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  1. phatty

    Zen Vision:M, what's the story?

    This is by far one of the best threads i've come across in a looooonnngggg while here at head-fi. Quote: The battery too is not as good as 5G iPod. Oh I didn't realize that... I could have sworn rated and realized battery life was greater on the vision:m? Quote: its also...
  2. phatty

    Any docks/cases for the Zen Micro?

    MisticAudio has a nice leather case for the zen micro. Free shipping too!
  3. phatty

    iriver h10: initial review

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jmmmmm impressive i'm not sure how i feel about the screen turning off. I often wished this was a feature of players because i know on my computer, turning down the screen massively increases the battery life. It wouldn't be as dramatic for mp3 players, but i...
  4. phatty

    iriver h10: initial review

    Quote: One thing I did not like at all was the lack of a 'now playing' choice. When I went through the menus, I had to sit there for a minute before the song screen would come back, unlike the micro or the ipod where you can just select this to get back to the song (eg. to change the...
  5. phatty

    iriver h10: initial review

    Quote: Finding the equalizer took me a little while. You would think it would be in Settings->Sound, but you would be wrong. Actually you'd be correct. The Equalizer is under Settings>Sound on both the U.S. and Korean versions of the player. Quote: Sound: So, the biggest...
  6. phatty

    Headfi vs Phamducduc thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by TrevorNetwork What the heck are you people talking about? I have had many things shipped to me from the United States via USPS Priority. The most recent tracking number was "EC10617####US". USPS Express are like "ED43418####US". USPS Guaranteed are like...
  7. phatty

    Headfi vs Phamducduc thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Natsuiro As of now, phamducduc has said he sent me back the pimeta through USPS global priority, but says that there is no tracking number. Does USPS not give a tracking number for international shipment? Unfortunately Global Priority Mail is not...
  8. phatty

    iRiver iHP owners: Tell me the bad

    Hey Austin,, last time I checked(about 2 min ago) you are a member over at MisticRiver. You should be over there doing a tiny amount of homework. There are some current threads about the 140 since it's been out for a short time. The bad: - no on-fly playlisting - joystick - no gapless...
  9. phatty

    New A/V Site & Forums

    This site has TREMENDOUS potential! The admin is very knowledgeable in the areas of Audio/Video and Home Theatre. His site is new and a work in progress, but take a look and register and give it the shot in the arm it needs. More GREAT things to come. AudioVideoNut
  10. phatty

    MisticRiver Forums

    The MisticRiver Forums have a new server. Check it out... MisticRiver
  11. phatty


    here's some pics I took of mine. Sony D-36 phatty
  12. phatty

    iHP 120 review by a former iPod owner

    The one thing that really bites me in the *ss is that people are so quick to pass judgement on an immature product. The facts: Ipod = 3+ years of maturity and firmware iHP-100 Series = +/- 6mos. Rio Karma = +/- 3or4mos. In my opinion only the iRiver iHP-100 series and the Rio Karma...
  13. phatty

    Orders have shipped from eCost!!

    Sweet, don't you feel a little sick all of a sudden Maybe time to go home early and "rest"!!
  14. phatty

    huh? why does my ihp120 say ihp100?

    If you look closely when you power up your iHP-120 you'll notice the splash screen says "iHP-100 series" meaning that the series includes: iHP-100 10gb iHP-115 15gb (Korea Only) iHP-120 20gb
  15. phatty

    Use iPod holster for ihp-120

    This guy modded his case to use a belt clip attachment. I tried it on mine and it works GREAT!! take a look at the photo. Belt Clip Mod
  16. phatty


    I've got a Sony D-36 sitting right here in the pouch that my Sony MDR-V6's came in. Wonderful little unit. Still use it occasionally.
  17. phatty


    I've got a Sony D-36 sitting right here in the pouch that my Sony MDR-V6's came in. Wonderful little unit. Still use it occasionally.
  18. phatty

    iHP-100/-120 sound: heavy disappointment

    If you encoded 3 songs on the same computer using the same software for each then put the songs on 3 different players... Ipod iHP-120 RIO Karma Then use the same set of phones on each player and have 10 different people listen to each player you will most likely get 10 different...
  19. phatty

    IHP 120...where to buy?

    I received my iHP-120 today from iRiver. All i can say is WOW!! Now, to be fair I have owned a Zen NX and my brother owns an Ipod. The iRiver blows the Ipod outta the water for sound and features and is at least equal to or better than the Zen on sound quality and of course easily outpaces the...
  20. phatty

    Dell DJ (15gb, 20gb models) available Oct.28

    Key technical features of the Dell Digital Jukebox (Dell DJ) include: -- Capacities: 15GB(c) and 20GB(c) -- Hard Drive Model: 1.8" Hitachi Travelstar C4K20 -- Battery life: 16 hours(d) -- Display: 2.0" liquid crystal display -- Navigation: Scroll barrel -- Microphone...
  21. phatty

    New Forum for iRiver Products

    Check it out! Brand new. mIsticRiver
  22. phatty

    US verson of iHP-120 is black!

    IRiver America is now taking pre orders for the 120 here... Pre Order
  23. phatty

    US verson of iHP-120 is black!

    Here's a linky. IHP-115 - 15gb
  24. phatty

    IHP-120 for $349 @...

    Quote: Originally posted by austonia lol. your account has less than 10 post and you wonder why I didn't bother returning your PM. like, who cares if you didn't get in on the deal? uhh not me. WOW!! way uncool of you. I'm wondering if it ever occurs to some that folks may just lurk...
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