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  1. mow_the_hawk


    Hey. I am selling an Antique Sound Labs amp. It is in great condition. There are maybe three pinpoint scratches combines between both modules. It is a great amp. It has very great synergy with Sennheisers as well. I am selling this because I am moving out of my house and this hasn't seen much...
  2. mow_the_hawk

    SOLD: Schiit Lyr 2

    Hey all,   I am here selling a Schiit Lyr 2. It was bought new in July 2014. It was sent back to the factory about a month ago to be tested. It turned out the the sole problem with it was one of the tubes. The hardware has about 200 hours on it, and I am selling it with new and never used...
  3. mow_the_hawk

    Heed Canamp and Aune T1 - SOLD

    Hey,   I am selling a Heed Canamp and an Aune T1 Mk2 USB DAC. Both are in great condition. The Heed Canamp was purchased around 2009, I do not remember the exact date. It is in excellent condition, but it has a very small airline scratch above the headphone jack. I have tried to show it in the...
  4. mow_the_hawk

    SOLD: AKG K701 in good condition

    Hey,   I am selling a pair of AKG K701's. I bought them back in 2006, but they are still in very good condition. They have about 2000 hours of listening on them. They still sound amazing. I cannot find any physical defects on them. The original box is included. I am selling because I just...
  5. mow_the_hawk

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD580

    Hey everyone, I recently realized that I dont listen to home phones much because of my speaker system. So, I decided I am going to sell my Sennheiser HD580s, in order to fund good closed headphones for portable use. I bought them very slightly used about a year ago. They come with original box...
  6. mow_the_hawk

    Closed headphones for portables

    Hey, it has been a while since I have have been here mainly because I have been busy, and very content with my phones. But, I am starting to itch for some closed cans I can use mainly for portable uses. So, I just want to gather some info about what cans I should be looking at. From what I have...
  7. mow_the_hawk

    Buying music

    Hey, I found this website online called Second Spin. They buy and sell used cd's. I was wondering if anyone here had used this website before. I am mainly wondering because I want to confirm it is legitimate before I use it. Thanks.
  8. mow_the_hawk

    Best amp for HD580

    Hey, Well I am thinking about selling my ASL tube amp but it would require another amp for my Sennheiser HD580. I have a Heed Canamp for my AKG K701s but I may have to give the amp back to my dad who lent it to me a little while ago. So it would be good if this new amp can also drive AKG K701s...
  9. mow_the_hawk

    Need a pair of earbuds now

    So I mainly listen to indie-rock/acoustic. ex) Modest mouse, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, The Shins. I will be using these at schools. I don't want to use my headphones or IEMs. And here is the hard part since they will be at school, I don't want them to cost a lot. So are the Yuin PK3 the best option...
  10. mow_the_hawk

    JVC HA-RX700 as portables?

    Well, lately I have seen a lot of hype for the JVC HA-RX700/900. I was thinking about getting the HARX700 for portable use. It does not have to isolate that well, they should be better than the PX100 I am using now. I mainly listen to indie/ acoustic music. I want to get them because I think the...
  11. mow_the_hawk

    I want something new

    Well, for a while I have been looking for a new headphone amp, and get rid of the two I have now. I mainly just want a change in sound, while keeping the phones I have and love. I would want it to be in the budget of the the two amps I have now. Ideally, I want it to drive almost anything...
  12. mow_the_hawk

    Is it time for a new amp?

    Well, I am thinking about a new amp. Right now I have two, and have been thinking about having just one for all my phones. As for cans, I have Hd580, K701. I also see myself buying K501 soon, and maybe Dt880 in the future somewhere. So it seems like I need a pretty versatile amp. The big problem...
  13. mow_the_hawk

    Great deal on HD580

    So the title says it all. I found a place around me that is selling a pair of new HD580 for about $130. I know they get great press around here. I really love the AKG sound I found. I absolutely love the 701s and I want to get the 501s. How would you describe the HD580? I am wondering if I...
  14. mow_the_hawk

    Emu 0404 usb questions

    I don't know how many people record here, but I hope there are a few. I have the emu 0404 setup with the usb cable right now. I want to set it up using the coax in's and out's. Use the output of my onboard soundcard to the e-mu. Then run the output of the e-mu back to the onboard soundcard for...
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    Hey. I am selling this Antique Sound Labs amp. My dad originally bought it for his HD600s, when he sold them, he gave the amp to me. It is in great condition. I can not find any visible scratch marks on it. It is a great amp. It has very great synergy with Sennheisers also. I am selling to buy...
  16. mow_the_hawk

    The Tielman Brothers

    Does anyone here know the group The Tielman Brothers. I just found them and I thought they were amazing. Take ma look here: YouTube - The Tielman Brothers - Rollin' Rock
  17. mow_the_hawk

    getting into jazz

    hey. My interest in jazz has been increasing lately and I have been using my speakers because I don't really like my sr80 for jazz. What headphones should I get? I am trying to spend as little as possible, preferably under $300, but I can go over if absolute necessary. I don't know much about...
  18. mow_the_hawk

    New Portable Headphone

    I am looking for a new portable headphone. Right now I have a pair of Etymotic er-6s that i am very content with. I also used to have a pair of px100s and hd280pros. I loved the px100s but I gave them to my dad. I sold the hd280pros because I did not like them, but I can not remember what I...
  19. mow_the_hawk

    iem recommendation

    Hello, I am looking for a new pair of IEMs. Sub-$200. I have tried the marshmallows, se530s and the er-6. Obviously I liked the se530s the best, but I did like the tone of the etymotics better. So should I either get the er-4p/s or the shure equivalent in price.(se210?) Or should I try UE 5...
  20. mow_the_hawk

    Entech 203.2/ 205.2 vs. Lite Dac-Ah

    So I am wondering which would be better; the Lite Dac-Ah or the Entech 203.2/205.2. The source would be toslink from my computer or coax from my cd player. Thanks!
  21. mow_the_hawk

    koss ksc-7?

    yup. thats right. I needed portable phones, and I found the kcs-7 for 10 dollars. They are quite nice. I have not heard the ksc-75 so I am wondering how they compare. But overall, They are burned in by 15 hours right now, and they are pretty sweet.
  22. mow_the_hawk

    Seen any headphones on tv?

    I was just watching "Chuck" on NBC and at the end I saw one of the characters wearing HD280 pros. I was wow, I owned those. I thought it was interesting. Anyway, what headphones have you seen on TV or in movies?
  23. mow_the_hawk

    Linux users!

    Hey. I have been thinking about doing this for a while. I want to see what linux user's favorite music player, recorder and/or extractor is. Mine would be - Sound Juicer CD extractor - flac. For listening, I like VLC a lot, but I mainly use Amarock for capabilities. so what are...
  24. mow_the_hawk

    how does this sound?

    Well I am starting to save up for a DAC. I have done a lot of research and it seems that I want to get a AV-710 and a Lite Dac-AH. I would run the av-710 to the dac-ah via optical or coax. How does that sound for about $150?
  25. mow_the_hawk

    total bithead

    Right now I am using a Total Bithead as a DAC through USB. I have been using windows, but now I want to start using Linux again. I run ubuntu fiesty fawn, does anybody know how to get the bithead to work?