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  1. PeterR

    D-T450 RightMark test report

    Wow, you're busy Do you load the headphone out with anything besides the soundcard for the measurements?
  2. PeterR

    D-EJ2000 "Tourist" model RightMark report

    Into what load?
  3. PeterR

    Increasing the gain factor

    Quote: Originally Posted by pegasus21 a single stage amplifier This certainly isn't, even though it may be just one package... Quote: wired with a high gain We're far away from anything you'd call high gain here... Quote: Originally Posted by brospin I...
  4. PeterR

    Increasing the gain factor

    Usually that should be no problem. Why do you want to do this?
  5. PeterR

    Quick question about the 24 TV series

    You can watch them on their own, but if you want to get what 24 is about I highly recommend Day 1. That first season had me really glued to my couch, watched it literally in almost realtime. Started on Saturday afternoon, finished Sunday evening...
  6. PeterR

    Tell me how Bid Snipers work...

    Quote: Originally Posted by vcoheda I would say that there is one exception to bidding early, which is to remove the buy-it-now function. If an item has a reasonable buy-it-now price, but you still think you can get it for less, it is advisable to place one bid for the minimum amount to...
  7. PeterR

    Current drive?

    Yes, and with quite nice results using Grados. With HD600s you'd have to equalize the impedance curve, though.
  8. PeterR

    Tips on building a simple passive preamp: to shunt or not to shunt

    Quote: Originally Posted by rumatt 1) If I buy a high quality attenuator (DACT maybe?) do I still need to use a shunt resistor? Chu Moy's writeup says you do not, but I don't know what they mean by "high quality". Chu wrote "a high quality audio taper pot is the best solution"...
  9. PeterR

    How to "enjoy" music?

    Please tell me you're kidding, otherwise this is the saddest thing I've ever heard. Enjoying music isn't something you have to learn, either you do or you don't. But if all you've listened to are CDs, it's time to go, no RUN, to some live concerts. Symphony, Opera, Rock, Pop, Trance, Jazz, a...
  10. PeterR

    Why won't this hook up work? (Bass shaker setup picture)

    Yes, likely you haven't set the receiver's bass-management to direct lf content from the other channels to the sub (plug the amp into one of the front channels to test).
  11. PeterR

    Why is everyone selling their Headfives?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Andrea Perhaps the amp itself is thought in that light, i.e., intended to give people a taste of the good stuff but not be enough to leave you replete & defeat upgraditis... Just speculation. No, "upgraditis" is simply inherent to our hobby. I think...
  12. PeterR

    Impedence Vs. Sensitivity?

    Quote: Originally Posted by milkpowder Excellent. Can you check to see whether I've got this right? I'm trying to convert the 105db/V sensitivity of the 62ohm K701 into db/mW efficiency. 1. P=1/62ohm=16.13mW 2. Log(16.13)=12.07dB 3. As 1V at 62ohm delivers 12.07db less power than...
  13. PeterR

    Check out the best offer for Sony headphones EVER!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by epithetless Oh man, this is great stuff. It never even occurred to me to re-register on head-fi under an alias...for those times when yr tru self must be herrd. Good for you, as that's a violation of the Terms of Use.
  14. PeterR

    Impedence Vs. Sensitivity?

    Quote: Originally Posted by milkpowder The bit that I don't understand is why you need to take the natural log of 31.25 and then multiply by 10. Also, please can you explain why you need to add the solution to the efficiency figure to get the sensitivity. Thanks a lot! Ok...
  15. PeterR

    Check out the best offer for Sony headphones EVER!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by yoyogi_bronx DAMN i come back and this is all i get??!?!! well I'm not going to even argue that i'm affiliated to the seller or wat not, " I asked him myself and he cud barely speak any english", If they are actually fake they do sound better than the original...
  16. PeterR

    Impedence Vs. Sensitivity?

    Quote: Originally Posted by TheVoxHumanus I'd really like to understand what these two specs actually mean, and how they relate to each other. I guess I'm most concerned about the released specs for the new UE product, it has a pretty high sensitivity (117db/mw) but it has a pretty...
  17. PeterR

    Sennheiser 600 vs 650 or Other Thoughts

    Quote: Originally Posted by kool bubba ice I don't think that the SA5's are that bright.. I don't think the pope's that catholic either
  18. PeterR

    Need some EE help from algebra gurus.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Garbz DC gain is 0. More like R2/(R1+R2)
  19. PeterR

    Need some EE help from algebra gurus.

    H(s)=R2/(R2+R1||C) =>H(s)=R2/(R2+1/(1/R1+sC)) |*(1/R1 + sC) / (R2*C) =>H(s)=(s+1/(R1*C)) / (s + 1/C*(1/R1+1/R2))
  20. PeterR

    A story from the morning commute...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gravitas "Sounds like someone's got a case of the Monday's!" "Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler... "
  21. PeterR

    NEW CORDA HEADFIVE: A New Amp to Celebrate Head-Fi's Fifth Anniversary!

    Quote: Originally Posted by denl82 I would also like to know if this amp comes with a power adapter and a source-to-amp cable. If it doesn't, what type power adapter should I buy, and what cable do I need to buy to connect my source to the headfive? There's an internal power...
  22. PeterR

    Tell me how Bid Snipers work...

    Quote: Originally Posted by skev13 I'm tired of getting killed in the last 5 seconds of auctions! eBay auctions are second-bid auctions. Highest bid wins, item goes for the amount of the second-highest bid (+increment), no matter when the bid was placed. The only reason sniping...
  23. PeterR

    Please help with LM4881 amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by aderici By the way the gain pot creates some scratchy sounds while turning it. I dont thinks thats a problem with the pot because its brand new and i tried a few different ones, can this be an electronical problem? Got any ideas? Hey, that looks nice...
  24. PeterR

    Impedence Question?

    Quote: Originally Posted by trose49 I wanted to know if a lower impedence number means louder same volume. No, strictly speaking it doesn't. With a lower impedance you can however extort more power from a low voltage portable and if efficiency is the same this will lead to more...