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  1. Xtaze

    ath w1000x grandioso audio-technica

    totally love them, .....priorities changed and gotta let em go i have too many hobbies. =D gem mint box included but not the interior plastic liner NO PET NON SMOKER HOUSE         i am into the EDC hobby aswell trade could be considered for a flipper and other items
  2. Xtaze

    Ath w1000x grandioso

    Cheapest i found new online was 420$ shipped Looking for cheaper :) If i cannot find this in the next week ill just buy new
  3. Xtaze

    Lf wtb iso audio technica woodies w series

    In order: W1000x W5000 W3000 W3000anv if i get crazy deal Please pm price and condition Thank you
  4. Xtaze

    360$ plus my earphones for your closed can/orthos/bookshelf speaker

    Yes . . . . . . . . Mainly interested in those Beyer t5p Ultrasone ed8 Lawton audio d2000 d5000 Audio technica 2000art 3000 5000 Or Bookshelf speaker Quad 11L classic Totems Dynaudio Epos epic 2 Would also consider Audeze 2 Hle 5 woodie Magnum v4 woodie K550+ Up to 360$ and a 125 hours...
  5. Xtaze

    Shure se 535v bronze priced to sell

    shure se535 V Bronze Model As long as i dont have bids i Will take trades And Head fier buy it now = 329$
  6. Xtaze

    Can a device do this? If so wich one?

    Planning on using a Nokia n8 as portable source It supposedly have an unamped digital out via USB And it takes 32g microSd If i get an amp/dac combo with USB jack Will the two functiond apply?? If So wich amp can do this? Would you recommend such a setup? Why?
  7. Xtaze

    Wtb best portable amp offered

    *since you are reading this i could use suggestions of the best possible match* :) Need to pair with low impedence high sensibility phones Will take offers, buying the best offer by next monday (Unless its a crazy offer!!) My two main headphones are Denon d2000 stock And Shure se535v...
  8. Xtaze

    Is there any balanced portable source on the market???

    I tried searching on the boards, Google etc but cannot Find any answers I am looking for a balanced portable source !! It can be digital, cd, md franckly i dont care But absolutly need to gives an audiophile sound Thank you! I heard the new hifiman 901 Will offer a balanced out But would...
  9. Xtaze

    Looking to trade my headphones for an amp

    It can be portable or desk With dac or not Ideally rechargeable I can add $$ Im offering mint B&W p5 with all the accesories And box msrp 299+ taxes Barely used em but i switched to iem for portable setup
  10. Xtaze

    Ft or fs shure se535 20 hours of utilisation NEGO

    96 hours burn in with pink noise With all the accesories and package Its a V model in bronze Looking to trade em + money Interested in: Beyer t5p Ultrasone ed8 Magnum v4 wood Heir 4 non custom Akg 701 Beyer dt 880 250 Nos sextett Nice woodies Hifi 4+ Hd650 Thunderpants Apex glacier Alo...
  11. Xtaze

    Bower and wilkins p5 shipping included *sold

    With all the accesories and package North America shipping included Will post Picture soon Looking to trade em + money Interested in: Akg 701 Beyer dt 880 250 or 600ohm Nos sextett Nice non grado woodies Hifi 4+ Hd650 D2000/5000 Thunderpants or darth beyer Little dot mk 111 and up La...
  12. Xtaze

    Help!! Budget rig!!

    Not sure if its the right section sorry in advance if not :) Hi all, All this adventure started with buying headphone for my iPhone and Will finally cost me an arm and a leg. My girlfriend dont like that i burn So much money For my sole person.... So my portable/desktop hybrid rig Need to...
  13. Xtaze

    E17 vs xm5 someone have tried both? iso inputs

    Need to drive hd598 and bw p5 via laptop/iPod 5.5 Lossless files ALL kind of music+ gaming and movies. Eventually some d5000 Will be acquired E17 fiio alpen vs xm5 practical device with all the upgrades( can have both for the same price) Please help
  14. Xtaze

    Still looking for advice/inputs

    So far everybody have been super Nice and willing to help, based on your inputs Headphones are bought and i need to amp em! Mainly use Will be; Music on the go or at home (metal, classic, blues, hip-hop, reggae) Movies and gaming I bought some senns hd598 and im totally satisfied with em...
  15. Xtaze

    the help-a-noob thread

    i have made some research recently about my first portable rig.   it will be an all rounder setup (games,movies,all genre of music lossless format)   so far i have set on a hd598 for my headphones will receive them in 2 days     NOW.. 1- where can i get a shorter and thickier...
  16. Xtaze

    need advice on portable AMP zo2 vs e17

    still not sure on the headphones im buying... senns 598 vs dt880 premium 250 ohm   listen to everything classical to metal and hip-hop   this is my first portable setup
  17. Xtaze

    Starting from scratch.. Iso advices

    Hi, First post here, but i have been lurking around lately Everybody seems Nice and full of good advices I am building a portable setup With i hope, Will Be happy For a couplés years. I listen to near everything ranging from classical to metal And some hiphop. At home, work or commuting. I...