, I'm looking for an external CD-ROM (or rewriteable) or DVD-ROM/RW, to be connected via USB...
  13. Orpheus

    Apogee Digital Cable

    Quote: Originally Posted by Michgelsen Have you ever used them for analog? If so, how do they perform that way? no, sorry. they're not made for analog anyway, though probably won't have much of a difference. shielding might be a little different between analog and digital...
  14. Orpheus

    88 awd camry or 92 acura legend

    Quote: Originally Posted by no1likesme Screw reliability! If you want a corvette buy one. It is worth the money to have a car that you like instead of just some generic econobox. Also if style is not a big priority a fox body mustang can be had for very cheap. The aftermarket is so...
  15. Orpheus

    Hollywood the Final Insult: "The Departed" vs "Infernal Affairs"

    Quote: Originally Posted by shigzeo i suppose my problem with your attenuation of constable lau or andy as the actor is what is gay about him? his killer films he has been in were too over the top or dramatic and tried to add depth into something completely that is not understandable to...
  16. Orpheus

    Hollywood the Final Insult: "The Departed" vs "Infernal Affairs"

    Quote: Originally Posted by tk3 The whole Asian -> Hollywood movies concept disgusts me, so I made a deal with myself never to watch any. Try it, it's a good one. If anything, both of the leads look too damn young compared to their Asian counterparts (although Di Caprio is in his...
  17. Orpheus

    Topgear back!

    yup.... they got quite a few tracks out here. i've went to buttonwillow and willow springs a few times. there's that big one up north--forgot what it's called. i think california speedway has a street track as well. there's also what's supposedly the largest kart track in america. but i think...
  18. Orpheus

    Controller or Synth - Sub $1200

    yeah, don't use ANY headphone for normal monitoring. they are only useful for checking mixes after your get the whole thing nice sounding through normal loudspeakers. anything sounds good on headphones, and will always sound totally different on normal everyday loudspeakers. however, stuff you...
  19. Orpheus

    Giving up to noise: looking for a GOOD attenuator

    Quote: Originally Posted by creyc As I look over my audio gear, just about everything I use or have used has been very very sensitive. 5s, UM2's, Sony V6...they are all very low impedance and thus it's noise central with anything but the highest end electronic gear. Rather...
  20. Orpheus

    Any high end headphone as best as ADAM MP 1 Mastering piece studio monitor?

    Quote: Originally Posted by warrent Any high end headphone as best as ADAM MP 1 Mastering piece studio monitor? I would like to buy a transparency,netrual sound headphone to listen music ,the sound as best as ADAM MP1 studio monitor. I found on the web,many high end headphone...
  21. Orpheus

    Should high school students have thier own computer?

    Quote: Originally Posted by c0mfortably_numb Ha this thread makes me feel old Windows 95 came out as I was graduating LOL my first computer, a hand me down Vic 20 with a tape drive! Needless to say it didn't get much use from me, then I got a used XT and built my first "real" computer...
  22. Orpheus

    HD650's or K701's for audio engineering aplications?

    Quote: Originally Posted by russdog There are many people here who know a whole lot more than I do about headphones. But I've spent alot of time around friends who are muscians and who live in recording studios. I think you're choices are wrong *if* your main priority is doing recording...
  23. Orpheus

    HD650's or K701's for audio engineering aplications?

    Quote: Originally Posted by defy Hi, Im trying to decide on a pair of cans to use primarily for engineering/recording/mixing audio professionaly but also for some recreational listening (all styles of music!). Im basically down to either Senn HD650 or AKG K701. I understand that...