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    Michael Phelps headphones

    Good choice +1 for Phelps
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    AKG K702 bass problem.

    Quote: Originally Posted by lucky I agree with him, though my post refers to all phones, not merely this one. There's a grand delusion on this forum that if you simply spend enough money on ancillary equipment (amps, sources, cables...), you'll eventually learn to appreciate phones you...
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    Article claiming CD-R's make audible differences

    Quote: Originally Posted by leeperry source? not on head-fi apparently?! 1. I chatted with him directly 2. It's in his profile
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    Headphones for mine detector?

    Does it have to be fullsized? I would go with something like a JVC HA-FX34 with a 1/4 adapter
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    My current portable rig(click to enlarge):
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    Beats By Dre? Anything better for $350?

    Something to keep in mind... It's kind of ridiculous to recommend "upgrades" when one has not heard the headphones that supposedly need the upgrading Don't fall into this trap
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    I have my hands ON the Sony X1000 Walkman - Impressions / Discussions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Neeley The Easyi case from Amazon... Could you take a picture of the back of the Easyi case? Thanks
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    Subwoofer-fi - who uses really world-class ($1K+) subs?

    Quote: Originally Posted by nlaudio The headphones+sub topic is one that needs more discussion. I've tried 2x identical subs out of dual-headphone outs I liked it a lot but space limitations made me abandon that project So it looked like this: Stereo -> Headphones Stereo ->...
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    Where is Singlepower? Where is Mikhail?

    Since some people said they got their money back(and Jude is in the process of making a thread specifically for Singlepower...) Any hope for those that got scammed in the whole LaRocco Diablo ordeal?
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    Least painful downgrade from AKG K-1000,looking for clarity and details and realness...

    get 2 speakers put head between them joking aside, I tried this years back at another head-fier's house it sounded quite impressive I can't remember exactly what brand/model speaker it was Ask Samgotit I believe the speakers were quite a bit cheaper than the K1000s
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    LaRocco Audio finally out of business?

    Quote: Originally Posted by xtreme4099 PeeeMeS, i never got a pm from you, anyways guys i havent been able to get ahold of him on the phone lately, his myspace status recently changed to Fixing amps, so i shot him a message there .. concerning erikzen's, ahdui's, and oicdn's amps...
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    Undressing the Diablo

    ipastudio looks gone Larry won't answer any of my emails Looks like I got swindled for half a thousand =(
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    AKG K701 vs. Sennheiser HD650

    Quote: Originally Posted by furball How does the AKG K701 compare to the Sennheiser HD650? I like an open, airy type of sound, not heavy, syrupy. Does the AKG K701 fit the bill? Not sure about where to buy... But K701s are definitely the more open/airy variety It's also...
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    Diablo's are Surfacing!

    Nothing here yet =/ Damn you Skylab so lucky
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    $1 Million Cable Challenge Is On

    Quote: Originally Posted by OverlordXenu There is no such thing as a person with golden ears. Unless there is something wrong with our hearing (due to damage, genetics, etc.) we all pretty much hear the same, and any differences are so minute, they just don't matter. Like me, I...
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    Newbie wants to know what is the best portable amp out there ?

    LaRocco PRII Then there's the upcoming ISA Diablo
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    ISA Diablo final spec

    Just an amazing looking amp Can't wait to try the high quality bass boost on this baby And yes, I got dibbs on #3 Diablo of the first shipment =D
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    iPod hype finally cooling down?

    Not reallyyy
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    AKG K1000 Replacement on the Horizon?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Meyvn That'd be amazing, but I don't buy it. And I'm kind of with rob on this one. I don't really know what they could improve for me; I don't even care much about the really deep bass. I mean, sure, if they were EXACTLY the same as they are, and had that, it...
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    Audigy 2 ZS notebook + AKG K701?

    My ZS drives my K701s perfectly I find no need for an "extra" amp If you're looking for bass boosts though... yeah, they'll benefit loads with an amp. I can't run +15dB bass levels without an amp on my ZS. Can only get around +10dB.
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    Before Head-Fi I was a BASSHEAD, were you?

    Before a basshead... after head-fi, even more of a basshead It's just not music without at least +15dB in bass Music has to vibrate your head Music has to let you feel the air move