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  1. cdmackgreen

    FS: YUIN OK2 (Only Used 2 Hours)

    I just got these the other day from I found out that i'm a bit of a bass head fan. There is quality in these earbuds but just not enough bass for me, such a shame. I am situated in the UK so anyone interested in buying them?
  2. cdmackgreen

    Portable Amp For Beyerdynamic DT 150 (250 Ω)

    These are my new phones and my two CMoys' (separately of course) are having a little trouble powering them when connected to my Sansa Fuze. My Biosciencegeek CMoy works reasonably well but there is no high volume with the Bass Boost cMoy v2.02 at all. These wee amps are great with my Equation...