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  1. gundam91

    SF Bay Area meet interest

    Ah, I see there's an official meet in SF DoubleTree Hotel in August. Never mind.
  2. gundam91

    SF Bay Area meet interest

    Hi all, It's been a long, long time since I post/browsed here. I've just joined the equipment review team writing audio equipment reviews and other audiophile related articles. Dagogo also hosts the annual California Audio Show (CAS) here in the Bay Area. This year, it will be at...
  3. gundam91

    Opera Consonance Cyber 30 Headphone/Intergrated Amplifier

    Stevesebastianb, Thnaks for the info! Just purchased a pair using and got about $10 back! Basically free shipping. Will see how they compare to my RCA 2A3s.
  4. gundam91

    Opera Consonance Cyber 30 Headphone/Intergrated Amplifier

    How much are they selling these tubes in Hong Kong? I just did a quick search, and it is only available in the U.S. through eBay from a seller in Hong Kong, but he wants US$200 for a pair shipped!
  5. gundam91

    Opera Consonance Cyber 30 Headphone/Intergrated Amplifier

    Haven't visited these forums for a long time. My headphone rigs are just collecting dust in the study room these days. This amp was my first experience with 2A3 tube. It takes some getting used to as it sounds very different than any other tubes. Some people likes the sound, some don't. I've...
  6. gundam91

    Any body using or used Consonance Cyber 20?

    Skullguise, With your Cyber 30, do you hear a low background hum? I also have a Cyber 30. Besides the stock Chinese tubes, I also have a pair of Sovtek 2A3s, and a pair of NOS RCAs. The hum is present with all three sets of tubes. I played around with the biasing. it lowers the hum, but does...
  7. gundam91

    Any body using or used Consonance Cyber 20?

    Haven't been hanging out here for a long time. I've been playing with my main rig most of the time these days. I come here once in a while to see what's going on in the world of headphones. This amp had garnered quite a bit of discussion a few years ago after it was reviewed on Positive...
  8. gundam91

    Has amp making evolved?

    I've been away from (participating in) this forum for about 2 years. Recently just came back to see what's going on. One observation I have is there seem to be a convergence, or more focus, or popularity, or consensus, or whatever you want to call it on products from several major manufacturers...
  9. gundam91

    Japan Meet?

    I just visited Japan between Christmas and New Year! Got a chance to visit some hi-fi stores while I was in Tokyo. I was mainly looking for a cartridge for my turntable. I would have loved to meet some of the Japanese head-fiers the next time I travel to Japan!
  10. gundam91

    System Synergy...

    This topic has not been discussed too often here, and the point has not been stressed enough. Just to share an experience I had over the weeeknd... I've not been paying too much attention to my headphone gear for about two years now. One reason was due to the fact that I was traveling for...
  11. gundam91

    Dumb question.....tubes...

    With tube gears, you usually don't want to turn them on and off too often. The act of turning them on and off actually will shorten the life. And tubes need time to warm up to sound good. So it's always a decision whether to leave it on of turn it off when you are taking a break between...
  12. gundam91

    For what types of music are tube amps good for?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Duggeh There shoudl not be a difference in the sound of any amp within its drive capabilities on any given load I think that is more of an ideal rather than reality. As stated before, everyone's perception of what is the "right" sound is different, so...
  13. gundam91

    For what types of music are tube amps good for?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zanth I'd never buy an amp that couldn't do all forms of music equally well. When you find one let me know. I like to buy one. All equipment/technology have tradeoffs. Especially at the lower price ranges. Tubes are not perfect, they introduce some...
  14. gundam91

    Airline Security

    It varies from airport to airport. I travel for work almost every week. I put my portable rig in a digital camera bag, with iAudio X5 in one pocket, amp in another pocket, connected by a homemade dock cable that extends out of one pocket and goes into another. Also a pair of Ety headphones (more...
  15. gundam91

    For what types of music are tube amps good for?

    I think it is a matter of taste and preference. In general, SS is more dynamic and has better bass control. Not necessary more bass, but tighter bass. Tubes give you a more organic, romantic sound especially in the midrange. If you are starting out and you listen mostly to rock and metal, I...
  16. gundam91

    Best New Production Tubes for Amps...

    Quote: Originally Posted by cotdt IAs far as EL84 goes, the GE 6BQ5 is king. I've tried a bunch of EL84s and none of them even come close to the organic sound of the GEs. I think this is more a synergy issue with the amp/system and personal taste. Mullard EL84 is taunted is the...
  17. gundam91

    Opera Audio Cyber 30

    I'm currently using the GE triple mica grey plate "5-star" labeled 5751.
  18. gundam91

    Opera Audio Cyber 30

    I have had this amp for quite a while. Although it was enjoyable listening to it driving a pair of Sennheiser HD650 w/ Zu Mobius cable, it never really "touched" my heart. The amp came with a pair of EH Gold 2A3s. After doing some research on Tube Asylum, I purchased a pair of Sovtek 2A3s. They...
  19. gundam91

    How do you tell if your Amp is 220/240 or 110/120?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Icarium since he lives in Taiwan and apparently Taiwan is the same as US. Yes Taiwan is 110V. Quote: Originally Posted by Icarium He says he powered it with a washing machine outlet. I kind of figured it would be immediately obvious...
  20. gundam91

    5.1 stereo speakers on a gaming

    I am assuming that these are not self-powered speakers? (meaning that they don't have amplifiers built into them) If so, you will need to get a surround sound receiver which will take the input signal from your console (usually through a pair of RCA interconnects) and process the signal and send...
  21. gundam91

    Amperex 6922 PQ's really cost this much?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Thelonious Monk i've heard things about hte JAN sylvania version which goes for under $70. I used to see these on eBay for like less than $5 a pop (doesn't seem like that long ago)....I've got a stash I bought from local electronic warehouses just...
  22. gundam91

    Need some tubes recomendations for the Rudistor RP5.1

    Thanks Edisonwu, that was the information I was trying to look for. So as I had mentioned earlier, if the amp is designed with 6DJ8/ECC88, you can sub with 6922/E88CC and 7308/E188CC. You might want to pass the info to Rudi and see how he responds and post here as I would like to know the...
  23. gundam91

    How much have you spent on tubes for your amp recently?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rob N Got any for sale? Sure, the ones in the "throw away" box. They measured below the required minimum on the TV-7D/U tube tester.
  24. gundam91

    Just made myself a line-out cable for the X5

    Quote: Originally Posted by pedalhead That looks like a really nice job. A lot of X5 owners report a major bass roll-off using line-out versus hp out. Have you compared the two at all? I have, but I didn't want to make a statement until I have everything "burned-in". I've only...
  25. gundam91

    First post , Ipods and a X5l and ramblings

    Quote: Originally Posted by thread While I don't doubt that the headphone out of the X5L is good (it sounded really great unamped) I do feel that it is still inferior to a good line out. I reached the same conclusion, but I haven't tried different headphones, so I thought it...