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  1. Jerrey S

    HD650 amplifier suggestions.

    I don't know about E12 but I have a E10 and O2. In my option O2 is the better one to go. 
  2. Jerrey S

    Where/how can I try different types of headphones?

    There are some mid-end headphones in bestbuy.    Some people just take advantage of Amazon's free return policy...
  3. Jerrey S

    Looking for a clearer sound than Shure SE215

    Quote: I admit that er4 series is beyond $150 budget. Sometimes it is possible if he doesn't mind a used pair.  I got both my two ER4S on ebay, one for $185 and another for $100 (yes I was lucky).
  4. Jerrey S

    Terrific headphones under 400$ !!!

    well T70 is pretty much closed back, I use it in lab & library
  5. Jerrey S

    Terrific headphones under 400$ !!!

    Have you ever considered the T70/T70P? Sometimes they goes under 400.   I recently got a pair of T70, very comfortable and with good isolation. 
  6. Jerrey S

    Q701 impressions thread

    Quote: Yes, I feel the same on Q701, and especially from the headband. Seems like Q701 cannot stretch enough for big heads. 
  7. Jerrey S

    The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

    Why not use the RAZORDOG100 code on their website to get HD600 for just $300?