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  1. Bolt San

    San Francisco Bay Area Meet?

    I would definitely go to one if I was free, and I'd bring e5cs, sr-225s with c-pads, d-66s, and audio-technica cm4s. Pretty common, but yeah.
  2. Bolt San

    Bought Etymotic er4p's, thinking of Shure e4's.

    I actually don't think the Shure e4s have that much more bass than the er4ps. They at least didn't have more than amped ER-4Ss. The x5s have a great equalizer too, I would mess around with that for a while. It doesn't sound like you've really listened to them that long either, or at all...
  3. Bolt San

    iAudio M3 - still a good player?

    M3 has radio. The sound quality's great, not the same as the karma or anything but you'd be hard pressed to notice a difference, and the option of line-out is always there. I don't know about flac battery life, I never used flac when I had one, because the firmware for it wasn't perfect yet...
  4. Bolt San

    SQ: Nano or Karma?

    The Karma has better sound quality, and mine lasted about 13 months before dying, with a healthy amount of abuse (being dropped onto pavement, coming along for jogs, bike rides, snowboarding, being sat on, etc).
  5. Bolt San

    ATH-EC7 VS Shure E2c?

    Quote: Originally Posted by bobeau Personally I'm looking for an alternative to my Shure E4s, not that they're not great, they just block too much noise when walking around in an urban environment. These guys are at the top of my list, just worried about durability. If you use the...
  6. Bolt San

    ATH-EC7 VS Shure E2c?

    EC7 by far.
  7. Bolt San

    Help needed - X5L, iPod, Gigabeat...?

    Yeah, you can set the options so that all music is selected, including everything in subfolders, and shuffle that.
  8. Bolt San

    AHHH, any DAP have 1/8" line OUT?

    The Nomad Jukebox line has line-outs..
  9. Bolt San

    Grado Conspiracy? (swear im not stoned)

    What does RS mean then? OH GOD Radio Shack's taken over Grado Labs and this was the only way for John to reach out for help!
  10. Bolt San

    X5 60GB in "near future"

    They're double platter and hence thicker, that's why.
  11. Bolt San

    e4 vs. er6i

    I think in terms of sound alone the ER-4s series sounds better than the e4c series, which sounds slightly better than the er-6i series. The e4cs are actually very close to the 6is in terms of sound, at least for me. Slightly rolled off treble and slightly louder bass, but not very much of...
  12. Bolt San

    1st Canalphones: for small ear canals.

    Yeah, the default triple flanges are the same as on the ER-20s. They do have smaller sizes (and double flanges) that you can get by asking Etymotic Research for samples, but I still found the shure tips to be the most comfortable.
  13. Bolt San

    1st Canalphones: for small ear canals.

    I would use Ety ER-6is + the smallest Shure Ultra-Soft flex sleeve for the e3c/e4c/e5c series. Works like a charm, and you won't even notice they're in your ear.
  14. Bolt San

    Unusually packaged music?

    The self-released Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution album was made out of cardboard and duct tape.
  15. Bolt San

    5GB Motorola for $128

    That's the Carbon interface, alright...
  16. Bolt San

    Canalphones for a friend... and Bass Comparison of ER-6i and E4C

    With the e4c flex sleeves on, the ER-6is barely have any less bass than the e4c. Same with the ER-4Ps, if they're decently powered.
  17. Bolt San

    Is there Something Wrong?

    Yeah, with you and the rest of the people on this board. Including me.
  18. Bolt San

    Headphones" Playing favorites and the middle-child

    All the time, I think that's Head-Fi nature... e4cs for portable isolation er-6i with ultra-soft flex sleeves for portable semi-isolation, er-4s for portable-as-in-out-of-the-house-but-not-moving isolation...
  19. Bolt San

    What should I get-Shure E3,E2,Etymotic...

    I like the ER-6is much more than the Shure e3cs. If I had to order them, it'd be: ER-6i e3c e2c/ex71 tied (both equally bad in different ways)
  20. Bolt San

    grado sr60 wire twisting problem

    I don't think you actually got any pictures into your post, but I own 60s too and that happens if I put them on and off too many consecutive times without actually looking at the wires. Just rotate the right cup as many times as it takes to get it straight again.
  21. Bolt San

    Favorite Beatles LP

    I voted Rubber Soul.
  22. Bolt San

    Which is the best all around canalphone?

    Haven't heard the UM2s, but I'd say the ER-4Ss are the best sounding in that line-up. With that said, the E4Cs are the best all-around.
  23. Bolt San

    to C-pad or Not to C-pad

    Is your price range the same as the price of C-Pads?
  24. Bolt San

    Which earbud? Buying within 2 hours need help

    I like the er-6is much more than either the px100s or the e2cs. The px100s are great and all, but I don't see very many applications for them, as in situations where I'm on the go and want to listen but am in a quiet environment. And I just don't like the e2cs. I own both the er-6is and the...
  25. Bolt San

    Interesting new internet scam?

    I say you go along with it until it stops being humorous.