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  1. aos

    OK, so what CAN I reliably measure from a PC soundcard ?

    Digging an old thread but that's exactly what I just found for myself and googling led me to this thread. I mean, RMAA seems to subtract 6dB from channel crosstalk results (making it look much better than it is). I confirmed this on 2 different devices (one amp and the other dac+amp) and using...
  2. aos

    iRiver iHP-140 with 128GB SSD

    I have installed the bootloader from the exact same page last week and I just installed the 3.3 version. It still behaves like before. I suspect my CF adapter does not work well with my CF card or the CF card itself is not compatible. I'll try to buy another adapter, at least they are cheap.  ...
  3. aos

    iRiver iHP-140 with 128GB SSD

    Thanks for the suggestions. I already flashed a new bootloader (7.4 pre 1 - doesn't seem to be anything newer and this one is a hack as it is) - and the nightly build of rockbox. I am not sure what do you mean by flashing the ram/rom? Is there an option in the menu to do so? Btw you can't really...
  4. aos

    iRiver iHP-140 with 128GB SSD

    I just installed 64GB Kingston 266X CF card in my iPH-120 and I'm having a strange problem. Any song plays for 10-60 seconds and then skips to the next song. Every time.  I can't find any reports of similar problems, and I tried latest bootloader and rockbox, no change. Reformatted FAT32, copied...
  5. aos

    Beyerdynamic Tesla Appreciation Society!

    Tesla T1 is really good. I am a bit unhappy with quality control - had to send mine for repair due to buzzing - but they look and sound like they are worth their high price. Super comfortable too. Their sheer speed is better than anything I listened to. Piano and guitar sound amazing because of...
  6. aos

    Low battery indicator circuits

    You pretty much need to design a circuit board for that, though. You also have to order the chip from the supplier. While you could just hack the analog circuit as well as buy parts in your local electronics store. And it is probably cheaper, too. I agree though, if I was designing something I'd...
  7. aos

    Anyone know of a Canadian supplier for cable pants?

    I think I got them from EBay last year.
  8. aos

    Noticeable differences in SQ bewteen HD580 and HD600?

    Quote: AOS: I hear what you're saying but I've never been instructed to use data sets when matching transistors. the single scalar number seems to be what you use, since the test conditions are the same (temperature and voltage under test). That's because if you match two transistors...
  9. aos

    The AKG K701 - Friend or Foe - Mods that may help others

    702 is exactly the same - I haven't seen 701 but your pictures and description match exactly what I have. The question is, what exactly is this material and where can I buy it?
  10. aos

    Ordered HD800/PS1000 // Interest in HD800/PS1000 // Wait and see

    No poll privileges, and not ordering either. I will wait for a (massive) price drop on HD-800 and glowing reviews from ordinary non-biased people before even contemplating springing cash for that ugly thing. 2010 at the earliest. As for Grado, I have zero interest in their newest head torturing...
  11. aos

    Spanking new AKG K702 burn-in and bass

    Well, regardless of heated discussions, I bought K702 two-three weeks ago and started burning it in. It must have been very little used by the two previous owners as it looked brand new - and sounded rather tonally unbalanced (unnatural). After more than 10 days of burn-in it suddenly started...
  12. aos

    I'm going to get an ulcer.

    I am not aware that HD25-1 can be used with any pads other than their default leatherette. Which, as you correctly point out, can be uncomfortable after a while. Furthermore HD25-1 are uncomfortable for long periods due to pressing directly onto ears (supraaural?). However they are extremely...
  13. aos

    Headphones Advice (Canada)

    Buy used, that's the only way to get good stuff at low prices when you're in Canada. I rarely see any good prices for new stuff. HD25-1 would really be perfect for you but alas you won't find them new for $150 CDN but I bought them used for slightly more, albeit quite a while ago. Sony and...
  14. aos

    Best headphone purchase, worst headphone purchase you have made

    Best: HD-580; worn out pads are the proof Worst: ER4S - the vomit-inducing, hard-to-get-seal, ubermicrophonic canalphones; not for everybody. Or DT-931...
  15. aos

    Do Electrolytics need to have contact with the PCB?

    Interesting app note. Although the only thing related to the issue I could find is: "Be careful of the sympathetic vibration after mounting on the board, mechanical stress will adversely affect the mounting strength and electrical characteristics. Use reinforcements like adhesive for large...
  16. aos

    Do Electrolytics need to have contact with the PCB?

    Quote: Part of the reason you use a bigger cap is to reduce ESR and ESL, so why then put more Rs and Ls in series with it by using too much wire? I agree. However I do sometimes mount the through-hole capacitors horizontally. Usually when there's no vertical room in a tight space or...
  17. aos

    Sennheiser HD800: Spray Painted Plastic and the New Acid-Washed Jeans.

    I have not read the entire thread but I agree with the "cheap looking plastic must die". And the silver painted plastic is one of the ugliest things on the planet. It's one of my personal little hates. Given the recent track record of Sennheiser pricing (every flagship model tends to cost 2x...
  18. aos

    Boutique parts from Mouser?

    I just received a bag of UES1E220MEM 22uF 25V bipolar Nichicons from Mouser. They are trademark green with "Muse" labeling. Definitely the boutique stuff like what I used to buy from Parts Connexion years ago. This is kind of stuff you'd use in signal path (if you have to).
  19. aos

    hd25-1 impressions thread

    I love my HD25-1 as well. Got them used here quite a while ago (2-3 years) and I have to say they really are perfect for taking long scenic walks in the city, including taking transit. Isolation being the key word here - music is so much more enjoyable when you can't hear the traffic. They are...
  20. aos

    Why Do they stop making the good ones?

    And maybe it is not as much "legendary" as it is "collectible" and so its status is achieved the same way like with any other collectible item. Psychology. Lucky few owners praise them to haven (could be real, could be subjective, could be price placebo effect), it generates demand that is much...
  21. aos

    DJ-E985 Optical Out

    Some Sony discmans had really bad optical outs, with lots of noise/interference whenever their motor was spinning up and down. Turning off G-protection (on some models it could be done, on some not) would help. Depending on your DAC it might cause audible clicks and pops, or not as obvious but...
  22. aos

    So iPods really do not have digital outs, eh?

    Quote: iSyncTunes.... its basically a piece of software that sees remote libraries and can copy between computers the music.... all with iTunes organization. Plus it can upload songs from an iPod... thats what I use. Wow, that's exactly what I need! Thanks so much! I keep syncing...
  23. aos

    So iPods really do not have digital outs, eh?

    Just a few notes: 1. Airport express works fine even over wireless B network, even when music file is not on the machine running iTunes. For example, I use D-Link NSLU-1 with modded firmware as the itunes server which is then visible as a library from itunes clients running on any machine on...
  24. aos

    What HD player has the best line out and SQ?

    It was never impossible but it's always unlikely. Improvement in sound quality usually comes from improving the analog amplifier or improving the DAC chip. You most definitely can change the sound while it's still digital though. I wouldn't call it improving though, I'd call it fixing bugs...
  25. aos

    What HD player has the best line out and SQ?

    I measured the iPod's headphone out with RMAA here. Line out (using dock) is a bit better in some respects. Using oscilloscope, one can see that iPod generates about 15mV peak to peak broadband noise, at maximum volume (I did not take a picture of my oscilloscope screen, but I do have screen...