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  1. jhawk22

    Dreamy Ambient Music

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kasp3r Not sure if it is listed yet but The Fields is awesome. Here is a sample of there music... - The Field - +1 for the fields. But I think that is more minimal techno. Is "from here we go sublime" their...
  2. jhawk22

    Worst band names

    insane clown posse? gg allen and the murder junkies
  3. jhawk22

    which dac to use?

    I went from a 0404 to a paradisea dac and the difference is night and day. Wonderful DAC. edit: ooops didnt see your budget until now.
  4. jhawk22

    Darkvoice just released 332

    Where are you guys finding tubes if you dont mind me asking. Is there a reliable tube seller online instead of ebay, because the pickins there are rather slim I'd like to try the SVETLANA 6S19P-B and TUNG-SOL 6AK5W but cannot locate any. thx in advance
  5. jhawk22

    Building my own computer, a couple of questions

    go water, you'll never look back. Heres mine pc
  6. jhawk22

    PS3 price revealed.

    Quote: Originally Posted by marvin Yeah, but a $50-100 price drop on the 360 upon PS3 launch would hurt Sony really bad. And as MS is already doing core shrinks and process tweaks, a MS price drop is much more likely than a PS3 price drop. Doubtful, in the US maybe, but not...
  7. jhawk22

    PS3 price revealed.

    It doesnt seem expensive to me, its a blu-ray player. I'm sure it will sell well also. I plan on picking one up mainly for its hd capabilities, something the 360 lacks. eh well that and games, lol
  8. jhawk22

    Xbox 360 or PS3

    PS3 should be more info available about the ps3 at the ces this week.
  9. jhawk22

    Richie Hawtin/Plastikman; the most talented techno DJ/Producer ever?

    listening to transistions now and this is really amazing. sound similar to his live sets. Comes with a 5.1 dvd....................awesome.....album of the year for me link
  10. jhawk22

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#4]

    richie hawtin DE9: Transitions
  11. jhawk22

    Please help me silence my low-end computer

    if price was no object. this would be the perfect solution
  12. jhawk22

    MLB Playoffs Thread

    sox all the way!!! unbelievable pitching so far. now to try and get tickets
  13. jhawk22

    Singlepower MPX3 SLAM (with Sony CD3ks, ARC CD3 MkII, and Oritek X-1s)

    great review. I've had the cd3k's for 1 year now. never thought about going back to senn since
  14. jhawk22

    PS-1/K3000/K1000/HD650 Which Would You Chose With DYNAHI-SA?

    K1000...may not be warm but are great sounding.
  15. jhawk22

    Thoughts on Sony MDR-V700DJ?

    HD580's(300 ohm) need a amp. If your going unamped, look into the 590-5 line
  16. jhawk22

    PCM2702 USB DAC Revision B

    edit: will keep eyes out for a gb thread
  17. jhawk22

    Meier amp Loaner Program

    Todd, I'd like to give the prehead se a listen
  18. jhawk22


    Did you clean the bottom of the board? Resin/flux on the board is sometimes conductive.
  19. jhawk22

    Post pics of your builds....

    Compared to a ppa with glassman's diamond buffers, it sounds brighter, more impact in bass, the treble seems a little more edgey. Some recordings sound truely horrible, its not very forgiving. I notice sounds not heard on the ppa. I prefer the warm sound of the ppa with opa627, but the dynalo...
  20. jhawk22

    Post pics of your builds....

    Quote: Originally Posted by bg4533 I fit a Dynalo in the 6" model and it was a tight fit. It has a Alps blue pot and a Neutrik Chrome nose jack. I doubt I could have fit the locking jack in. The case does get really warm. I replaced the top panel with a metal grill. Where did the...
  21. jhawk22

    Post pics of your builds....

    546-1455N2201, its 8'' long. I had tried the 6'' model but it seemed too cramped. The dynalo gets pretty hot.
  22. jhawk22

    Post pics of your builds....

    thanks, I cut an identical size faceplate and placed it in the backside of the hammond plastic frame, then sandwiched the neutrik between the two, then screwed both into the case. It creates enough pressure so the jack doesnt move and the base plate of the neutrik jack is the perfect size(1/8''...
  23. jhawk22

    Post pics of your builds....

    Dynalo.......wima caps, elna cerafines, vishay resistors, alps blue velvet, hammond case. Have a little tweaking left to do. Offset settles in at 1-2mv. It drives the sony mdr-3000's effortlessly. Heres a front view of the case and and the amp itself. I'm still working on the top of the...
  24. jhawk22

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    thankyou, I searched all over for a "Y boot" but came up dry.
  25. jhawk22

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    first diy cable(emu breakout) homegrown audio silver wire and rcas. Silver teflon coated for ground Litz braided to where the cable splits. Teflon tubing ratshak silver solder need to clean the heatshrink yet