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  1. DJGeorgeT

    We should be thankful for Beats.

    It makes my eyes roll all the time. The worst is some kid at best buy trying to sell me a pair of beats and educate me on headphones. I suprise them when I tell them that I own a pair of headphones that cost $3k and don't need beats or bose.
  2. DJGeorgeT

    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

    I got a pair again this time. i may sell them, but with a markup to cover paypal fees and shipping.
  3. DJGeorgeT

    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

    this is teh gift that keeps on giving   Free shipping with prime.
  4. DJGeorgeT


    Then there is the hottest woman on earth. Naomi Watts.
  5. DJGeorgeT

    Ios 5 download misery

    I am still on 4.2, but I went ahead and updated a bunch of apps and one of the Goodreader no longer works under 4.2. I guess I need to upgrade to iOS5, but you guys are not giving me much confidence.
  6. DJGeorgeT

    anyone have a Triplefi 10 for sale?

    Wait for Christmas. I got 4 last year for $100.
  7. DJGeorgeT

    Payment dispute: Someone is not paying for my goods already shipped (You be the judge)

    Let karma get the ahole. Trust me, you don't scam people and get away with it,
  8. DJGeorgeT

    Payment dispute: Someone is not paying for my goods already shipped (You be the judge)

    why do you want to lock this thread. It isn't like you have proof that NOTDANIELE has or will ship it back. I think you give people the benefit of the doubt too easily.
  9. DJGeorgeT

    Steve Jobs Has Died!

    too bad, rip Steve   even the most hardcore anti-apple geeks finally buy something from Apple and can appreciate the unique functionalities. I could not see myself using an Ipad, and now look at me. I take the thing everywhere and has replaced my other ebook readers.
  10. DJGeorgeT

    UPS Sucks!

    I like Ceasar's pizza. When I order my pizza, I am there. The kitchen is in front view. I am watching the guy preparing my pizza. No funny stuff like Dominos. Quote:  
  11. DJGeorgeT

    UPS Sucks!

    I bought a pair of technics 1200 mk3d turntables and the seller wanted to have the UPS store package them "securely" I argued with the seller that those morons could not tell the difference between a turntable and a rice cooker. So I sent him instructions on how to safely package the turntables...
  12. DJGeorgeT

    Payment dispute: Someone is not paying for my goods already shipped (You be the judge)

    sorry, but you should have requested 50% payment upfront to ship since shipping money is on you anyway. Then receipt of the remaining amount upon receipt of the item. I really do not like to deal outside of Ebay for this precise reason. On Ebay I have buyer's protection plan, so if someone is...
  13. DJGeorgeT

    talk about nerve!

    The game is to maximime your profit. If some sucker is willing to pay that much, well, he did not do his research.   Quote:  
  14. DJGeorgeT

    Deal Alert: HP Touchpad Liquidated at $99.

    lololol what?? Originally Posted by Byakushiki     
  15. DJGeorgeT

    Smoking at a young age

    I found this funny: But in spite of this, his fishmonger father Mohammed, 30, said: 'He looks pretty healthy to me. I don't see the problem.'  
  16. DJGeorgeT

    V-MODA CROSSFADE M-80 AUDIO VOYAGE – Reviewers wanted!

    1. Drum and Bass 2. Psy Trance 3. Dubstep   Chicago, IL
  17. DJGeorgeT

    Shock discovery! Sansa clip earphones sound like Hd650!

    I always throw the Sansa stock earbuds away. I listen to each one of them and just do not like them. I much prefer the stock Cowon D2 earbuds. Now those did sound OK. The other ones I like came from a chinese Onda player. I can't remember the model. The Sansas on the other hand are not that...
  18. DJGeorgeT

    "the vinyl has been replaced by the CD, largely inferior in quality"

    DJs like me have a huge mechanical fetish with vinyl and turntables. We are unwilling to compromise with the equipment because it is what we use to perform. We are however willing to compromise with the sound quality and use the turntable as a controller.
  19. DJGeorgeT

    Head-Supremus: Real or Myth?

    Lately my post have all been about how people are animals, movie ratings, or complaints. I am overrated and the Headphone Supremous title just gives me a bigger head. I used to post about how much Ipods sucked, how vinyl sounds better than CDs, that headphone burn in is real, that cables and...
  20. DJGeorgeT

    Deal Alert: HP Touchpad Liquidated at $99.

    I will likely sell it on Ebay and let the law of demand and supply determine the value of it :D I will never cut myself short.   Quote:  
  21. DJGeorgeT

    What's wrong with people???

    Isnt there a risk that some of your waste could get on your legs by kneeling? It is for sure more sanitary in certain ways. There are people who do not bother to use the supplied covers. I think that there was an  survey long time ago asking whether people were using the sanitary covers and...
  22. DJGeorgeT

    Head-Supremus: Real or Myth?

    You should have another category when someone crosses the 50K barrier. The title should be "Headphone God" or "Principal Headphone Supremous" and join the Head-Fi board of directors.
  23. DJGeorgeT

    Deal Alert: HP Touchpad Liquidated at $99.

    So, I am now trying to decide whether I should sell the Touchpad and use the money I get for it to get the ASUS Transformer tablet. What do you think?
  24. DJGeorgeT

    Headphone accidents / mishaps.

    forget that the headphones are on my head and start to walk away from my stereo. Usually the headphone survives, but it is painful with IEMs.