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  1. Ryan Ray

    FS: VE Zen 2.0

    Is this still available?
  2. Ryan Ray

    Noble Audio Kaiser Encore Giveaway!

    1) 161,850 2) 163,390 3) 167796
  3. Ryan Ray


  4. Ryan Ray

    FS-LZ -a4-SOLD

    Hi, is this still available? I'm pretty new here and looking for a pair of good iem and LZ-A4 seems pretty popular and not that expensive. I'm currently in CA, US and interesting in getting a pair of this. Thanks.
  5. Ryan Ray

    Reply to review by 'ryan ray' on item 'Sennheiser IE80'

    Recently considering purchasing one of them and found this review & giveaway. Nice review, really wanna try how they sound and comapre with rha t20s. thx